Gosh it’s been so long since I posted that I feel I’m hijacking someone elses blog again. 🙂

I actually find it hard to write when I take these big gaps off blogging.  There’s been so many days when I’ve thought, “I might write something today”  before I knew it, the day was over and I had written nothing!

Okay where should i start writing from? Hmm, lets go back to Christmas time.

I had a great day with my family and my partner; actually, this year is the first Christmas my partner and I have spent together.  You see, he lives in one state and I live in another, so having Christmas together was really nice. He fly’s over to me quite a bit, and I fly with him when I can. He has a job that flies him all around the country and therefore he’s never really in one place for very long.

Can you believe it, he nearly didn’t make it for Christmas as he fell off a ladder only days away from Christmas day! I didn’t think he would come but knowing how disappointed I would be, he flew over. Now that’s pretty good considering he was in hospital over night and could barely walk.  His ribs were all bruised and he was really sore, he’s lucky nothing more serious happened to him.

Good news for me is that in the coming weeks he’s moving in with me, we have been together for 17 months now and we feel that we now want to commit to the next level. Oh BTW: I don’t mean marriage! I’m afraid marriage is not for me. Been there done that and I’m not ready to even think along those lines. I left my Ex for all sorts of reasons and one was not trusting him.

Anyway I’ll go back to a happier part of my life and that’s moving in with someone my own age and who I truly love.

I believe we now live in a modern society and I don’t think you need a certificate to prove you love someone. I was once really old fashioned and thought you should marry and you should take the husbands name. Well, not anymore. I have 2 friends that have married and kept their maiden names. I have always thought this was wrong and why bother getting married if you DON’T take their name?  But I now know I was wrong again! They love their husbands just as much as those that take their husbands names, so I suppose what’s the difference?

So many people chose to just live together these days that I don’t think it really matters. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not Condoning the Sanctity of Marriage…Not at all! I just think times are changing and we don’t have to be so set in our ways.

People are more open now and not as judgmental…Which I think this is a good thing! Gosh in the old days you would have been shunned for such a thing. It was a pretty cold and cruel world, especially for woman.
All I can say is thank god for the 21st Century!

In saying that I believe we all need to take the path that best suits us and our own individual needs.  Because at the end of the day Loving someone and someone loving you is not as easy as it sounds, and especially finding someone you trust! So when and if you are lucky enough to find it again, I think you should hang onto it in any way you can.

So, how do you feel about about people living together, NOT marrying, or marrying and NOT taking their husbands names? Or worse, being with someone younger than your own children.  It will be interesting to see how you feel and be completely and utterly honest, I hold no grudges!! Well, So I say!! Lol

Much love to you and Happy Belated New Year to you all! 

Hugs Paula xxxx


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27 responses to “Relationships

  1. wisejourney

    I wish you peace and joy Paula in 2015 x

  2. all the best,big sis 🙂

    • My dearest, Little Brother, 🙂

      Lovely to hear form you. Wishing you back the same. I plan to catch up on many blogs in the coming days and therefore will see how you have been going. Much love to you. Hugs Big Sis. xxxx

  3. Yourmumknowsbest

    Hi Paula
    Get to see you back blogging, we have missed you. I agree in a modern society I don’t think you need to take your partners name. I wish you all the future hapiness with your partner, and wow he fell off a ladder and still flew over to spend Christmas with you, I hope you took care of him, anyway it is great to see ou back hopefully we will read lots more from you sooner than later Happy Days

    • Thank you. I’ve missed the blogging community as well, and will have to learn to multitask better in order to keep up with blogging! 🙂
      Hmm, I think I took care of him. Lol Must admit when he flew over all bruised and sore it made me love him even more. OMG! That rhyme’s. Now I’m typing and laughing. 🙂 Have a great weekend.
      Hugs Paula xxx

  4. welcome back…my belief…we need to live on how our conscience tells us too. blessings…

  5. Hello, welcome back and happy new year! I think these days everybody has an opinion about everything and perhaps we should just do what makes us all happy and not worry about it. I am glad that everything is going well for you and that good things are happening, this pleases Ste immensely. xx

    • Hahaha! Thank you, Ste. 🙂

      My mum always tells me, what ever anyone thinks of you is none of your business! 🙂 I am really happy and that’s a good thing. Wishing you a great weekend and sending you heaps of warm weather. Hugs Paula xxx

  6. Well glad you’re blogging again; and yes, it is hard to get back into the swing of it when you take big gaps off like that. Great post!

  7. Happy Valentine’s Day !With love Maxima J

  8. Bonjour-aloha, Paula! you’re back to blogging and I’m back from Hawaii – Maui & Kauai… 🙂 whaz up, Aussie gal?… lots of positive and optimistic vibes, heartfelt thoughts and friendly hugs… ❤ Me'lani 🙂

    • Hey Melanie! Great to hear from you. I am totally out of sorts with blogging and struggling to commit to my site! I would so love to go there. as for the positive vibes I feel them, thank you!! Sending many hugs from Down Under. Paula xxxx

  9. You are absolutely right my sister. Love is all what matters, If you love someone and are sincere, getting a certificate for the world doesn’t matter at all. I really wish you have a very happy life with your partner and May he get well soon to love you even more. So happy for you ! Much love and hugs xoxo

    • Hey Little Sister! 🙂 I am so happy that you have found happiness too.
      Sorry for the very late reply but I have been busy getting myself organised to now work from home. I hope all is great in your most beautiful part of the world. Hugs Big Sis xxx

  10. I feel living together is not a big deal but it becomes a big deal where culture indifference get involved. Many people irrespective of what culture they belong to still prefer to dwell into such kind of relationship. There are pros and cons to everything after all. 🙂

  11. Great to see you back after long. Wish you and your partner a very happy future.
    I feel it’s a personal choice. After all, love matters more than a certificate.
    Hugs, Kiran.

    • Hi Kiran! 🙂

      Great to hear from you. I think as long as you have love and respect in a relationship then that’s a great basis to work from. I hope all is well with you. Hugs Paula xxx

  12. So happy for you, Paula. I wish you and your partner lots of happy times together. It’s great to read your update and to know that you’re doing so well. *hugs* Sylvia

    • Hi Sylvia. 🙂

      Lovely to hear from you too! Things are going well, thank you! 🙂

      Hopefully I get my act together and post something soon. Much love to you. Have a great weekend. Hugs Paula xxxx

  13. Hello Paula,

    I missed this post earlier – so I noticed that you haven’t blogged again for some time 🙂

    But I hope you are still happy together!


    • Hi Rabirius, 🙂

      I am officially the worlds worst blogger!! LMAO
      Yikes, one day rolls into 2 and then 3 and 4 and 5 and 6 and STILL I haven’t blogged. 🙂 Hopefully I post something real soon! Lol

      Many hugs to you, Paula xx

  14. Hi Paula, I’m glad you’ve found someone you’re happy with. My answer is the same as Laurie’s. I can’t tell someone else how to live. I’m supposed to be listening to my own conscience. My guidebook is the Bible—but it’s none of my business what other people are doing or not doing. Hugs.
    Blessings ~ Wendy ❀

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