People who commit suicide are not selfish or cowardly!!

Evening Everyone,
Dr Nicholas Jenner has a great blog and some helpful information for those suffering a mental illness, or for those loved ones helping someone get through the dark days. It’s a touchy subject but a very important one to openly talk about. Love to you all, Paula xxx

Dr Nicholas Jenner

The recent death of one of the funniest men on film has unearthed more debate about suicide and why people do it. One of the more unsavory elements of the coverage is the amount of people with the misplaced belief that suicide is a selfish and cowardly act taken by people who have no thought for the ones left behind. In effect, it is normally a result of a long tumultuous journey through mental illness and comes generally at a point when the sufferer may truly believe that those left behind would be far better off without them around.

Robin Williams gave something truly wonderful to the world in the form of art, creativity and laughter. However, he was blighted by a dark side. We never saw this in him and never guessed the turmoil he was going through but it was enough for him to want to leave this…

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12 responses to “People who commit suicide are not selfish or cowardly!!

  1. Al

    It takes a lot of guts to take your own life as you are doing something that there is no return from.

    • People don’t do it for attention. They do it because they see no other answer to many days of darkness and pain. Usually that pain has been there for many years. Much love to you, my friend. Paula xxxxx

      • Al

        Those that do it for attention do it in such a way that they will be found before anything happens. I remember I was talking to someone – I think it was on Facebook, it could have been some other chat client like MSN messenger. Anyway, he told me that he had had enough and that he had just taken a load of pills and downed it with vodka. He was so peed off with life that he wanted to talk to me while he died. I wasn’t about to let that happen. Bearing in mind, I knew next to nothing about this guy. I dialled 999 and told them. They got me to ask him a series of questions – what town was he in, what could he see looking out the window, what was his surname, what was his dad’s name. This went on for about 20 minutes and then the guy I was talking to told me to hang on as there was a knock on the door. From knowing absolutely nothing, I got the police and paramedics to his house.

        He stopped speaking to me after that. I didn’t mind because I may well have saved his life. He may have been faking it for attention, I will never know. He blocked me on Facebook and deleted me off MSN messenger, but I was not going to let someone do that to me.

      • Oh My Gosh, that is horrific! 🙂
        What you did for him was incredible and I’m sure very scary at the time. In some regards I suppose it is a cry for help, so hopefully he got some. Goodnight. xxx

      • Al

        Good night Paula. Sleep well

  2. kryptum

    I think it’s great when a man is strong enough to see the trip is over for him.

    When he decides to close the book by himself, then, I can even call him a ‘true man’, ie, a man worth of respect

    • Morning. 🙂
      Like I said, it’s a touchy subject but one worth acknowledging.
      We can know someone is struggling with life/depression but we don’t really know or feel the depth of that pain, we can only assume. Thanks for commenting. Hugs Paula xxx

  3. Paula, I totally agree: depressed people who commit suicide are NOT selfish or cowardly!!! it’s always an ‘SOS’ like the message in a bottle… they suffer from what we call “mal de vivre” = kinda impossibility to deal with life and to assume themselves… Life “hurts” them and they can’t bear it! They want to spare their loved ones and ‘imposing’ their ‘mal de vivre’ is inacceptable…I dislike a sentence I’ve heard now and then:”he/she has everything to be happy… don’t get it why is he/she depressed?!” – dahhh!!! depression, anxiety, panic attacks are serious medical conditions, not anyone’s imagination ‘ cause the terrible soul pain is there…
    * * *
    courage, peace and love… ❤

    • Much love to you, Melanie.
      You said it beautifully and I appreciate that, more than you would realise!
      My ex husband was/is wealthy. When I left 16 months ago no one could see my pain. All they saw was a great lifestyle and money. I didn’t get the support I needed and it was so hard on me. Even my own family thought I should go back, which broke my heart. That’s part of the reason I was hospitalized earlier this year. I felt so alone and confused. If it wasn’t for the guy I met, I would have taken my own life.Being Bipolar is hard enough but when you lose the support of the very people who should be looking out for you…it’s hard to explain how difficult that really is. Only as of yesterday we have finally agreed on a property settlement. Now I’m hoping to move forward and stay positive. Love to you, Paula xxx

      • I do/did understand you, Paula… ❤ wealth, money and comfort have never been 'the equivalent' of well-being, optimism and/or happiness… excellent decision to move on and forward… it seems that we all need something or someone to balance our life and I'm sooo happy you've met your guy… 🙂 stay "cool" and positive, young lady! last but not least: always remember that everything is relative=temporary=passing! 😉 we say in French that life is a daily war, so let's fight and struggle for/with it! 🙂 HHH = huge heartfelt hugs… ❤

      • Thank you, Melanie. I appreciate your advice and look up to you.
        Much love to you. xxxxx

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