Hello My Blog Family!


Hello family of bloggers,

Well, I said I would be back blogging – but unfortunately life hasn’t allowed it just yet.

My stepfather has been ill and it’s taken 7 weeks to finally be diagnosed with cancer. I have spent quite a bit of time going backwards and forwards to the hospital with my mother.

He finally starts radiation treatment in a couple of weeks.  We never know what’s around the corner waiting for us, do we? I suppose we just have to be thankful for every day we have, and show those around us how much we love them. Don’t sweat the small things, and be grateful for all we have. If we have our health?? We have all we truly need.

My stepfather has fought cancer of the prostate before, and now he has it in his leg muscle. He can and will fight it – he’s a fighter. I lost my previous stepfather, the man who brought me up, a few months ago and I’m not about to lose another. To anyone out there that’s dealing with cancer (or any other serious illness) I hug you and wish well in your fight.

This man has been my light in many dark days and I love him dearly. He’s cried and I’ve cried but now he knows what he’s dealing with? He won’t let it get the better of him. He said that no matter what he’s going to be fine. He told me I need him and he needs me… Yep, I cried! But again, he’s determined to not let it beat him.

So,  life will soon get back to some sort of normality as life has to go on. He went home yesterday and being in his own environment will be way better than sitting in a hospital bed. He can look outside at his little garden and the pretty flowers. I know he’s going to be fine as he has a great positive attitude.

Just letting you know what’s happening in my world and why blogging has taken a back seat yet again.

Miss all your blogs and will soon be back commenting.

Love and many hugs to you all, Paula xxxx

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57 responses to “Hello My Blog Family!

  1. Then all the best – and a lot of strength – for your stepfather. I hope he will be healthy soon.


  2. CW

    I hope he will be fine soon! Good luck too!! and you take care.

    best regards, CW

  3. Hi CW, 🙂
    Thanks for the well wishes I will pass them onto him. Have a great night.
    Goodnight from Oz, Paula xxxx

  4. Hope he will be fine soon..I will pray for his recovery !!! *Hugs*

  5. Al

    You know I am sending you thoguhts

  6. A life affirming post! You will be in my thoughts.

  7. I’m so sorry about your stepfather’s illness. I can imagine how you must all be feeling at this time, Paula. I wish him well, and lots of strength to get through this. Hugs and love to you. ~ Sylvia

    • Thanks Sylvia,
      My mum and Stepfather are staying as positive as they can under the circumstances. I think everyone just wants to see him pain free. He can still make me laugh and has a great attitude. That goes a long way. Hugs from OZ, Paula xxxx

  8. i’m sorry to hear this, take all the time you need. hugs )

    • Hi Beth,
      Thank you. We all believe he can make it. It’s just hard watching someone in pain and you can’t do anything but offer to get them something. It almost makes you feel helpless. Thanks again, hugs Paula xxxx

  9. Take care and sending good thoughts.

  10. Both you and your stepfather are in my thoughts and prayers, Paula. Just take as much time as you need. We’ll all be here when you get back.:) –Mike

    • Hi Mike, Thank you for your lovely comment.
      I stated back checking out blog posts last night. Slowly I’ll get back into things. My mum will be staying with my sister when treatment starts this time. So I will have more time to blog. But if things change and I have to do something to help out? Then I’ll go quiet again. Lol Family have to come first, right? Hugs from me to you, Paula xxx

  11. My prayers are with you, your step-father & Mother!

  12. yourmumknowsbest

    Hello Paula, Sorry to hear about your stepfather please pass on our wishes to him for a speedy recovery and keep smiling 🙂

  13. Natalya

    I’m sorry to hear about your step father’s illness. Take as much time as you need to feel better. Your readers will still be here! *HUGS*

  14. Lots of love going out to you and your stepdad from me and my girls.

  15. Hi big sis. sorry to read that. Best wishes for you and your family especially for your step father.

    • Hello little brother!
      Thank you so much and I will pass it on to him. I’ve missed your screenplays. 😦 I’ll try get to some soon. Thinking of you and many hugs from me and Sakura to you, Big Sis xxxxxxxx

  16. My thoughts are with you and with your step dad, lovely. He sounds like a fighter as you say, things will get tough – n denying, but he has your support and love and that will help him through this trying time. {{{Hugs}}} xxxxx

    • Hello Mumsy! I hope your first day went well. Tomorrow I’ll look at your post. Thank you for lovely things you just said, you know I love you, right? 🙂 I was wrong that it was in his leg. It’s actually in his lower back muscle which is effecting the leg muscle and preventing him from walking on the leg. It causes a great deal of pain, but for now he’s saying all is good and he will beat it. I know he’s been positive and brave but I can’t help but worry for him and mum. He’s just the nicest guy ever. Love and many hug to you, Paula xxxxxxx

  17. We are sending you a lot of love and wishing all the best for you and your family.

  18. The best to you and your family, Paula. It sounds as though he has the will to fight it and win! I’m thinking of you.

  19. I am so sorry for that my dear Paula. I lost my father in law to cancer 2 months before I gave birth to Yianni and my mom had ovarian cancer some 8 years ago and she is still here! I have come to realise that it’s extremely important to keep your faith and hang in there. Be strong for him and he will make it. Lots of love & hugs xxx

    • Hi T,
      Thanks so much for sharing that with me. It’s actually in the muscle of the lower back which is affecting his leg, that’s why he can’t walk. I’m going to spend a couple of days with them next week. He is my stepfather but I love him as if he was my father. I’m sorry to hear your step dad didn’t make it.
      I believe and so does he that he can and will beat it too. I try not to show how much I worry for him, but sometimes I get overwhelmed. Love to you, T and your family. Hugs Paula xxxxxxx

  20. June

    Hello Paula! Sorry to hear about this new challenge that your family is facing. I am confident though that you’ll face it with high hopes. I sincerely hope for your Stepfather’s wellness. Thanks for giving us updates about you. Take your time. We are just right here waiting and always willing to interact no matter what. 😉

    • Hey Juney, You nearly made me cry. Thank you it means a lot.
      I love my blog family and I appreciate all the support they have shown him.
      Next week when I’m there I’ll show him the well wishes. Many hugs to you, Paula xxxxx

  21. So sorry to hear about your challenges. Best wishes to you and your family. (((Hugs to you.)))

  22. Dear Paula, I am so sad to hear this, my thoughts and my prayers with you all, my best wishes to you and to your family. Love and hugs, love, nia

  23. So sorry to hear of your stepfather — hugs! xo

  24. sad, indeed… I do understand your pain, as lost a 56 year-old friend to cancer last week, RIP…

    Paula dearest, we all come across temporary downs every day… let’s try to relativize them and to stay optimistic as nothing’s eternal, babe… take your time and take it easy, think about positive and funny “stuff”… you’ll make it! look forward to seeing you back to the front seat… lots of friendly hugs…<3

    • I’m so sorry about your friend, Melanie. Your comment made me teary as that’s how I’m feeling today. I’ve tried to pick myself up but it’s not happening right now. When the cards are down, having bipolar is a real prick! Sorry for being so blunt, but it’s the truth and I know your a straight shooter, and will understand what I’m meaning. Tomorrow will be better. You make me smile and feel hopeful. Love to you, My Melanie! Hugs Paula xxx

  25. Hey big sister ! Hope you are doing fine…I felt so sorry to hear about your father and on the same time felt so touched reading all abut his struggle….. My hopes and wishes and prayers are with him…He will be fine soon 🙂 Love you and take care of yourself and him ! Stay optimistic !! Hugs xx

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