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This is a really touchy one. I realise that many people have different beliefs.

Is it just faith in a God, whoever you perceive him/her/it to be…. Or is it more about faith in yourself?

Do you think not believing in something puts you behind the 8 ball, so to speak?

Can you not wonder, and think of the God, but not go to church and he/she/it still would love you? Gods are worshiped, right? But why so many Gods?? Who’s the right God and even then… How do we know?

By not really fully believing in a God, does that make us sinners or less worthy of a Gods love? Isn’t God supposed to be forgiving and love all people? If so, why isn’t there one single belief?

Why are there so many wars in the name of God? Do they not all claim to be peaceful gods?

They say in the spiritual world we are never sent any more than we can handle. Wow, boy are we able to handle a lot sometimes! So, is it God that gets us through this or is it ourselves and our own inner strength that prevails?

What if there’s nothing and we die and just go into a hole and rot? Does it matter what happens to us when we die at the point that we are dead? Ahhhh, you’re saying it’s your soul! That’s a deep one and one we all need to protect.

So, by believing in God do you give your heart and soul to him/her/it/them? Does it bring a peace in knowing that someone/some thing is always there guiding you?

Most people that follow my blog know I’m not really a full convert to religion. I only bring this up was because I have many followers that do believe in god; whoever they perceive him/her/it to be.

What you have done to me is made me think and question religion. You have given me peace and comfort when I needed it. Your love of him/her/it rubs off and resonates through your comments. I don’t know this particular kind of love. I need to see something in order to believe! Now I know there are things in life that we have to believe in based on faith alone.

But a God you can not see, I struggle with. Especially with so muchsuffering in the world.

What I do love  and believe in is all of you that have found that peace. I’m glad you follow me and shine your light on me as well.

Thank you all for the love you show me and all the food for thought!

I appreciate every single one of you and find it interesting hearing about all the different religions! I’m glad you are all in my life. Even if it’s a cyber one! I’m so addicted to it that I can’t even go out without checking blogs on my phone! So I would say you are all in my real life in a  way too! Lol

People that don’t blog…just don’t get it!

Love peace and hugs to you all…….Paula xxxxx

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