I have the ‘net!! (Yay!)

Hello my lovely blog family!

I’m so happy – my internet connection was set up today! 

Woohoo! It only took a month. Lol  That’s Telstra for you!

I love this song. 🙂

Love hugs and good wishes to you all.

Paula xxxx


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35 responses to “I have the ‘net!! (Yay!)

  1. I love Abba! The girls are so beautiful.

  2. Howisbradley

    I woke up this morning and found ABBA. They always put a smile on my face.

  3. Yay, and congratulations on getting the internet… 🙂 Don, HUGS XX

  4. Great! Then there will be more direct posting from you. Woo whoo, Paula. xox Perpetua

    • Haha!

      Definitely. My eyes were getting too sore working off my phone. Glasses on glasses off! Without them, I struggle to read anything! Lol

      Enjoy the day, Perpetua! Hugs Paula and Sakura xxxxx

  5. So happy you have your internet sorted, Paula. I can just imagine you with the microphone, singing and dancing to this song. 😎

  6. It is SO discerning when we lose touch with the world electronically!!!

  7. Happy Net Days are here again 🙂 xx

    • Woohoo!

      I’m so happy. 🙂 Just got home from the Casino. went to this ya bute up market Chinese Restaurant there. $650 later, thank you very much…Not so sure it was quite worth that much money! Lol
      My sister wanted to get the tab…I bet she’s sorry!
      Actually I take it back, she doesn’t care. 🙂 Lol nite xxxxxx

      • what the hell did you you two have for $650.00?? that’s worth a post! xx

      • Hahaha!

        Actually 4 of us. Lol
        The snow crab in ginger was $250.
        4 pieces of pecking duck in very small pancakes were worth $66. 🙂
        And so on! Lol The service was impeccable and for that price you can see why. Thank goodness none of us drank very much! Haha.
        The prices are pretty much the same as Rock Pool.
        Best not post as I may scare people away from the restaurant! Lol

  8. Congrats to your internet connection.

    When I last moved my phone company messed everything up big time – and after 6 weeks I decided to change the provider – but first I had to prove that they didn’t provide the service I signed up for (which wasn’t so easy, they first were ignoring calls, letters and e-mails), before I could look for another provider…
    …so I hope you “only” had to play the waiting game.


    • Hey Rabirius!

      I couldn’t believe it when I read your comment this morning. I never wrote about all the muck ups the company did in the last 4 weeks. 🙂 They cancelled my mobile and put me on another package. That took about 4 different calls and 1 week to finally get straightened out. My home number is silent and I brought it across from my previous house. They cancelled it and gave a new number! What the? That took more calls more people and a technician to come out!
      Kept changing what bundle package I was on. More calls, more people!
      Finally when they set the net up the other day, the technician realised I was minus the T-Box for the t.v! Yikes!!! I felt like I was going mad! Lol
      Oh and they billed me $200 for cancelling the services I never wanted in the first place!
      Needless to say they have cancelled that bill.
      I knew I wasn’t the only one! LMAO

      Can’t live with them…Can’t live without them! Lol hugs Paula xx

      • It sounds even more complicated than what I was going through.

        No I have a company that has a lot of shops – so one can also go to a shop if one has problems…
        …which is better than waiting for 30 in some hotline – to talk to someone who knows nothing…
        …these hotlines are not so hot, after all 🙂

        I keep my fingers crossed that all will fall into place soon.


  9. ABBA had a free concert here in Puerto Princesa City but sad to say the venue was not jam-packed.

  10. I am soooo happy for you, Paula! Yes!! And Abba, always great! 🙂 xx

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