My new Christmas bear and Sakura.

IMG_20131201_244737_413 IMG_20131212_090246_763 IMG_20131212_093204_043

Hi everyone, this is my new Christmas bear; Sakura loves it and thinks it’s her new friend!
Have a great day, 2 more sleeps!  🙂

Hugs to you all, Paula. xxx


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23 responses to “My new Christmas bear and Sakura.

  1. What a wonderful new friend. I love Sakura!! Happy holidays my sweets. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Happy Holidays, Paula and Sakura! 🙂

  3. Happy Holidays 🙂 (((HUGS)))

  4. Ahhh, how cute is that.

    Merry Christmas!

  5. Al


    Have a great Christmas Paula

  6. yourmumknowsbest

    Hi Paula
    The Teddy Bear is so cute, the photo with Sakura and the Teddy is gorgeous, looks like Sakura is about to kiss him or is it a her bear
    Does your Teddy have a name
    Merry Christmas Paula, Santa is coming yay he will have a sweet little girl named Paula at the top of his good list may dreams come true
    enjoy your day

    • Haha! I hope they do and thank you!
      Merry christmas to you too and your family. 🙂
      The bear is called Harry and I sleep with it every night. A friend bought it for and Sakura thinks it’s for her! Lol Hugs Paula xxxx

  7. Hey sister ! Hope you, your new teddy bear and Sakura all are doing great ! I am in love with your teddy. Can I get it please ? Many many best wishes for your Christmas….Cook lots of good food and have fun 🙂 Love. your sister.

    • Hahaha! I love you little sister, and you made me smile so much! 🙂
      I’ll be cooking the garlic potato in the morning. Luckily for me the butcher glazed and cooked the ham for me! Lol I cheated. 🙂
      Merry Christmas, lots of love, Big Sis. xxxxx

      • Ah garlic potatoes ! I wish I could have them 🙂 Lol that’s not cheating at all…you just have fun with the food ! Lots of love to you too big sis Hugs.

  8. So cute! Billy Cat used to have a “baby” too, that he held while he slept. It was the cutest thing 🙂

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