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Falling in Love

What an interesting subject! One that comes with butterflies in your stomach, feeling of euphoria, and sleepless nights.falling_in_love-t2

Unfortunately, it also can come with heartache and, at times, a whole lot of pain, right? Lol

So – is it best to have loved completely and to have lost a love, than to have never loved at all?

I think it is.

Even with all the heartache and pain that it can sometimes come with! I think if we haven’t loved then we haven’t truly lived as life is full of risks, right?
So why not risk seeing if that person really is the one?

A sad fact is that some people fall into a deep Depression over losing their love, which is terrible. Unfortunately, you just can’t make someone love you.

Sometimes you can love someone for many years, and then one day something changes and you no longer feel the same way. Like I said it can be Depressing, painful, crushing and at times you may even feel there’s nothing worth living for. But the love you lost was still something beautiful that you were lucky to experience, right?   Would you have preferred to have not loved that person and not had those experiences with them if you had a crystal ball and could have seen it wasn’t going to last? Again a hard one. Because at the time you are so Depressed that the answer will always probably be, no, it wasn’t worth it! More than likely because we are too hurt to see anything else. Lets face it… No one wants to lose something they love, agreed? But again, at least you had that love and at that time for whatever the reason? it was the right love for you at that time.

Can love last forever and can we love more than once? I mean really love, not lust! Maybe our first love is our only true love and do we settle for second best from then on in?

Why do we always remember that first love? And now for a lot of us it can go way back to our school days. Remember, the boy you loved that didn’t know you existed! “Ouch” I do!!! Lol

I named my oldest son after my first love/crush on a boy that actually fell for my friend. I remember being devastated when they started dating and she wasn’t really fazed by him either way. Here I was, totally in teenage love and she was like, Meh whatever! Take him or leave him. Noooo you leave him and I’ll take him. 🙂 Guess what? It never happened. LMAO I only hope all these years later he found his true love and lived happily ever after, Not!!! Lol  Okay that’s mean, I take it back. Haha

We learn early that we can’t always get what we want…. Just like the song, right?

You can’t always get what you want

But if you try sometimes well you just might find

You get what you need!! 🙂  Hey, ask Mick Jagger he knows. LMAO

People come and go from our lives; they touch our hearts and souls and then sometimes then leave us, for whatever the reason/reasons.  We cry, feel crushed and think there will never be a love like that one. Yet time heals everything and before you know it? Love has touched you again. Your world is once again shining. When you’re in love… You are impenetrable! And this is why when it leaves us, we fall apart! But, sometimes they have to leave us to make way for the one! Yes, that’s right – another one…. But this time this is The One!!

Because love will always feel like, The One!! 🙂

Therefore, I believe we are all in the right place and doing what we are supposed to be doing and no matter how painful and how many people we love and have lost? IT IS BETTER TO HAVE LOVED THAN TO HAVE NOT LOVED AT ALL!

That person has helped mould you to the person you are today. Whether that be good… or bad.

We Love Learn And Grow!!

I’ll never stop loving because I want to know I’m alive! 🙂

Oohh and for reference in case your thinking I’ve fallen in love? Well, I have! It’s with the whole world, My blog family! Lol

So, do you think you can truly be in love more than once in your life? Or have you been one of the lucky ones and held onto that childhood sweetheart?

Love and hugs to you all. May you keep loving forever!

Hugs again, Paula xxxxx

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Sakura, my love


sakura 004

sakura 005

sakura 006

I did a post about Sakura months ago and have been asked to post a photo of her many times since then.

So without further ado…. Here is the great love of my life!

Sakura is 10 in human years and is a very small cat. Although she’s a moggy cat she thinks she’s a pedigree. Lol

Her name means cherry blossom in Japanese. Her nicknames are Kura and Princess. No matter what time of the day or night I come home, 9 out of 10 times she’s half asleep waiting at the front door to greet me.

