Tell Me Why … I Don ‘t Like Mondays

Evening from OZ, everyone!! 🙂
🙂 I love it when Alastair posts little inspirational quotes. I couldn’t let this one slide by without sharing. Goodnight and hugs to you all. Paula xxxx

A Mixed Bag

Just because we don’t like Mondays, doesn’t mean that we have to do something drastic about it like taking time off work, not going into school, screaming at people. Focusing our inner psyche will help. Breathing in and out to relax … in through the nose … out through the mouth.

In the meantime, here are a few inspirational quotes to show you that Mondays aren’t as bad as you think.


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9 responses to “Tell Me Why … I Don ‘t Like Mondays

  1. 🙂 Thanks for sharing Paula. Although I can’t take credit for them, I just found them

  2. Yes, unfortunately we do need the times to say thank you and grow. Stay blessed my friend.

  3. So glad I ran into this post. What a great approach to take. Thanks for sharing.

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