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I’m sure a lot of you have realised that I have been absent from your blogs as well as mine!!  Reason being is that real life has been pretty full on with lots of things happening in my private life – good and bad. Have I missed your posts and seeing what your all up to? Hell yes! Lol It’s an addiction that had to take a back seat for a while. 🙂

Trying to keep up with blogging when you’re life gets a bit hectic…  It can get really hard. I follow many blogs and am therefore constantly reading at home, out on my phone and so on… So, when I get busy and stop? I’m waaaayyyy behind and have to skip some of your posts.

So where have I been this last week?

Well, in a place called Mount Beauty with a friend. And ohhhh what a beautiful place it was.

It was about a 5 hour drive from Melbourne airport. In winter, when the mountains are full of skiers and snow, I’m sure it would be breathtaking. Because it already was, without all of that!  The roads up the mountains are pretty scary though, but well worth the view. When you feel low and you see nature at it’s best it just puts life back into perspective. We stress over so many things and life can get you down at times. But then there’s that view and everything negative you felt runs from your blood as if you’ve been giving a blood transfusion. Healthy pure clean fresh blood, one that makes you feel glad to be alive.

Our world is beautiful and it’s the simple, free things in life that make us happy and bring us down to Earth. Fresh air is like breathing for the first time, you close your eyes and feel the cool gentle breeze run through you like a cleansing of your soul. You open your eyes and everything around you is a natural wonder and your in awe of what nature has given us. This is our world…  All of ours, and it’s free for the taking, so why not see and appreciate as much of it as we can and feel rejuvenated, right? 🙂

I walked on a golf course that looked soooo beautiful and green so I could get photos of the kangaroos for you all to see (the non Aussies, of course – lol We see plenty, right?!). But low and behold, part of it was slushy and slightly muddy… yet I didn’t realise this until I was in the thick of it! YIKES!! Me, girly old me, trying not to fall down and get my shoes dirty!! Haha so please like the kangaroos and the effort to take the photos. LMAO I can’t stop laughing and so would have you if you had seen me! I looked pathetic trying to dodge the slushy bits 🙂

Oh and yes the rain? This particular day I didn’t see it coming from the mountains and before I knew it my friend and I were soaked. I have to laugh as I haven’t walked/jogged in rain since school. When I wanted to have a new pair shoes, I walked in the puddles to ruin them!! Lol BTW: I didn’t get new shoes, I was made to wear them to school wet! Lol Makes me recognise how much our parents  taught us to appreciate what we had!!  🙂

On the way back to Melbourne we went to a town called Bright. What a beautiful little town! It reminded me of a town out of Perth called Dunsborough. I soooo love little country towns and their gift shops they always have a huge variety of bits and bobs.

Then we went through Glenrowan… Ned Kelly country, where he did his last stand. Follow the link if you haven’t heard of our famous Ned Kelly Gang.

Then finally back to Melbourne where I  got to visit the crown Casino again!! Lol I SO love the Crown Casino in Melbourne, if you ever go to Melbourne it’s a must visit!

I  didn’t get a chance to visit our Mumsy from our blogging family as the trip was a last minute decision. But Mumsy when I do? I promise we will hold the bar up at the Crown and dance until our feet ache!! LMAO Love you, Mumsy!

To all my blog family I hope your world is shining! I’ve really missed you all and glad to be back.

So tell me, does fresh air invigorate you too?

Hugs to you all, Paula xxxxx


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62 responses to “Mount Beauty

  1. Haha I’m first 🙂 Yes you must visit again (with plenty of notice this time)
    Bright and Mt. Beauty are BEAUTIFUL spots to visit – haven’t been for a while – your happy snaps are lovely and I am so glad you enjoyed your time there. Pfft at getting your shoes dirty – I’m sure the day.. was worth it 😉 xxx

  2. welcome back, lucky babe! 🙂 long story, short: I LOVE MOUNTAINS! 🙂
    btw, lots of French people have settled in Australia these past 10 years… it seems to be a true paradise! 🙂 My son and his gf spent 3 weeks there last winter and they adored Aussie land! 🙂
    – – –
    stay healthy, “cool” and away from sad or negative thoughts, deal?… 🙂
    lots of friendly hugs & see u soon on the moon! 🙂

    • Ohhh my darling Melanie! 🙂
      I would meet you on the moon anyday, anytime!! I’ve only been to Paris and I just adored it. So beautiful and romantic. If only I could speak French! Lol Melanie, Australia really has some beautiful places to visit.
      I’m trying really hard to stay away from negative thoughts and you always remind me…I love you for it! Hugs to you, Paula xxxxxxooo

    • Paula, you may recall I’ve already told you that I’m the same person in real life, so, when do u come over, Missy? 😉 You’re damn right, girl: frankly speakin’: nobody’s depressed around me!

