Can’t you see me (Prose)

Hello lovely bloggers, 🙂

Those that follow me regularly would have picked up how much I love the lovely, Mumsy. (Jen)

As you would have seen from my last post I have been struggling quite a bit internally. I had to reblog this as Mumsy has written about Depression with great understanding. She’s a wonderful writer and if you don’t already follow her, you should! Back writing soon. Hope you’re all well. Love to you all and many hugs, Paula xxxxx

Ramblings From A Mum


what was your journey
did you pirouette ‘cross mirrors
glass unyielding
drift on gondolas
floating rivers of satin


or was your world defined
by fear
each breath inhaled
hope disintegrated
the days you woke
a burden upon


you reached
but no one grabbed
you cried
but tears weren’t heard
a journey leading no where
in silence
held yourself in you
as no one understood


your fragility hidden
you held no signs
lost my way, I am weak
can’t you help
can’t you tell
the battle fought


did your self esteem
waft in vapours
from the coffee cup you held
early morning air suffocating
the days that you felt strong
trying to fit, the jigsaw puzzle in
your mind


let me help you pirouette
once more in life
dance across this stage of so called
for it is all around us
it is not you

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3 responses to “Can’t you see me (Prose)

  1. Thank you for re blogging Paula. Hugs xxx

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