Systematic desensitization – conquering fear

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I had to reblog this as Anxiety is something I and many people suffer with. Don’t ever feel alone or ashamed of your fear/phobia. Take it one day at a time and hopefully in time you will be on the road to recovery. Davids a great therapist and if you get the chance check out his blog. Hope your all having a great week! Hugs to you all, Paula


By David Joel Miller, MS, Licensed Therapist & Licensed Counselor.

Anxiety can be a stubborn foe.

It is tempting to avoid the things you fear and to find ways to numb those unpleasant feelings. Some people use alcohol or sleeping pills other people use avoidance. But eventually, you have to face that fear or be taken prisoner by your fear.

You can’t get over something you don’t face. Sometimes the only way out of a burning building is through the door that is on fire. To begin with, we won’t ask you to walk through the flames, just to look at the door and see how your fear that it might be on fire on the other side is keeping you a prisoner in that room.

Systematic desensitization reduces the impact of fears.

One way of domesticating the anxiety monster is a technique called systematic desensitization. This is an especially…

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2 responses to “Systematic desensitization – conquering fear

  1. Thanks for posting on this. I have done it myself and I know it works.

    I’ve always had a fear of public speaking and when I first started teaching at the college level I felt a bit of stage fright. But do it over and over and it goes away.

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