My Sakura


Afternoon Everyone!

Well my Sakura has been acting really strange with her food for the past 6 weeks, so I decided to take her to the vet for a check up.

She’s a small cat and I’ve always given her Iaams biscuits and Dine or Fancy Feast wet food every other day. With the Iaams you don’t really have to give wet food but I did it just so she wouldn’t get bored with her biscuits. Unlike many other cats I’ve always been able to leave her bowl full of biscuits because she only takes little bites here and there.

Well lately she has been cutting me off on the way to get her tin food and crying at my feet to go and get more! She never ever does this. The other night I was eating my dinner and she jumped up next to me and nearly took the food out of my mouth! YIKES!! What the, “I thought?” She’s been wormed regularly even though she’s purely an indoor cat.

So off I go to the vet and he tests her urine for Diabetes, and that comes out all clear. Hmmm, okay, “what now?” now you need blood test and maybe she could have a thyroid problem as she’s also lost weight! What my baby lost weight and her mummy didn’t even notice! Bad mummy cat, I am! 🙂  Good news was that her teeth are all good as they thought maybe she had a fracture and that’s why she was by-passing the biscuits. Sigh of relief teeth all good, tick! 🙂

Hmmm so now blood was taken and I have to wait for the results. He’s testing for a few things and I’m just hoping that whatever – if anything – is wrong, that it can be fixed with medication.

BTW: Is a vet the richest profession or what? Lol the tests cost me $350.

But she is worth all my money and more. Crazy how our pets turn us all into children when we talk to them, especially when they are sick or we think they are sick, right? Haha.

Okay, since writing this yesterday and throwing it into my drafts,  my vet phoned and it seems my baby is extreme dehydrated and is refusing to drink to help that. She’s never been a big drinker but I now have to find ways to make her! Try milk, he said. So, I tried milk which she never has had and she actually drank it. Yay!!  So I tried again today and she snubbed it! Booo

Apparently the reason shes cutting me off to get her wet food is that she’s getting the moisture from it. Naughty girl. 🙂

Anyways I’m trying all the things he told me to do and will get her weighed again in 3 weeks to make sure she’s not still losing weight. He said feed her as much as her little heart desires until we can sort this out.

Sadly he thinks she’s under stress from the move even though it’s been 6 months. He said as she’s an indoor cat there could be stray cats coming to the windows when I’m out and that could be causing her stress.  He also said not drinking is almost like self sabotaging herself. 😦  My poor girl is 11 now and I suppose she’s becoming more delicate. 🙂 But it’s too hot right now for her to not drink very much.

So anyone have any tips on getting my princess to drink?

Hugs to you all, Paula xxxxx


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30 responses to “My Sakura

  1. Good Morning Paula,

    Well, I don’t have any tips – but I hope your cat will be well soon!


  2. Hello darling, ok 2 possible – thin syringe and squirt the liquid into the side of her mouth. Or wet her paws with liquid and she will automatically draw back and lick her paws? Are you buying special cat milk – as they can’t drink ‘our bottled milk’ – poor love yes she needs to hydrate. Also you could try wetting a facecloth and dabbing around her mouth in the hope if you squeeze the cloth she may get some liquid into her. Here am I a dog lover imparting advice for cats… hope you work it out, yes they are our babies. xxx

    • Thanks Mumsy! 🙂

      Never thought about the syringe but will give that a go along with the paw idea! It’s awful that she’s doing this especially in this heat. I always make a fuss of her and don’t know why now she’s feeling upset. Actually the cloth is a good idea to as my sons girlfriend suggested wetting a towel and putting ice packs into it, and leaving it on her chair. 🙂

      I’ll try anything as it’s not like her to do this. Thank you, Mumsy!
      Hugs Paula xxxx

  3. Sakura is such a cuuuuute cat! I am sure she will get well soon because she has a mommy like you! 😀

  4. Al

    You could always put water on her nose she licks it off, or as rambling said, wet her paws or use a syringe. Maybe try custard or a yoghurt or something?

    • Hey Alastair, can they have that? I know the vet said most cats are lactose intolerant but he also said give it a go, and if she doesn’t get an upset tummy? Then keep giving it to her. So not like her to do this. She keeps just flopping down because she’s too hot and won’t drink! Right now I’ve put the aircon on but I don’t leave it on when I go out, as I’m too worried about fire etc. Yep, I’m paranoid about that type of stuff being left on and no one home. Hugs Paula xxxx

      • Al

        I understand the paranoia. Especially with how easy it is for houses to burn right now. I think it could also be the heat getting to her, and she just can’t handle it

      • I totally agree about the heat and I’m glad you understand about not leaving the aircon on. Nite, hugs Paula xxx

  5. yourmumknowsbest

    Hi Paula
    Sorry to hear that Sakura is not feeling well, you need to stop drinking her bourbon,:) bad mummy cat start sharing:)
    No seriously be patient animals take time to adapt to new environments and I am sure all that hot weather your having in Perth is not helping so please don’t stress yourself, Sakura will be fine hugs to you both

    • Haha! I see you’ve read of my love for bourbon! Lol But I definitely don’t share that with my cat! 🙂

      I know, but she’s my pride and joy and when she’s not right? Bipolar mummy isn’t either! 🙂 Tomorrow is supposed to be 33 Degrees so it will give her a little break from the 38 Degree temps we’ve been having. Plus my grandsons are coming to spend the weekend with me so that will make her happy, or not! Lol No she really loves them and hopefully that will perk her up. Hope all is well in your world, hugs Paula xxx

  6. June

    Oh poor little Sakura. You eat more and drink even more, okay sweetie?
    You have to stay fit and happy for your mommy, okay? Okay! Get well soon!