      Life is never easy or “a pleasure party”(French expression!), we all have ups and downs, we get up and we move on, don’t have other choice(s) or option(s)… as far as I’m concerned, I think of my close ones who love me and need me healthy, and I say to myself:”come on, stand up and move your butt! put everything is always temporary, put into perspective!” 🙂 Cappy hugs…<3
      – – –
      P.S. for the French movie, try this one, please: 🙂

  3. Welcome back my friend ! like this post very much, and I love your beautiful country have nice day with love maxima

    • Hey Stefan, 🙂
      Thank you, I’m glad to be back and as always your poetry brings the romantic out in me. Like I told you a long time ago…Didn’t know I had it in me till I started reading your poems! For that I thank you!! Glad you love Oz. Huge hugs Paula xxxxx

  4. wisejourney

    Nature has the most soothing and calming effect- it’s simply wonderful and I enjoyed a trip to the mountains with you Paula x

  5. Howisbradley

    Beautiful pics. Thank you. It seems like most tv shows and movies are only filmed in the Outback. It’s nice to be reminded there are many green and lovely places to see.

    • Hey Bradley, 🙂
      Ohhh for sure there are! Each state is very unique and I love them all. Yet Darwin, Northern Territory (Crocodile Dundee land) 🙂 Is a little hot for me in Summer….and I come from the West Coast where it’s hot. Lol My brother lives there and thinks I’m a girl as it’s his favourite state! Glad you liked the shots. Hope all is well with you? Hugs Paula xxxxx

  6. yes it does and how beautiful mt. beauty is. thanks for sharing a bit of it.

  7. yourmumknowsbest

    Sounds like you enjoyed your little holiday, the pictures are breathtaking, such beautiful country especially the snow capped mountains and the rainbow, must have been worth walking in the slush and rain to get the pictures. After seeing the photos and how beautiful the landscape around Mt Beauty I should put it on my list of places to visit, one day. Thank you for sharing a small part of your holiday,, it has brought a smile to my day

    • Hey how’s things?
      Nice to see you back at my blog. 🙂 The snow on the mountains just made the trip that much more enjoyable. It was breathtaking and I’m glad my friend took me there. 🙂 The rainbow was incredible and I’ve never seen a rainbow that looked like it had an ending…I did this time! 🙂 I’m glad it brought a smile to your face and you should go and see it, you won’t be disappointed. Hugs to you, Paula xxxx

  8. Al

    Glad you had a good time Paula. Also happy that you managed to get this sorted. I have no idea why I offered what I did, it was a silly idea and would not have been that helpful to you.

    A rest is always a good thing as it clears the mind. These are great photos

    • Hey Alastair!
      Are you kidding? I know why you offered to help…because your awesome and kind. 🙂
      Dont even have to think about that one and besides we are friends and thats what friends do. So, I thank you!! 🙂
      It really does clear the mind and just lifts your spirits. Nite from Oz, my friend! Hugs to you, Paula xxx

  9. You made me so giddy with the kangaroos!! You are out there living life…that is NOT a negative thing my friend.

    • Hey laurie, 🙂
      Thank you for your kind words your such a beautiful lady.
      The big one kept standing up high in defence of the other roos. So no loitering from me. Lol Glad you like them. Have a great day, hugs Paula x xxx

  10. So happy that you had a wonderful time! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

    • Hey Greg, how’s things? How’s New york? Is it cold or hot at this time of year? Thanks for your lovely comment and your beautiful flowers.I never get sick of looking at them. They make me smile and feel happy, so thank you! Hugs from Oz, Paula xxxx

  11. Paula, from your post i can tell the trip was fantastic and i am so happy for that 🙂 thank you for kangaroo pictures! and i love the double rainbow too! 🙂 much love and welcome back! xx

    • How are you? 🙂
      Great to hear from you. I’m soooo happy you like the kangaroo pictures and the rainbow was just spectacular! I really did have a great time. Have a great weekend, Hugs to you, Paula xxxxx

  12. Fantastic post, beautiful photos and of course, great sentiments. You are right the joys of nature are so wonderful, how cvan anyone not be conrent to just exist in them!

