Mental Illness

mental-illness-art-a3ce9bb6a9a7cdbcMental Illness. Instantly, this phrase can make someone nervous.

Why do you think it’s still like this in the 21st century?

We all know some of the obvious reasons – for example, the way mental illness is portrayed in many Hollywood movies. One Who Flew over The Cuckoo’s Nest, Black Swan, Sucker Punch, Girl, Interrupted; Fight Club… The list goes on.

But isn’t it talked about more often and people are more open than was once the case? I wonder, what makes someone scared? Maybe they think the person with schizophrenia is going to come at them with a knife because they saw it once on the news? Or maybe they will become some kind of poltergeist and their head will start spinning? How far from the truth! I imagine they just want you to treat them like everyone else. Imagine how hard the diagnosis alone is? And then for someone to be segregated as a result of that diagnosis?? Wow, how crushing!!

What about the Depressed person, who you think is always moaning and down. Why not put your arms around them and let them know that you’re there if they need you. Don’t try to avoid them; maybe just listen to what they have to say… Not just wait for them to finish and run away, but really listen! Sometimes that’s all someone needs. They aren’t failures or losers because they’re Depressed. Depression is very real and it’s not in their heads. If they could make it go away, they would! They want to laugh and smile again just like everyone else. They are lost and broken and need someone to help get them back on track. Whether that be by therapy, medication, love and understanding, or all of them…. Whichever the case they will get there with your love and support. You know anyone can be caught in the stronghold of depression at some point in their lives. Your one gesture of love and understanding? It can change their whole day and world! Show them love and kindness. Everyone needs love and understanding, right?

It baffles me that some members of society still judge this way. I suppose there are those that suffer greatly and at times have to be hospitalised and stabilised as a result of their mental illness, but usually this is a result of someone stopping their medication/s, or that they just need their prescriptions adjusted. I suppose when someone witnesses these turns, it frightens them and I can understand that, but again a little bit of love and understanding goes a hell of a long way to helping their recovery.

Lets take the word Normal. Can someone please explain what that means?? Not what the dictionary says, but what in REAL LIFE does this word mean?

What you think is Normal another person doesn’t! So, who is right and who is wrong?

Bipolar Disorder – You know one minute we are flying high and no one can touch us, next we come crashing down and need someone with big hearts and open arms to catch us. Sometimes we don’t see the fall until it’s too late. That’s when the climb back up to the top can be exhausting. We become our biggest enemy. Everyday we have to find something to smile about or we drown. We are just like you, but some days we stumble and need love and understand to get us back up.

OCD-Obsessive Compulsive Disorder this can be so debilitating for so many people. Yet some people make fun of this. But why? Have they had it? Do they even understand the trauma the person goes through on daily basis? They know it’s not NORMAL, but they can’t help it. It’s what makes them feel normal!

Take Anxiety Disorder, it’s crippling and yet anyone can be caught in its grip at some point in their lives. Very successful people can suffer with this. In no way does the label define the person. Breathing is like hyperventilating and you feel that you are going to pass out. Or worse, you shallow breathe and feel like you’re drowning in your own breath. You’re looking for the positives but all you see is negativity. A mole hill becomes a mountain of Everest proportions! You try to get a hold of it and then it just pulls you back down. Again, people just need your understanding and compassion.

Now this is a tricky one: Anorexia/Bulimia The things these people suffer in their daily lives are horrendous. The way they see themselves can make you cry. I’ve had both of these in my life and let me tell you, they are crippling! They/we do not see what you see. Why do magazines glorify us human beings? We aren’t perfect so why are we always looking for perfection in our bodies. We are attracted to all sorts of different body shapes, right? So, why do we think slim and perfect is the answer? Where does this come from? Even to this day as small framed as I am… I dislike my body. Actually that’s an understatement!!  It’s wrong and I know that, but trying to get this one in my head is like extracting a tooth! 🙂 Beauty is but skin deep, so how does this happen?

You know there are so many disorders out there – these are just some that people face daily.

Please don’t be afraid of what you don’t understand. These people are Normal. They just struggle at times and need your love and understanding. Not anyone’s judgement.

To all those out there that suffer with any kind of Mental Illness? I reach out and hug all of you and understand your daily struggles. We are a lot stronger  than people realise. We fight our demons every day and somehow pull through. Maybe your faith gets you through or the love and support of family and friends. Whatever the case may be, we get there. Be proud of who and what you are and what you have achieved. Never compare your achievements to another, as there will always be those greater, as well as those less fortunate. Stay strong and believe in you, for you are a beautiful soul and deserved to be loved and respected like every other human being.

