Family Art Show

Hello Everyone,

Hope all is well in your world!

Let me tell you a bit about my family world. Well, one of my brothers and his wife came up with an idea to hold family art shows!
They pick the theme and do all the planning and sort out who won, etc. We all (children included) get a sheet with 6 adhesive stars of different colours, to indicate your favourite art piece.  The gold obviously is for who you want to win and is valued the highest, and then the stars vary from blue, green and silver to represent your second, third, fourth, etc. selection. It’s heaps of fun but let me tell you, it’s very competitive and there’s some pretty arty/creative people in my family!

They call the show, The Shared Spoon.

The winner gets their name engraved along with the date and theme onto the bowl of the spoon. It’s a fairly big spoon so don’t worry, not a dessert spoon! Lol.  This last competition was Puppets and marionettes!

My son and his girlfriend placed first this year, but unfortunately I didn’t get a shot of it. His girlfriend hand knitted these tiny puppets of the Avengers, from Captain America, Thor, Iron Man, etc. Then they made a stop-motion movie with them placed to the original audio and just left it continuously running on his laptop during the show. The kids went crazy for it and couldn’t believe they had made this movie with these puppets. It’s easy to see why they won! 🙂

My brother came second with his marionette and me 3rd with my, Fortune Teller. Actually, I’m in love with it but it may scare some. Remember I’m a clown collector so to me its fun and colourful! That’s my story anyway.

My sister usually does most of the catering as she’s so good at finger foods and other easy eats. After that my brother auctions off the artwork that people don’t wish to keep; it’s all in good fun but sometimes the kids get carried away and we have to remind them to keep the bidding low! Lol

The avengers that my son’s girlfriend had made, created an enormous interest in all the kids wanting to have one, which in my very large family?!… Wasn’t possible, so the bidding went a little high on those! I think the highest one of Thor sold for $24 AUD!! 🙂 With the others ranging from $16+ That was a little absurd if I am honest, normally they are done in good fun of $1-$10.

The shows are carried out roughly every 3 months, but this one was the first in 3 years! The reason it was so long in between this time was because after I was hospitalised from attempting suicide, all our family things just stopped; I don’t know if they did it consciously or subconsciously, but I think it was because after I had attempted suicide, I told them I picked that night because we had all been together and I got to see everyone for what I thought then would be the last time. So maybe to them they didn’t want us all to be together again in case I attempted it again, and to be fair to them in the early days it was definitely possible.  Even now I have days I still struggle but I really did choose life that day and I’m in such a better place now than I was back then! When I get overwhelmed I have to just sit back and not put undue pressure on myself.
I’m really happy that things are going back to normal.

If you have a reasonably sized family you should give this ago as it’s the best fun you will ever have.

Next time I’ll take more photos of the art work as most of it I took, was the kids!



My entry this year. (Fortune Teller)
IMG_20131117_131433_951 (1)IMG_20131117_131443_223 (1)






My Sister In-law’s marionette puppet.
IMG_20131117_162905_109 (1)


My Brother’s marionette puppet.










An example of using the stars for voting.





The puppets used in my Son and his Girlfriends stop-motion film of The Avengers (Thor)








photo 1


Another Puppet for the Avengers (Iron Man).

photo 2


Another Puppet (The Incredible Hulk)

photo 3


Another puppet used in the film (Black Widow).



photo 4




My other Son’s entry to a previous year’s competition of Monsters and Aliens, a life-sized scale, paper-mache’ ET.







My Brother In-law’s entry to the Monster’s and Aliens theme, a working Ipod dock made from scratch to look like a flying saucer!
(Keep in mind, he is an Engineer, quite difficult to beat…)





Do you do anything like this as a family?

Hugs to you all, Paula xxxxx


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26 responses to “Family Art Show

  1. I LOVE ET!! How gorgeous is he. No we don’t do anything like this, what a special bonding moment it would be, perhaps the bidding should go higher and then the money given to a chosen charity? xxx

  2. This is superb. Such an innovative family bonding experience.

  3. What a great idea for some family fun. You are all very talented, and I loved the entries. Your Fortune Teller is beautiful, and I absolutely fell in love with ET. 🙂 Hugs to you, Paula.

    • Hi Sylvia,

      The ET was sooo cute and my grandchildren loved it. We always look forward to it. The next one is, Nature! I’m a little bit stuck on this one.

      Glad you liked my fortune teller and some think it’s creepy. Lol

      Hugs Paula xxxx

  4. Al

    That is fantastic. I love it. The only thing we do as a family is a competition for being the biggest jerk 😛

  5. Wow, what a creative family. Does the money from auction go to a charity or towards another family event, just wondering?

    • Hi Ivonne. 🙂

      Actually it goes to whoever owns the piece of art auctioned.
      Yet they are now thinking of giving the money to charity. I suppose we will then have to up our bets! Lol

      I love seeing how creative the family can be. Have a great day, hugs Paula xxxxx

  6. What a great idea and what a creative family as well…that is awesome. The only thing I am good at creating is confusion. Glad to see you pottering the WP halls again! xx

    • Haha! Thank you, Steve. (Blog brother) 🙂

      They get so creative which makes it harder and harder to win. Theme for the next one is Nature. At this point I’m still pondering my brain as to what to do.

      Glad you liked the idea! Hugs Paula xxx

  7. yourmumknowsbest

    Hi Paula
    How are things with you, good to see you back blogging
    That is truly a wonderful family event, your fortune teller looks remarkable, I would have voted it in 1st place lol. How much time and effort did you put into it looks time consuming but relaxing. Hope you win the next family show good luck

    • You made me laugh. 🙂

      3rd place isn’t as much fun as coming first. Lol Maybe I should try harder and be more creative! It really is heaps of fun. Maybe if you have a big family you could suggest this and see how it goes? Do one and you will be hooked! 🙂 BTW: The Fortune Teller took me 2 days.

      Have a good weekend, hugs Paula xxxxx

  8. Hi Paula, your fortune teller is so lovely..what a nice family gathering and it seems you all have lots of fun..thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Hi Aisha! 🙂

      Lovely to hear from you! I’m so happy you like it as my choice wasn’t to everyone’s liking! Lol

      Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs Paula xxx

  9. June

    I remember making a comment on this and getting an error message. 🙂
    Anyways, this family tradition of yours is soo cool. It’s innovative and creative. Makes me realize how often our family gets together but how little creativity we have lol.
    Sorry to hear about why it came to a halt but having it back on again implies that everyone in your family is moving on and keeping your solidarity alive.

    • Absolutely! It truly is heaps of fun and the kids have a hoot.
      There are no boundaries with the art and you can be as creative as your heart desires. My nephew did puppetry of the Penis! I couldn’t show a photo of it in case I offended anyone. I bought it at the auction as it was so cool. His puppeteering skills were excellent! Lol
      It’s about creativity, you would enjoy it! You should try and get your family into it! Sakura just jumped on my knee and scared the living daylights out of me. LMAO
      Many hugs Juney. Paula xxxx

      • June

        Hahaha a posted photo of that puppetry would have been hilarious… but yeah I guess not showing it in your blog was a good call. Wait, you said there were kids right? Cool. 🙂
        Yeah I guess that activity is worth considering although I really couldn’t sense that kind of artistry in our genes hihi.
        I could imagine you getting all scared. Naughty Sakura. 😀 Hugs!

      • Hey Juney! 🙂
        The kids didn’t pay it any attention at all. No one made a big deal of it so I suppose that helped. xx

  10. I really like all those little (and probably not so little) puppets.


  11. what an artistic and creative family you have! love it! 🙂

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