My New Shoes!

I couldn’t resist showing you ladies my new shoes. Oh and of course you guys as well! 🙂

They are soooo pretty!     My partner bought me these a few weeks ago. They are incredibly comfortable and look stunning on. Black can go with almost anything, right ladies?

And what is this pair for, you say? Well, ME! 🙂


He wanted to buy me a pair of shoes and I couldn’t help but buy myself a pair at the same time. I am definitely a girly girl and love my shoes and handbags. Like black shoes, gold shoes go with almost anything. I love loads of brands of shoes but the most economical brand and to me great quality shoe is from Zu. To me getting new shoes or a handbag is like giving me a boost of Happy Pills! Lol



When was the last time you spoilt yourself or someone else and bought a new pair of shoes? Feel free to share your photos. 🙂

Sending many cyber hugs your way. Have a great day. Paula xxxx


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21 responses to “My New Shoes!

  1. Very nice! I haven’t bought or worn fancy shoes like this in ages. The last pair of shoes I bought were ankle boots.

  2. classy, fancy, “cool”… btw, what’s your shoe size?… 🙂
    * * *
    HHH = huge heartfelt hugs from the North Hemisphere – the continent of your ancestors… 🙂

  3. They so beautiful, I am same about shoes but dear Paula I can’t wear anymore them, I can’t walk because of knee 🙂 I am wearing sport shoes… Have a nice walking and enjoyable time with them, Thanks and Love, nia

    • Good Morning Nia, 🙂

      I understand about not wearing them because of your knee. I spend a lot of time in boots at the moment as it’s Winter in Australia. The high heels are for going out in. I’m in flat shoes during the day as I’m now a massage therapist. Look after that knee. Huge hug, Paula xxx

  4. OH perfect for taking your joey for a walk. *nods wisely* 😉 (hope I have the right nickname for your roo)

    They are very nice, pssst I hope he is taking you somewhere nice to break them in.

  5. Your new shoes are really stunning, Paula. I got shoes for my birthday yesterday, but they’re not sparkly like yours. 🙂

  6. Love the shoes. I love buying shoes, handbags, or dresses to cheer myself. 🙂
    Have a great week!

    • Hey Kiran, shame you don’t live by as we could go shopping together! 🙂

      As for the dresses I love them too. Happy shopping. Have a great day.

      Hugs Paula xxxx

  7. Yourmumsknowsbest

    Hi Paula,
    Good to see you back, I bought my partner new shoes from Zu recently, she says Zu have the best shoes too, she also loves handbags from Coach, but it is fantastic to see her face light up when she opens the presents, one positive is that I get lots of hugs and kisses hahahaha
    Hugs to You Paula

    • Hahaha! Because you’ve found a way to her heart. I can’t stop laughing, sorry! I’ll be serious, it’s really nice when you spoil yourself and buy something you love, but even better when someone else buys it for you.

      I’m glad she loves Zu and you would have seen that they have great men’s shoes too! As for handbags I don’t mind Coach but really don’t have a preference in that area. Keep getting hugs. Paula xx

  8. I love your new shoes, Paula. My most recent shopping indulgences were a matching box and note board for my creative space. I did a major cleanup so I can find everything easily.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❤

    • Hey Wendy! 🙂

      Lovely to hear from you. 🙂 I too did a major clean up 12 months ago. Being creative is better than buying shoes. Haha …My family does art competitions twice a year. It’s really great fun and boy are there some competitive people in my family! Lol
      Keep being creative, Wendy Lee! Sending you Aussie hugs. xxxxx

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