Hello fellow bloggers,

I toiled whether or not to write this post and show this video clip that I recently saw on Facebook.

To show it seemed that I was agreeing and yet to not show it, seemed that I wasn’t condoning  it either! I literally sat at my computer and felt every emotion that I think a human can feel. It felt like someone had gone in and ripped my heart out for these 2 children. There’s so much sadness in this world that many children have to suffer and this I’m sure is just one of them many situations. How one human being can treat another this way is mind blowing and heartbreaking in every sense of the word. The fact that it’s targeting helpless children makes it even more devastating. I tried to ignore what I had seen and take it out of my mind, but there was no way I could or even can do this. My blog is what helps me deal with many of the sad things that have happened in life and also the many Happy things that have happened in my life. You could say I’m sharing this as a way of me getting it out of my head and writing something/anything to be honest. I just have to write something or the sadness that I’m feeling will become overwhelming. My only hope is that someone has stepped in and saved these children from the nightmare they must be living in. My heart wants to find them and save them from the cruelty they must be dealing with on a day to day basis. I want to tell them they are beautiful and worthy of so much more than they have been given in this world. I want to hug them protect them and smother them with the love and affection they deserve. Feeling powerless in this situation and many others similar that happen world wide like this,  is gut wrenching.   I’m not a religious person but if there is some kind of higher power I only hope and prey it comes to these 2 beautiful boys aid.


As my blog writes from time to time about Depression, it brings many people that are vulnerable and emotionally in a bad place to my site. They may have come for some sort of self-help or guidance or even some kind of understanding for how they are feeling. I urge you that if you are one of those people and are in a bad place right now? DO NOT watch this video! 

I hug all of you and my heart is hugging these 2 beautiful terrified boys. Paula xxx


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13 responses to “Warning!

  1. Placid's Place

    Oh My Holy God….!! This is horrendous. I understand what you meant about being torn whether to post this or not. This woman should be tied up and left to rot in jail for what she has done and said to those kids. And that father isn’t much of a father for not countering her comments either. How hard would it have been for him to tell his children he loves them and not to believe a word of what that “woman” said to them. I actually feel sickened by this. The worst thing about all this Paula, is that this is not an isolated case. It just happens to be the one caught on camera. I understand the warning, but thanks for sharing… I’m going off to hug something; my cat, my kids, my pillow!

    • I truly understand how your feeling and I’m sorry. My blog has been my way of coping with Depression/Bipolar etc and that’s why I had to blog about it. It saddens me immensely what so many poor children or even adults have to deal with in these situations. Hugging our children is a great thing and it pains me that children like these 2 boys don’t have that.
      Much love to you. Paula xxx

      • Placid's Place

        Back at ya Paula. And you have been missed from here. You’ve not be blogging for a while but good for you. Glad you’re okay.

  2. Cat

    Dreadful, the woman is crazy

    • I know it’s so hard to watch, right? Hugs xx

      • Cat

        `Unfortunately, I didn’t take the trigger warning seriously, but it was one of the worst things I have seen (apart from my own childhood) What I kept thinking last night was whether the adult drama would eventually boil over and that man will take those children back into that awful environment

      • OMG! That would just be too terrific to even think about it. I wanted to stop watching it yet I couldn’t because I kept thinking some good must be coming and that’s why It was being filmed. Yes he did want evidence against her abuse but to me it was wrong on so many levels and completely distressing to watch. People like this should never be allowed to have their children back. I know that sounds harsh, but that’s how I feel. Hugs xxxxx

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