When I sleep she cuddles right into me like a teddy bear. Because I have insomnia and sleep apnea she can tell when my breathing changes and she nudges me to wake up. I’ve always found this sixth sense in animals incredible. If she feels I’ve neglected her, she goes to her toy box picks a toy out, then calls for me to play with her. And If I ignore her? Lordy… She just howls louder. She’s an inside cat and has never gone outside. The house I recently moved from was really large and she had plenty of space, so don’t feel sorry for her. However the house I am currently renting is only 3 bed 1 bathroom. Her old house was 5 bedrooms 3 bathrooms, but like the vet said – she’s older and more settled than when she was younger and wanting to  race from one end of the house to the other, up the stairs, down the stairs, up the stairs… You get the message. Lol

The vet tells me the space is sufficient and not to stress. So I’m not going to fret over it. 🙂

I also have 2 weiros (small parrots). I love birds so much – a good reason I don’t want her outside, being able to hunt and hill the native wildlife. Plus if she’s sleeping in my bed tucked under my arm? I don’t need birdie breath breathing on me. LMAO
Yet this is another thing I find fascinating – who likes morning breath? No one, right? But as I wake sometimes her nose is pressed right up against my mouth. Yikes!! At this point you’re probably cringing, right? Nonetheless I’ll continue… Hopefully without totally grossing you out. Lol. Now, no one else would do that without telling you to go brush your teeth, agreed? LMAO But to my princess… I’m mum and that smell is what tells her I’m mum. She can’t get close enough to me.

She loves my morning breath, my messy hair, my sexy elmo P.J’s. Lol. No matter what, she just loves me. Now, WHO WOULDN’T want someone like that in their lives? 🙂

She frequently follows me around like a puppy dog, waiting for me to finish whatever I’m doing as she’s dying to hop on my lap. The moment my laptop is on? She’s on my knee looking at the screen and following the letters. She does this until she can’t stay awake and then curls back up on my lap.

She is honestly like a child to me and brings so much joy to my world. If I’m down, and feeling low, and especially if I cry, she will smother with love… Almost as if she knows I have to smile and it’s her duty to make sure I do. It’s really peculiar, and makes me love her all the more.

With her in my life, I never feel completely alone. She loves me unconditionally, and I give the same back to her.

Maryanne, who I follow and vice versa, just lost her beloved Billy cat after 19 years. When she cried I cried for her as I can imagine the pain of losing something you have loved for so very long. My heart goes out to Maryanne and Dennis…. Love to you, Maryanne!

I know Sakura won’t live forever, so I cherish each and every day that I have her in my life.
As I type this, she’s watching on my knee. Lol

Do you have a pet that you adore like a child? A sweet little animal that loves you, morning breath and all?

sakura january 18th fooling around in clown room 031

sakura january 18th fooling around in clown room 029

Hugs to you all, Paula xxxxx


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The Great Philanthropist

Afternoon fellow bloggers, 🙂
This is so simple yet so true. Someone smiling at you can make a gloomy day look like heaven.
Thanks for sharing this, Paul. 🙂
Hugs to you all, Paula xxxx


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I love…


I love sunshine, and how when it hits my face I feel alive and invigorated.

I love my family and friends, for they keep me strong and don’t allow me to fall down.

I love colour, for the world isn’t black and white.

I love to look at the ocean; it keeps me calm.

I love the garden because it keeps me close to nature.

I love butterflies for they look so graceful when they fly.

I love dancing, as it wakes my soul.

I love the moon and how I gaze in wonder.

I love Sakura for she is the great love of my life and brings me peace.

I love all people of all races and religion… We are all connected.

I love chocolate – it lifts dark clouds! 

I love watching children play and listening to their laughter. So innocent and free.

I love Game Of Thrones!! 🙂

I love travelling, But when that plane arrives back in Australia? That’s when I’m truly home.

I love today; the sun is shining!

I love our blogging family/community

Ohhh and I love Bourbon. Lol

What do you love?

Hugs to you all. Paula xxxxxooo

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Just for laugh

Evening Everyone, 🙂
I just saw this on Perpetuas blog and had to reblog it. It’s so funny!
Have a great night. Nite from Oz. Paula xxxx


Flirting Cop Angry Girlfriend

An attractive female flirting cop is well received by the guys she’s flirting with but not so much by their girlfriends who get a little angry. Guys are such suckers for any attractive female giving them the time of day and they can’t control themselves in front of their girlfriends. The girlfriends decide to show the cop who’s the boss as their boyfriends watch in horror. Another funny skit from the crew at Just For Laughs Gags filmed in Québec.

