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Happy New Year!

Happy New Years everybody!

Another year goes by; A year of problems and pain, of love and joy – A year of hope.
Life to me is a roller-coaster; it’s full of ups and downs, twists and turns and we never know what the future of the ride will hold.
What we do know however, is that ultimately it will end.
It’s up to us how it ends though!
We can either come out on the other side, dazed and confused or we come out having conquered any fears or apprehension we had prior to our embarking.

This next year is just for that, it’s time for us all to find ourselves and conquer any regrets or fears we may hold.
I want you all to take a pen and paper.
I want you to write down everything it is that you hate about yourself, everything that you feel is the cause that’s holding you back from being the person you know that you can be.
Now I want you to look in your garden, I want you to find a spot amongst some soil and bury it.
I want you to bury all your fears and the characteristics you hate.
Now, I want you to wake up in the morning and look at that spot.
Take a good look, because that person buried in the dirt is no longer here or with us; they are buried in the soil.
You’re a new person, with a new year and a fresh start.
Now I want you to write down all your aspirations, all the good characteristics and everything you’re hoping / wanting for in the New Year.
I want you to keep this paper, keep it somewhere close: The back of your bedroom door, the mirror on your wall or bathroom.
I want you to be able to look at that paper and feel a sense of pride; you’re on your way to being the person you want to be.

Happy New Years everyone!
May the New Year bring you everything you’ve ever wanted and more.
Wealth and Health.
I love you all.
-Paula. xx


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Merry Christmas


Merry Christmas Everyone!

To me this is a very special time of year. I’m not religious so to me it’s a time of year when we get together with those we love and celebrate the day. Santa is huge in our family and the kids just love seeing him. Watching their faces light up when he enters the room? Priceless!  It brings the kid in me out even more and that’s a lot people!! Lol

Unfortunately, it can also be a time filled with despair for many families struggling to make ends meet. It also highlights a time for those alone that have no one in their lives – no family or friends to celebrate with. As a result, Depression and the feeling of hopelessness can be very high for these people and therefore my heart and love go out to all of them. If I could scoop them all up and surround them with my love, I would! As I’m sure many of you would too. So if you read this and you’re celebrating alone? I want you to know that on the 25th of December  I will be thinking of you all and sending as much love telepathically to you as the universe will allow.

Tomorrow morning I will be waking up alone with my Sakura and Christmas bear (Harry) by my side and I will slowly slide out of bed and make myself a latte. Being alone, it will feel like just another day.

But then my son will arrive at 9.30am hug me and wish me Merry Christmas. Now he’s 6 ft 3 1/2 so that’s a lot of arms and love around me. Can’t wait! 🙂   Then he will take me to my nephew’s house where we will celebrate the day with all our family members.

Now, this is when you know it’s Christmas!  I will be greeted by many little people running around hugging my legs and wishing me Merry Christmas and telling me what Santa had bought them. It’s the best part of the day for me and makes me so happy!

There will be 35 of us and I’m predicting the day will be very hot as it is most years in Western Australia.

There will be a blow up fun slide and water guns given to everyone. Boy does the little kid come out in all the men folk in the family at that point. Don’t even try to avoid the water gun or you only make yourself a bigger target for all of them to attack you with water!  It’s funny and annoying at the same time. Lol

The day will start with tea/coffee, Christmas cake and fruit mince pies. Or an alcoholic beverage for those in the festive spirit. No pun intended. 🙂 Followed by Santa giving out the presents then lunch. Because Perth is so hot most food for us consist of many different kinds of salads. Of course garlic potato because it’s so yummy. Our meats are a turkey which is stuffed with a chicken and then stuffed with a quail. VERY YUMMY indeed and then glazed ham with cherries. YUMMY! And bread rolls to soak up all the gravy also YUMMY!! Lol   Finishing with trifle, fresh fruit salad, icecream, and pavlova. That’s if you can fit it in?  I make room for dessert. 🙂  Hence the treadmill! Hahahaha

Some years we cook seafood but not this year. It’s up to the person who is hosting the day to decide what everyone should bring. Because the family is so large it takes years before it’s your turn again, so that’s really cool and makes for a different Christmas each time.

So have a wonderful Christmas and I hope you all enjoy the day no matter what or how you celebrate it.

Do you have any kind of special tradition that you or your family always do?

Love and many many hugs to you all, MERRY CHRISTMAS!

 Paula & Sakura  xxxxx

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My new Christmas bear and Sakura.

IMG_20131201_244737_413 IMG_20131212_090246_763 IMG_20131212_093204_043

Hi everyone, this is my new Christmas bear; Sakura loves it and thinks it’s her new friend!
Have a great day, 2 more sleeps!  🙂

Hugs to you all, Paula. xxx


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5 Days till the big man in red comes!

Wow, 5 days people!

I know, some of you are going; “Shhh, I don’t want to know!” .


Well here is a little Christmas song for good cheer! Now lets all sing together. WordPress family that play together stay together, right? Hahahaha.

Have a great day, everyone!!

Hugs to you all, Paula xxxxx


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Sakura and the decorations!!!

Evening everyone, had to share this one!!
Have a smaller house now with a much smaller tree, but she still sat there like it was all done for her!!!

Excuse the treadmill in the photo! Trying to get fit for Summer! 😉

Hope you all are staying calm doing last minute shopping!

Have a great night/day? Lol

Hugs to you all, Paula!


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Sakura and Me!

