My New Clowns!

Evening from Oz, Everyone! 🙂


Those of you that have followed me for some time now, would know I’m a clown collector.  

I’ve collected clowns for 18 years now and every-time I find something that takes my eye? It’s as if it’s my first purchase! I’m like a kid in a candy store and love every single clown I’ve collected. 

No way can I pick a favourite as they are all my favourite!  Hahaha 

I suppose suffering with Depression they filled me with colour and happiness! Walking into the room makes me happy! 

I had to share them with you. Sorry for those of you who  suffer,

Coulrophobia: The fear of Clowns






They are each about 20 inches high.







Look at those faces, how can someone not like clowns? 🙂 




Wishing you all a great week! Hugs to you all. Paula xxxxx


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5 responses to “My New Clowns!

  1. Mymumknowsbest

    Hello Paula,
    It has been a while, the clowns are charming, where do you purchase all your clowns, as a collector how many clowns would you have and where do you put them all!! Do they come alive at night like in Toy Story hahahaha
    Well by for now and stay healthy

    • You made me think and then I had to count them. 🙂
      I have 170 clowns. They are all very different and range in size and shapes. My tallest is a 6ft cheer leader that I purchased whilst on holiday in Las Vegas. My room is small and getting smaller everyday! 🙂 Do they come alive at night?? Hahaha Do you want to frighten the people with Coulrophobia? Lol. They are cheery and happy clowns not Zombies. Hahahaha. Hugs Paula xxx

  2. Al

    They look cool. Not going to show them to my daughter though. She has this thing about clowns lol. Hope you have a fantabulous new year and 2016 is a great one for you.

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