Good night.

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Depression: Recognising our thinking traps :Part 2

Hello Everyone!
I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. It’s nearly over here in Oz. 🙂
Dr Nicholas Jenner is a Psychologist and has some great helpful posts, this is one of them. Check out his blog, he has some great advice to share. 🙂
Hugs to you. Paula xxxx

Hello Everyone! 🙂 I hope you’re all enjoying your weekend. It’s nearly over here in Oz. 🙂 Dr Nicholas Jenner is a Psychologist and has some great helpful posts, this is one of them. Check out his blog, he has … Continue reading

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Thinking Thoughts For Thursday

Evening Everyone!

Yes, it’s reblog time! Lol
I love these as they are so inspiring! Alastair, send that sunshine over to Perth, Western Australia!! 🙂 Have a great night and goodnight from Oz. Hugs to you all. I’m off to have a drink! Paula xxxxx

A Mixed Bag

So we are heading to the ending of the first week of September. Here in the UK, the majority of the school will have gone back now with just the odd one or two left. A lot of parents are breathing a sigh of relief, but the heat is rising again which may cause issues with people. At times like this, we have to take deep breaths and calm down. Even though that is harder than it sounds, it is possible. Take a breath and think that the other person may be having a major crisis which could be why they are agitated.

At some point in our lives, we all go through our own private hell. It is up to us to try to make sure that we don’t make their private hell even worse by backing down and giving them a friendly smile instead.




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Depression Exists


When I first started this blog I had no real idea who or if anyone would read it.

I don’t think I’m unique in that thought… I think a great deal of bloggers start out with that in the back of their minds.

To me, I used it as a form of therapy – kind of like emptying my treasure chest, only the whole world was able to see in it!

At first that kind of scared me, and then I just started writing and after time realised that I was becoming lighter, and the chest was slowly being emptied. And for whatever the reason, I no longer worried who would be reading my life. In part because I realised the blogging community as a whole are very nurturing, caring people.

The people I follow and vice versa have become like extended family to me. I’m from a huge family, so I don’t say this out of desperation; I say it because I mean it!  🙂

Okay, back to that chest. Now this chest was pretty full, so by no means does that mean I’m done. Lol

But life is getting easier and accepting me, and all the other parts to Paula, is becoming easier to understand. Being Bipolar is no excuse for me to not lead a quality life like everyone else. Naturally I’m going to have the odd hurdle (or 2 or 3) that I have to make sure I can clear, but I can and will keep doing it. Depression is another strange thing to live with. I’ve come to accept that it’s kind of like a friendship that has to be nurtured. I need to love respect and care for it. Because when I don’t? It will let me down and turn it’s back on me until once again I’m showing it the love and understanding it needs.

Before I leave you all, I just want to send my love to those that I wrote my last post about. You all have shown great strength and courage to trying to find your way back to happiness. It will happen and there will be days you fall down, but get up and try again tomorrow. I hug you all, as I think hugging the world is good for the soul. Love and respect everyone and they will love you back. Hold no racism or prejudice and see how easy it is to love everyone! I’ve said it many many times…We all bleed the same colour, right?

I thank each and everyone of you that have supported and inspired me on this journey of finding out who Paula is.

Today we have had sunshine and my world is shining, I hope yours is too. xx

Love and hugs to you all. Paula xxxxx

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Tell Me Why … I Don ‘t Like Mondays

Evening from OZ, everyone!! 🙂
🙂 I love it when Alastair posts little inspirational quotes. I couldn’t let this one slide by without sharing. Goodnight and hugs to you all. Paula xxxx

A Mixed Bag

Just because we don’t like Mondays, doesn’t mean that we have to do something drastic about it like taking time off work, not going into school, screaming at people. Focusing our inner psyche will help. Breathing in and out to relax … in through the nose … out through the mouth.

In the meantime, here are a few inspirational quotes to show you that Mondays aren’t as bad as you think.


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