IMG_20131117_190221_933 IMG_20131117_190352_355 IMG_20131117_190904_860 IMG_20131119_101435_446

Hello everyone!
Thought I would share these photos of Sakura and me!
I got this court Jester while in Tasmania and Sakura was petrified at first!
But now they’re the best of friends. ^_^

Hugs to you all, Paula!


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What a Year!

angel year

Hey, how’s life treating you all??

Wow, I’ve kind of neglected my blog lately and have been feeling really bad about that, SORRY!!! 🙂

I’ve had good days and bad days, rainbow days and every other kind of day you can think of. Some days I felt that if I wrote I would pull the world down with me, and other days I would have lifted you as high as the sky. I guess the benefits and downfalls of being Bipolar, right??    Lol

Can you believe another year has almost past us by again. Sometimes life just flows and you float along with it; other days, they pass so quickly you nearly miss them. This year has been an enormous rollercoaster ride of emotions for me. Depression – eat your heart out!! Lol You thought you could beat me but I beat you this time. If I was going to fall apart like I did a few years ago? Then this was the year it should have happened.

I separated from my husband, which was one of the hardest decisions I’ve had to make. I left my home and farm and my beloved llamas (Teco and Margie). My son and his wife separated. I went to Melbourne for a funeral. My step dad is fighting cancer and someone dear to me wanted to commit suicide and it all tore me apart. I’ve been on the Queen Mary around New Zealand, and spent 5 weeks in the U.K. I’ve been to Victoria and Tasmania and seen nature at it’s best in Oz. I’ve cried and sat down on my kitchen floor and wondered how I would make it to the next day. I’ve asked the universe to give me strength and to help me get to the next day, without wanting to give in.  And I’ve pleaded with myself to have courage to fight the darkness that at times overwhelms me. So, this is the year I should have fallen apart… But I didn’t!

How did I make it? Well, I met someone that gave me the strength to believe in me and loved me for me, all of me the good and the bad. Who knows what will become of it but I believe everything happens for a reason and I needed this person to get me where I am right now and for that I am truly grateful. People come and go from our lives and touch us in many ways.  Sometimes they are hurtful ways, and sometimes they are so beautiful and you wonder how you lived without them. But I think the most important thing is to learn something from all of them. Life is full of experiences, good and bad. We have to breath in the good and exhale the bad until it controls us no more. I feel optimistic about the future and am looking forward to 2014.

I went to the beach recently and looked at the ocean and thought how calm and peaceful it looked. Yet I know there are days that nature thrashes against the shore and you get blown away. But the next day it’s all peaceful and beautiful again. I think this is what life is like. There will always be good and bad days and people who want to drag you down with them. But we need to stay grounded amidst the storms and not let other people’s disharmony pull us down. Those that don’t support you don’t deserve you in their lives.

Stand tall and proud and embrace your joy with those whom love and support you! Release the others with love and let them be on there way as they serve you no good.

So, as I sit here at my desk and write this, I thank the universe for giving me two sons that I adore. They are one of the main reasons I have for waking every single day. They have grown in to such beautiful young men and I feel that they make my world worthwhile. I see how they love their girlfriends and how happy they make them. As a mother, this makes my heart sing! To see your children in pain is crushing, but when they are smiling laughing and telling jokes? Ahhh it’s so precious and you can’t help but smile and be in awe of them.

I saw a man recently begging for money. He said he had no power, food etc. I stopped and talked to him and gave him some money. I don’t care if he was not telling the truth. Why? because no one does that if they are happy and living an okay life. Only people that feel as if it’s there only option turn to begging. If that’s their only source of income then I believe I should help in any way I can. I’m not saying everyone else should, I’m just saying that’s how I feel about it.

So to me this is a good year – yes things have been hard, but I’m not on the streets having to beg and wonder where my next meal is coming from.  At this time of year, people in less fortunate positions deserve so much compassion.  Those alone that have nothing, No family friends or anyone to turn to for comfort.

So Paula hugs you all, and I hope that you too have found a peace in yourself and can let the past be the past, and start to look forward to a much brighter and happier 2014!

You, the blogging family/community, have helped me get through this year in more ways than one. You have allowed me to express my feelings and throw them into cyberspace where I have had nothing but full support throughout the year. You are all truly amazingly beautiful people and I adore each one of you. After blogging for sometime now you start to get little images of what you think your regular followers look like etc. So Yes, i’m talking to you and you and you and you! Yes You!! Lol  I can’t help but laugh as Sakura just looked at me as if I’m crazy! 🙂

I have images of all of you and they are all good images of great people I admire and respect, and I enjoy getting to know you all through your blogs and mine. You truly are like a little extended family to me. From all races and walks of life we all come together as one, and this is the magic of our WordPress family! I am more open here with you than I am to those around me in the real world. I say thank goodness for WordPress and it’s co- founders. 🙂

What have I learnt this year? Well, we can’t ever change the past but we can seek out the future happiness we all so desire and deserve.

I thank every single one of you that have come to my site and touched my heart with your kindness. You have picked me up, when even I didn’t know how I would get there. You are all incredibly beautiful people who have been generous with your love and support and I hug all of you for it! 🙂

Next year I plan to share a lot more of my life through photos, video posts and basically let you into all the mundane things life has to offer along with all the great things. Hell, I’ll even tell you what coffee I drink, as long as you tell me what your is?? Lol

Love to you all, Paula xxxxx

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