    A blog break is also a good thing, there are to many great people doing fascinating things, it is tough to keep up and can be overwhelming. I think everyone understands the need to skip the backlog of blogs because otherwise you’d catch up be exhausted and be FORCED to enjoy the wonders of nature again and we can’t be having that hehe. xx

    • Hahaha! 🙂
      Loved your comment and so true about the back log! Glad you liked the photos. 🙂
      Hope you had a great weekend. Its late and I’m blogging in bed off my phone. So, its tea and honey time again, want one? Lol
      Hope you had a great weekend! Hugs to you, Paula xxxx

      • Always up for a drink me, although my insides have been protesting of late for some reason….my weekend has been fraught and busy and I hope to reveal why later on in the week. I like your toes. xx

      • Hahaha! My toes?
        The mind goggles! LMAO
        Hmm now I’m curious and I’ll just have to wait. Or I could offer lots of beers instead of tea, get you plastered and get the inside scoop as to what’s going on with you? Hahaha
        Have a great week. Hugs xxxxx

  13. shejustwantedlove

    Glad to have you back dear Sakura! Thanks for showing these breathtaking photos of yours! I hope you have a lovely weekend xx Don’t feel obligated to read all our blogs as i’m sure it can be tiring! Take a break when needed ^-^

    • Thank you, baby girl. 🙂
      My private life has been very busy and I have to admit I’m tired! Lol
      Blogging is now in my blood soon I’ll get back into the swing of things. My multi tasking skills are failing me right now!! Haha. Hope you had a great weekend. Hugs to you, Paula xxxx

  14. Amazing landscape – and so different from how you would picture Australia…
    …but as I have never been there, my mental images of Australia were probably formed my movies like “Walkabout”.


    • Its funny how we do that from movies. 🙂
      All our States have something great to offer. I hope one day you get the opportunity to visit Oz…You would love it! 🙂
      Hope you had a great weekend, Rabirius!
      Hugs Paula xxxx

  15. I must visit Australia, it’s been on my list for a while now. It looks so beautiful. I am glad you had a nice outing, nature and fresh crispy air are always so good for us. I feel like coming back o life after few hours in the nature. Hugs!

    • Hey Lavinia, how’s life?
      How’s the nannying going? 🙂
      Ohhh you so should come to Oz its worth it. We lack the history and architecture that Europe offers but still have many beautiful places to see. I really miss my Llamas and our farm as I loved waking up to the fresh air and hearing so many birds in the mornings. But I don’t miss the snakes! Lol
      Loved hearing from you. Hope you had a great weekend, Lavinia. Hugs Paula xxxx

  16. Beautiful! Thanks for inviting us along. Lifts my spirits!

  17. Paula, the place looks so beautiful. No wonder it’s called Mt. Beauty. There is nothing more refreshing than mountains and nature. Have a great day. 🙂
    Hugs, Kiran.

  18. WOW ! Such beautiful speechless beauties…. Mesmerizing !
    I noticed your absence 😦 You are my only sweet sister here ….. But I am glad you had a fun time there. You are happy and I am happy for you 🙂 Love you ! Stay blessed 🙂

    • Hey my darling little sister! How are you?

      I’m sorry but my private life is pretty busy right now. I’m going to do my best to keep up blogging next week. I was hoping I could get back into it this week but things keep preventing me. 🙂
      You would have just loved the place and we could have walked around the lake together. 🙂
      I love you too and my thoughts are with you, little sister. Hugs and love. Big Sis xxxxx

      • I am good my love 🙂
        Yes I can understand..stay bus unless you stay happy 🙂 I am always here for you. Aww I would love to have a walk at that beautiful place…I wish I could ! I know you can’t forget me 😉
        Love you always…. Hugs and Love to you too …. God day !

  19. I would love to visit Australia
    This is beautiful country

    • Hey Stefan, thank you. 🙂
      You so should as you won’t be disappointed. Be back to your blog real soon. Hugs to you and have a great day. Hope all is well in your world! Paula xxx

  20. I am so glad you are footloose and fancy free…. have fun, Paula.

  21. June

    Wow, it seems you were location hunting for a movie set. 🙂
    Glad you had a great time!

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