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One more sleep!

One more sleep and then you can sleep in, or drink, or party, or veg and do nothing!

Sorry to everyone that works the weekends.  Sometimes that’s me…but not this weekend!

Hugs from Sakura and Me! xxx


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Have a great weekend!

Hello my fellow bloggers,


Hope you all have a relaxing and enjoyable weekend, just like these 2 fury friends. 🙂

Hugs from Sakura and me. Paula xxxx


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Happy Friday!


Hope you all have a lovely weekend!


Paula xxx



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Children/Grandchildren part 1

Children at beach

My son made me a grandmother at 38. I know I know what you’re thinking – crazy, right?

It wasn’t all his fault. I was a teenage mum,  so it was a possibility.  He married at 21 and has 2 beautiful boys. Yes, I am biased …I’m the nana!! Lol

As a grandparent you get the privilege of seeing life differently. You get to love them play with them, and then hand them back to their parents. The love and bond of a grandparent is so special. Your relationship is almost outside the realms of parenting, so you are able to connect differently. Letting the parent do all the parenting can be hard at times, but it’s not our job to interfere (with obvious exceptions). Even I have learnt this one!

What you did as a parent you may no longer think  your children should do to their children. Like smack or yell, or make them eat all their food. Which is okay, but I think parenting has kind of gone a little off the tracks a little.  Meaning, a small smack on the hand instantly when they where wrong. Not 20 minutes later. never hurt our kids at all, or even us when we were little. You knew you were in the wrong and just accepted it and made sure not to do it again. Now this one doesn’t always work! Lol    Sometimes I think we liked the smacks!! lol Maybe some even grew up liking bondage? Lol

Being bought up strict can have its advantage and disadvantages. But we knew right from wrong, got smacked when we didn’t and learnt to respect our elders.

Life changes though and I think that to a certain degree we have to go with that change and new knowledge that parents have today. In a way I think ignorance was bliss. You didn’t have to think every five minutes if you were doing the wrong thing. You just got on with things.

Being a parent is not an easy job and it’s a thankless one at that. I think even the best parents in the world end up with one or more of their kids saying, they hated this or that about their life. Your kind of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You see those adoring faces looking up at you and think they will stay that way forever. But no, there comes the day you are no longer everything to them and it’s your fault for not letting them go out and have underage fun! God we are killjoys!! Lol

Tomorrow I will discuss what else I have learnt as a parent.

Hugs to you all….Paula xxx

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Happy Weekend!!

Says No One.Hello my lovely fellow bloggers!! 🙂

Hope you are having a great weekend. See you back here on Monday! 🙂

Hugs to you all.  Paula xxxxx


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Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend, Everyone!!

Have an awesome weekend. This is one of my favourite songs!

Let’s get down and dance together. You know you have to groove in that seat, right??

LOL Click those fingers and move those hips. You know you want to! 

Hugs to you all….Paula xxx

P.S Sorry to my Little Cyber Brother in Pakistan who can’t see this! 

Happy Weekend, Nafees! x


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Photos of Whitby



IMG_20130507_135130_283-1 (1)



We went for a day trip to a pretty coastal town called Whitby.

Whitby is famous for connections such as Captain Cook living here – it was the port of departure for all of his voyages of discovery and where he became a seaman. It was where Bram Stoker wrote the book Dracula and the town is featured in the first few chapters.  Also, Lewis Caroll (who wrote Alice in Wonderland) was supposedly inspired to write his poems The Walrus And The Carpenter from his walks along Whitby Beach. Additionally, The Lady Of The Ladle was set in Whitby.

It’s also famous for Whitby Jet which is black fossilised wood – similar  to today’s monkey puzzle tree and the Araucaria tree, but it looks like polished gem stone. It was at its height of popularity when Queen Victoria’s husband Albert died and she used it as mourning jewellery.

One of the photos above is of the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

The last photo above is of the Whitby Jet that my mum and step father bought.

I’m off to Dubai in today and will be there for 2 days.

I’ll post more photos when I return to the magical land of Oz!!!!

We’re off to see the wizard!! LMAO

Hugs. Everyone!!!  …..Paula xxx


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Hello fellow blogger!! 🙂

I’m back from Copenhagen and would have to say what a beautiful country. They all seem so happy. Talk about into fitness. Boy, if they are not jogging, they are cycling!

They pay 49% in taxes and still they are happy. Apparently voted the happiest nation, and I now believe it. The castle was cool yet Buckingham Palace is much more imposing. I can’t believe how close you can get to their palace doors. Seriously trusting nation also. 🙂

The statue of the mermaid in the water was surrounded by people wanting photos next to her. I tried to get the story behind it by asking one of the stall shop owners nearby. BIG MISTAKE! She started to explain then randomly went off about hating the royal family! OMG! What the hell? LMAO So I found the one person not happy in the country.  Hahaha I felt best to walk away slowly and not ask anymore about anything! 🙂

So maybe someone can tell me the story?? Any offers without telling me how much you hate royalty? Lol

The architecture reminds me of something out of fairy tales. Very pretty.

Perpetua,  I tried knocking on these palace doors for you, just to say hi to princess Mary from you… But hey, no one seems to answer!! Lol

Overall, it was very much worth seeing – but not the cheapest of countries. Unless you want to drink alcohol all day… Hell cheap! But not the healthiest option.  🙂

Before I go just want to say sorry for not hitting the like button on some of your posts. My phone has not been wanting to play properly since been here. So, all will return to normal when I’m back with my very missed laptop! With my faithful Sakura purring on my lap. 🙂

Hope all is well in your world. Don’t forget – any offers about the mermaid story? Lol

Hugs to you all… Paula xxx


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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Bridge at NIght

Sydney at Night

Sydney at Night 3

Sydney at Night 4

Had to share some of Sydney. Next, off on the Queen Mary 2!

Hugs, Paula


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