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Things I Love

120011 i am free to love what i loveThings I love:

I love to close my eyes and feeling the sun’s warmth on my face.

I love my family, for without them I would be lost.

I love listening to the birds chirping early in the morning.

I love that I live in a democracy, and am free to believe what I choose, without fear of imprisonment.

I love going to our property and seeing our animals for they give me a peace like no other.

I love cupcakes because – strangely – they make me feel calm.

I love that the grass isn’t always greener on the other side.

I love clowns as they make me feel happy.

I love hearing the sound of laughter.

I love spring and the new beginning it brings.

I love  music. These are just some of my favourite artists: The Doors (loved Jimmy), Fleetwood Mac, QUEEN (Incredible vocalist), The Eagles,Dire Straits, Michael Jackson; ( Leave behind the controversy that always followed him, and remember the amazing artist that he was), Joan Armatrading , Rolling Stones, U2, AC/DC, INXS ( Taken way too young!) Carole King, Phil Collins, Led ZeplinPink FloydRickie Lee-Jones, Sarah McLachlan,Beethoven and Mozart.

I love a great book that you can’t put down.

I love money. It doesn’t buy happiness, but it gives you freedom, and for that I’m grateful.

I love shopping. Retail therapy can be fun.

I love and appreciate our blogging community/family.

I love all people from all walks of life and all cultures. From every country and every continent. We are all one!

There are so many things that we love in life. When you feel like your whole world is falling apart, you just have to stop and remember them. If you can’t? Then find someone who will help you remember.:)

What do you love?


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My Teco boy (with no wool!)


Teco 2

Teco 3

Teco and Margie


Well here he is guys, the boy I love so much. Even with out his beautiful woollen coat!

I was telling Nafees today about how when I went to Teco boy and put my arms around to cuddle him he let his head fall into mine and just laid against me! Can you love someone more than you think you already do? Well at that moment I did! My heart melted and  I felt in awe of him and then to feel some reciprocated love… Bliss!

So, being the proud mother I thought I would show you pictures of my beloved Teco. The photo of me laughing was because he nudged me so hard I nearly fell over. He just thought he was hugging into me. Lol

Now remember I adore Margie, but our love is through eye contact only! She watches me shower him with affection, but no matter how much I try to have contact with her – it’s a No. So I look into her eyes as I’m feeding her and tell her she’s my princess. No matter what!  I just have to respect the way she wants to love me and be patient. 🙂

Hope you all had a great weekend! Love and hugs to you all……Paula xx


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The Weekly Weekend Post about the Weekend!

To all my beautiful bloggers out there:
Have a fantastic weekend!

Christmas is fast approaching, I have begun putting up the decorations around the house.
Sakura, my cat, loves it! (Although, she loves pulling the decorations off the tree…)

Happy Weekend!

Me and Sakura


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A peek at my beautiful Llamas

These two delight and amuse me. Every weekend I spend time with them and each visit lifts my spirits. Pets really do bring with them a huge amount of love and affection.

I hope you enjoy seeing them. I will share more glimpses of my farm soon.

(Sorry about the wind noise – I will try and fix that in future videos.)


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OMG! I have had sooo many of these since taking meds and stopping meds.

I’ve come to the conclusion that I can’t always blame Seroquel for everything! *smiles*

I totally suck when it comes to drinking water!.. My poor body is probably soooo dehydrated. Drinking 1 glass a day is a huuuge effort for me. So with the warmer weather now upon us… I’m going to make drinking water one of my priorities!

Along with ramblingsfromamum‘s affirmation she gave me:

Hello, Brand New Day – I Am In Control & You Will NOT Beat Me!!!!

Maybe throwing a slice of lemon in the water might help?

I’m off to see my Llamas… Have a great weekend everyone!!

Paula x

p.s. I had some technical issues with the video I planned to post… I will take more footage this weekend and try again when I come back.


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Happy People

The best thing we can do for ourselves when we are down is to gravitate towards Happy People. 

Now I realise that when you’re down, Happy People can actually be really annoying! You’re not feeling happy, so why have someone bubbly around?

My personal experience with this has shown me that 9 out  of 10 times these happy people let off positive/happy/healthy endorphins. You can’t help but laugh with them, or smile back at them.

What we read and watch also impacts on how we feel. Stay Happy and Healthy by only reading and watching THINGS THAT MAKE YOU HAPPY!

