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  1. Hope you’re feeling a little better. Thinking if you, take care.

    • Hey Steve, how are you?

      I’m feeling heaps better and getting stronger everyday. I hope your knee has mended and you too are feeling much better. Not sure if this video is working properly? Hugs Paula xxx

  2. Mwaaah! Thank you Melanie, I really appreciate that.

    Have a great weekend, hugs Paula xxxx

  3. Al

    Such bravery to do that. I am so glad you are on the mend. The blogging world hasn’t been the same without you.

  4. you look great and I love your accent, Paula… ❤ P.S. I often wear black, considered to be the most elegant and complex color… btw, I'm not depressed or blue! 🙂

  5. You have a beautiful smile and your entire face lights up with it. I love that you are smiling now too. 🙂

    I tried to poke you in you about yesterday to see how you were doing as you have been too quiet of late *stern look*

    But you made me grin this morning.

    • You made me smile! 🙂 I can imagine that stern look, so funny!! Lol
      Thank you for your comment about my smile. Glad to be back. Have a great weekend, hugs Paula xxxxx

  6. It’s good to see you smiling and also good to put a voice to the typing fingers. Yay for vlogs! You give off a good message, whether it is helping us further understand your position or how we should look out for each other. Speaking in such a personal way is something a lot of people wouldn’t have the courage to do but you did it well and it pleases Ste that you are back! xx

    • Glad to be back and thank you for your comment. I would love to see vblogs from all of you as I too think it’s good to have a face to the name.
      Depression isn’t the greatest subject to talk about but it’s a very important one nonetheless! I feel for all those that have experienced it.
      So super hugs back and have a great weekend. Paula xxx

      • I have done a couple of vlogs before, none that I am totally happy with but I will be doing more. It is important a subject indeed, you always inform and impress, so keep it up and have a top weekend yourself.

  7. Welcome back. It’s good to hear you’re taking care of yourself. Regarding t-shirts, I just realized almost all of mine are dark colors. I think I need to change that.

    • Hey Bradley, how’s things?

      I love black but my psychiatrists insists I not wear it very often. I suppose when we are healthy it’s not that bad a thing, Have a great weekend and I’m looking forward to reading your blog once again. Hugs Paula xxxx

  8. Hey Paula !! Missed you here on WP! Wishing you all the best! Take care, my friend.

  9. Hello Paula,

    good to – literary – hear from you – and to know that you are much better!

    So, stay positive – and I’m looking forward to new blog posts!


  10. June

    Cheers for more water! 😀
    So glad to literally hear from you and even see you Paula. 🙂
    I’ve been smiling along with you as you speak or even laughing a bit with you. It’s a nice treat for us to have received a video update from you. I so agree with all you said. Let’s stay positive, wear light colors more often, stay healthy, eat healthy, and drink plenty of water. Huge and tight hugs!

    • Hahaha! Glad I made you smile. 🙂

      I was a good girl and ate eggs for breakfast and fish for lunch. Tonight I’m getting Chinese. Lol That’s healthy, isn’t it?
      I make myself find something to laugh or smile about everyday. Negativity comes so easy when we stop smiling. Well, to me it does. Lol

      Hope you’re eating loads of yummy food, what are you eating?? Haha
      Huge tight hugs back at you. Paula xxxxx

      • June

        Yup, eggs and fish, definitely healthy. Chinese, I think that’s healthy. I see a lot of old Chinese folks in our place still looking healthy. 🙂
        Yes smiling helps. I’ve read that we don’t only smile because we are happy. It also happens in reverse. When we smile, we tend to feel happy.

        Eating load and loads of yummy food here but I always make sure to eat in moderation. Cheers to eating healthy! (with goblets filled with water :-)… a little red wine could be healthy too.)

  11. I am so happy that you blogged today. To see and hear you, made my day! I am so happy for the progress from all your hard work. Miss you, Paula 🙂

    • Hello Greg, lovely to see you back at my blog.
      Perth is very cold right now, how is New York? Glad you liked the video.

      Thank you for the positive vibes. Have a great weekend, hugs Paula xxxx

  12. That was such a lovely video. You put a smile on my face. So glad that you are feeling better. I have not been blogging much so you have not missed anything on my end. I do have a new vegan blog that has a few posts on it but that’s about it. Loooking forward to your next post. love from me and the girls. xoxoxo

    • Hey Ivonne!! 🙂

      Lovely to hear from you! I thought it was too much to write so talking was the easier alternative. Lol Hope your girls are all well and that life is being kind to you. Enjoy the weekend. Love and hugs to you, Paula xxxx

  13. Great to meet you in person, Paula. How lovely you are, and with such a winning smile. Thanks for your positive message.I’m so happy that you’re feeling much better. Hugs and love. Sylvia xx

    • Hello Sylvia, great to hear from you too! 🙂

      I really am feeling so much happier and brighter than I was a few months ago. Looking forward to reading your blog once again. Love and hugs back to you, Paula xxxxxxx

  14. Paula, Thanks for dropping a line. Glad you had your treatment. Remember, baby steps, slowly, slowly, slowly. I know sometimes we feel invincible and can do everything all at once. Listen to yourself and do take care. Love and Prayers. Perpetua.

    • Hey Perpetua! 🙂

      I’m not religious as you know but appreciate your prayers and love.
      From memory you have a family member Bipolar, is that right? Your comment shows me a great understanding of the illness.Tis true as the fall from grace can come hard and fast. Love to you and thank you for reminding me. Slow and steady. Huge hug, Paula xxxxx

  15. I am so happy that you are back.I am also glad to watch your vblog and see you smiling and happy. Big hug and lots of love from Sydney. take care.

  16. Thank you for that honest and poured out of the soul video of yours. I am sorry you had to go through such difficult times but you do come over positive now. I hope you are feeling better. I have thought about you tons of times. Please know that there is someone that is thinking of you very far away. One big, gigantic, enormous hug to you my friend.

    • I felt that hug T. 🙂 You’re such a special loving caring person and I thank you for thinking and caring about me. People such as yourself make me glad to be in this world. Much love and hugs right back at you. Paula xxxxx

  17. take care, much love and blessings 🙂

  18. How nice to see you while you are talking 🙂 you are so beautiful lady, dear Paula, I am so happy to hear you dearest. You are very brave and strong dear Paula, the power is in your soul, You did great. How I missed you as all other blogger friends. Blessing and Happiness, Thank you, love, and hugs, nia

    • Evening Nia! 🙂

      I love you too and have missed your blog as I have the rest of our blog families. I love your pictures and writing and it’s blogs like yours that keep me smiling and positive. Many Aussie hugs to you, Paula xxxxx

  19. yourmumknowsbest

    Hi Paula
    It is great to see you back blogging, you have been missed by us all, but your health is most important, you look fantastic, your smile is beautiful and brightened up my day dare I say it took my breath away 😎 . You are an inspiration to many, hope you continue your recovery and find that happy place you deserve so much

    • Hey, nice to hear from you once again. 🙂
      As for my health I’m trying really hard to do the right things etc. And as for taking your breath away I don’t really know what to say. Lol
      Actually I’m just staring at my computer. Hahahaha So I will just say, thank you! I am happier than when I was in hospital, but now I must remember to stay focused and positive. Many hugs to you for your positive comment. Paula xxxxx

  20. So brave of you to share.

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