Photo gallery

A page of my photos.

9 responses to “Photo gallery

  1. Is that your kitty? What is is/her name?

  2. Very nice photos, Paula!
    All the best to you and to your respectful family!


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  4. Opsey, I think I said something wrong about my previous comment. Please ask your sister to forgive me. I am poking around in your site and guess what I found, the picture. Ugh. Mea culpa. So sorry to your sis. Your pets are gorgeous. Where’s the Koala?

    • Okay, I can’t remember the comment?? Lol What ever you said I never told her anyway! Lol The koala is just representative of me being Australian! Aussie Aussie Aussie…. Oi Oi Oi ….Hahahaha xxxx

  5. I love the pictures and all the animals. And you’re so pretty!

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