Remember WE ARE  like everyone else and just want to be accepted for who we are. Our diagnosis DOES NOT define us as a person.

We can only hope it helps others understand, that some days we will struggle. And if we fall? Give us a helping hand and we will get back up and try again tomorrow. You know just that little bit of help love and understanding from those around us? We can get there! Maybe not to what you think is normal, but to what’s achievable and realistic to us. Just love us for who we are and we will love you back as you are!

I really do love our blog family/community and to you all, I for one appreciate the love understanding and friendship that you all have shown me and to those in need here on WordPress!

You have no idea how much you make a difference. That one gesture of love and understanding you show, can make that persons day and life a whole lot brighter!


Love and hugs to the whole community! Let’s not be afraid of what we don’t understand.

Hugs to you all, Paula xxxxx

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27 responses to “Mental Illness

  1. A human must be treated as a human… That’s all… Why don’t people think as straight as this?…

    Very nice post 🙂

  2. One gigantic hug from me my dear Paula. You are not alone. I feel you. Lots of love xxx

  3. Hi there, Paula. Thanks for sharing this. I hope you’re having a good day. Love and hugs to you. 🙂

    • Hello Sylvia, 🙂

      All good I hope the post didn’t bring you down? Just wanted to highlight some of the struggles people with a mental Illness suffer with. I thank you for your comment and concern. Love and many hugs to you, Paula xxxxx

  4. With the glorious internet, no one has any reason not to be informed and understanding. The world needs to be informed and then it’ll be a better place.

    I have no idea what the day is so I will wish you a really happy weekend…and yes I am aware the internet will inform me of the day but I am just so hypocritical right now. xx

    • Hey you, 🙂

      Come closer and let me hug you, Mr Hypocritical! 🙂
      I didn’t mention the internet but you are so right. Now give me a hug and lets have a drink!! Lol I am talking about tea, not bourbon! Lol
      Today is Wednesday, but a happy weekend sounds so much better so I’ll stick with that one. 🙂 Enjoy the rest of your week. Hugs Paula xxx

  5. June

    Simplistic side comment: (Nice list of movies you have there. They are among my favorites except for the first one which I have yet to watch. I love psychological thrillers) 🙂

    Now on to the real part of the post. I couldn’t agree more. Most have been arrogant enough to label themselves as normal when normal is really broad and subjective. For me to be normal is to be boring and inconsequential. Anyhow, all we need is awareness and acceptance that there are interesting people who just need a little understanding and help.
    Thanks Paula for raising our awareness with your posts and for encouraging us to accept or understand. 😉

    • Hey my Juney babe!! 🙂

      If you love psychological thrillers then you must watch the first one!! Sad but very real. Exactly, who wants to be boring and inconsequential! 🙂
      It’s true Juney we don’t expect people to understand, but it would be nice for them to try and accept us for who and what we are. And what is that you say? Lol Basically, loving caring human beings just like everyone else! Today is so beautiful outside I’m going to go walk on the beach. Have a great day, Juney!! Many hugs and love to you, Paula xxx

      • June

        Will surely check that movie out. 😉
        More than doing what we think is right, we should just learn to get along despite drawbacks and differences. Awareness and acceptance is the key for all of us to just get along well.
        Enjoy your walk on the beach Paula as well as the rest of your beautiful day!

  6. @”WORDS ARE POWERFUL!” – absolutely! from me to you:

    – – –
    friendly hugs…<3

  7. Great, powerful stuff.


  8. Powerful words. Thank you for sharing your heart here!

  9. wisejourney

    Normal I believe is who we are. matter what others perceive or see or feel or say. Normal is me. Normal is you and her and him and every shade of every body…

    Hugs Paula x andrea

  10. Wonderful post, dear Paula, Thank you, have a wonderful day, love, nia

  11. Paula, your words about ‘really listening’ are so true. Recently, on the radio, they talked about how people recover from post traumatic stress much quicker and easier if they have supportive people around them. I believe this is true for all mental health issues.

    Thank you for your supportive friendship. Even when we’re feeling well we need our daily dose of hugs.

    Blessings & hugs ~ Wendy

    • Thank you, Wendy-Lee! 🙂

      I strongly believe at times we don’t really listen to people. Instead we are all lining up for them to finish to talk ourselves. People get busy and forget to just sit quietly and listen to their loved ones. Love and always hugs to you, Paula xxxx

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