Just for laugh

Evening Everyone, 🙂
I just saw this on Perpetuas blog and had to reblog it. It’s so funny!
Have a great night. Nite from Oz. Paula xxxx


Flirting Cop Angry Girlfriend

An attractive female flirting cop is well received by the guys she’s flirting with but not so much by their girlfriends who get a little angry. Guys are such suckers for any attractive female giving them the time of day and they can’t control themselves in front of their girlfriends. The girlfriends decide to show the cop who’s the boss as their boyfriends watch in horror. Another funny skit from the crew at Just For Laughs Gags filmed in Québec.

Good night.

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6 responses to “Just for laugh

  1. manwithaego

    Feel sorry for the poor fellas, they were only being friendly as you should be to the constabulary, but no thier girlfriends deflate “dare I say it” egos
    it is very funny though enjoy your night

  2. The cop cracks me up…love your sense of humor.

  3. Tee hee, aren’t men so funny…. thanks for sharing the laugh, Paula.

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