When my mood is low… I now make a point of going to the blog sites that make me laugh or smile.

There’s one in particular that makes me crack up!!! It is incredibly politically incorrect and that’s what makes me love it even more… If you take life seriously then you would detest it…. I don’t want to take life too seriously any more, I want to laugh and joke around like I once did:)

I refuse to let Depression define me as a person.. I’m not “oh, that’s Paula, she’s Bi-Polar and suffers with Depression and tried to commit suicide”. No.
I am “Paula, who at times speaks without thinking, and asks people private things that maybe one shouldn’t. Is overly happy at times and other days distant. But she Loves her family, friends, grandchildren, and pets and tries her hardest to not let life beat her”. I love most people and I don’t won’t to be referred to as the first Paula. Why would I?

Happiness is what we are all striving for.

I search for the perfect cupcake. I talk to my son and grandchildren. I shop (a lot) – retail therapy is amazing! But only what you can afford.:) I want to be near happy people, because I want what they’re having:) They’re just high on life, how cool is that…

Find what makes you smile and stick with it. Don’t let yourself get that low that there’s no reasoning with you. Being negative is easy, so challenge yourself to be Happy:)

Baby steps..

My Llamas make me feel so relaxed and happy when I’m around them. I’ll take some footage of them on the weekend and post it. Hopefully they will make you smile too:)

Laughter is better than any medication we can take:)

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Breathing Through Anxiety

Okay yesterday was a bad day!

It was my husband’s birthday and we were going out to dinner, so I had to pull myself together. One of the things I’m still  learning at 44 is that you have no control over someone elses behaviour. (Damn it:).

We were at the casino, so we decided to go in and gamble.

Bingo, instantly I felt better. I love playing poker machines. One thing about being Bi-Polar is that you can have a tendency, at times, to spend large amounts of money unnecessarily. But when it comes to gambling I only ever spend what we can afford to lose. Thank god!

My mum taught me years ago that slowly breathing in and out is a great way to help calm my anxiety. So, you breathe in through your nose, with your mouth shut, and hold it for a few seconds (watch your chest rise)… Then slowly breathe out through your mouth. If you don’t already do this  you will be amazed how it works! Repeat this until you feel yourself calming. But not until you pass out!

Now I do realise that when anxiety gets a hold on you, it’s not always an easy thing to do.

This may sound a little peculiar but if you have a pet, go cuddle into her/him and slowly start to do the breathing exercise. Cuddling something you love helps a lot. (Pet or person). The reason I say a pet and not your other half is purely because they may not be around. Animals have an amazing soothing effect on us.

Life is not perfect and it’s filled with ups and downs, I just have to remember to stay positive.

Kind of let that one slip my mind, again!


I should have eaten a cupcake!


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Llamas Arrived

Margie my beautiful Llama

Margie my beautiful Llama

Wow. I had no idea how I would handle my llamas or if they would take to me.

After spending the last 6 days at our country property with them, they finally decided yesterday that I was no threat and they took food from my hands. Yeah! Sitting in their paddock freezing to death was worth it.

They are such beautiful animals.  Leaving them to come home was terrible, it felt like I was leaving one of my kids behind. My last blog talked about how my cat Sakura gives me such unconditional love, and helps me get out of negative (depressive) moods. Well I  now realise that maybe it’s all animals, because the happiness I felt every day after being with them was amazing.

Instead of dreading each day, I couldn’t wait to get up and spend time with them. I would just sit on this huge tree trunk in their paddock, watching their behaviours and listening to all the different birds chirping away.

It was just incredible. Me, of all people, liking the silence. I could barely believe it was me. I normally hate silence and I’m not one to enjoy my own company. But sitting there, cold breeze blowing on my face, birds chirping  away and  listening to the different sounds the llamas would make was so enjoyable.

We leave every Friday to spend time at the property which I always look forward to, but now I will be looking forward to it even more. Everyone needs a reason to want to get up each day, and I suppose now I’ve found mine. Going on holidays, shopping, out for lunch with your friends etc, sounds so cool doesn’t it? But at the end of the day there has to be more than that, you have to feel that you matter and what you do with your time is worthwhile. I’ve found some kind of an inner peace that I haven’t felt before and it’s really calming.

I really like the feeling and hope it stays with me 🙂

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