    Hello Paula! I have no idea how to take care of a cat. We have stray cats who call us for food and we only feed them with our left-overs that’s it lol.
    I hope Sakura will be well soon. Hugs!

    • Meow, thank you! 🙂 Haha

      She’s on my knee now watching me type. 🙂 Still another day when I can’t get her to drink much. I tried the paw idea of Mumsy and Alastair and it works, but still not enough water. I’m going to buy a syringe and try that one tomorrow. Hugs from me and Sakura! Paula xxx

      • June

        Nyaay! Syringe? If only Sakura could understand what you’re planning I bet she’ll eat and drink anything she sees now. 🙂
        Hugs to our lovely ladies!

      • Hahaha!

        It sounds worse than it is. Its just to squirt into her mouth. You made me laugh so much. 🙂

        Have a good weekend, Juney Babe. Xxx

  7. I like the syringe idea. She’ll fight you, I’m sure, but once you shoot the water you’re done and you can let her go pout for a few minutes. I’ll be keeping Sakura in my thoughts.

    • Thank you, Bradley! 🙂

      As I just told June she’s on my lap and happy today, which makes me happy! Going to try the syringe tomorrow and hopefully that will work. It’s so strange for her to behave like this and it makes me feel bad. Huge hugs to you, Paula xxxx

  8. thebattlefieldwithin

    Oh my, 350$! I hope your sakura feels better and get’s more fluids in her 😦
    Take care, hugs xx

  9. I’m so sorry to hear that Sakura isn’t doing too well, Paula. If she were a human, the doc would put her on a drip. I hope she improves very soon. xx

    • Morning Sylvia, 🙂

      That is so true. I’ve given her food to her this morning and she’s even walked away from that! So now I’m trying to give her my full attention as I’m worried she’s a little depressed. Weird thing is one minute she looks that way and then the next she’s running around playing. Its all very out of character for her.

      Have a great weekend, hugs Paula xxx

  10. You can get the cat water fountain contraptions so the water is moving all the time. Some cat prefer to drink running water.

    • Hi Kat, it’s really funny you said that as my vet suggested it. Strange thing is she’s never behaved like this before. Things have got a little worse as she’s now not eating her tin food either. If she doesn’t eat tomorrow I’m taking her back to the vet. I’m using filtered water and in a glass as it’s the way she used to drink in the old house. It’s weird because she’s still here on my knee watching me type as per usual and is purring! Hmm it’s all very odd! Thanks for the advice. Hope all is well with you! Hugs Paula xxxx

  11. Paula, I don’t know what others said but cats need wet food. Eating dry food all the time is not good for their kidney. They will develop stones and that is really bad. I started cutting back on dry food for my two kitties and put more moisture on their food. In the end, it will be less expensive by not taking them to the vet. Take good care of Sakura and give her a hug for me. Na night. Perpetua.

    • Thanks Perpetua! 🙂

      Actually it was vet that has had me on her biscuits all these years. They are the good healthy biscuits not the ones from the supermarket. But I agree that they need something wet. She’s actually stopped eating the wet food now and I’ve gone to hand feeding her. It’s so out of character that if she continues I’m going back to the vet. All the tests are clear but she has to have something wrong as she’s never behaved like this in 11 years! It upsets me and worries me. Yet she still sits on me purring away, odd! Love to you, Paula xxxxx

  12. Oh dear Paula, I am sorry to hear this, but I know because of my cat, stress can show itself in anyway, but it is not easy to make a cat drink water… but the idea seems good in the comment of ramblingsfromamum! You can try to give water to her… even with spoon, like giving medicine… try! But I am sure she will be fine soon. not easy to be a mum of a cat 🙂 Blessing and Happiness to you both, Thanks and Love, nia

    • Thank you, Nia!

      I adore her and her not drinking and recently she stopped eating… tore me apart. As I’m typing she is up on my knee purring away like normal. It’s so strange why she’s behaving like this. Tonight I sat on the floor and hand fed her and she finally ate some food. I felt so relieved and praised her heaps! 🙂 She had little sips tonight and that also makes me feel better. Still I’m keeping a close eye on her. Thank you for the advice. Love to you, Paula xxxx

  13. Poor Sakura! I hope she is okay. You can try a little tuna water in her water. Some cats love that. You can also try to feed her chicken. Boil up some chicken, she’ll love it. Has your vet x-rayed her? She may have some arthritis or other issue that wouldn’t show up in blood work.

    • Hey, hows things?

      Thanks so much for the advice. 🙂 Actually I did try the chicken and it worked. It’s all I could get her to eat for 3 days but I was so happy she ate as she had gone off all her tin food as well. I’m still struggling to get her to drink very much but at least she’s back to eating. 🙂 I will try the tuna water in her water tomorrow, so thank you! Hope all is well in your world, hugs Paula xxxxx

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