Depression Exists


This post is in support of the people I follow – and also the people that follow me – who are suffering deeply with Depression right now:

For those out there that are struggling to cope with their Depression. You know who you are, and of course I would never mention any of you. But I want you to know that although you feel alone and people on WordPress aren’t in the physical world with you, they are there in spirit.
Keep reaching out, keep writing; write about everything. Especially, write about the ugliness that you are feeling. It needs to get out of your head and thrown into the universe. If we hold it all in something has to give, and it has the potential to lead to a breakdown.
I wish some of you could seek therapy. You would see just how free your mind and life can be. Someone to listen to you that’s not there to judge you… Just help you in any way they can to make you well again. However I understand how the prospect of therapy can be daunting/too difficult so I won’t push the point.

Depression isn’t pretty. It’s ugly, lonely, dark and cold. You don’t have to write that the world is beautiful. Let those that have more strength than you right now shine their light down onto you. Don’t push them away, reach out and take their hand. Even if it’s just for a short while. We all have to come up for air, then lay back down and try again tomorrow!

Reading some of your posts lately has taken all the strength and energy in me to not break down crying myself. Actually some of them I couldn’t help but shed a tear. It seems that there are so many of you struggling right now that I feel I have to write something in support for you all. I write now for you, and also for me – it helps to write, to get it out of my head.

I’ve been where you are now and I know what strength it takes to pull through. But you can do it. Believe in yourself. You are beautiful.

Baby steps. One day at a time. Suicidal thoughts and believing that you are ugly and useless are crippling. Don’t judge you by the way you say you look, judge by based on the beautiful soul that you are inside. I’ve said before there are some beautiful looking people in this world that are very ugly on the inside. Right now, the outside is just what’s protecting the beautiful you inside. Let go of all that hurt and the outside will soon start to sort itself out. Love it again and see what happens. I care very much about you and many others here on WordPress do to! Don’t let the Depression win. You are all worth fighting for, so fight back with great strength and courage.  Don’t let people put you down, even when they are family.  No one in this world is worthless, we all have a place and reason for being here. What that reason is… I don’t know. It’s up to all of us to learn that one ourselves.

I know it’s easier said than done… I really do! But I also know it can be done, because I did it.
I was lost in oblivion and never thought I would find my way back, but I did. And I really believe that you can too.
Find a reason. Just one reason. Find the reason that makes you get up every morning, and slowly the rest will fall into place.

There is no magical pill or cure. It’s about finding strength within ourselves and the belief that we are not failures, we  have just veered off our tracks. We can suffer Depression for all sorts of different reasons, but at the end of the day, we feel the same. We just want to be able to breath again without feeling like we’re drowning. Sometimes the tiredness outdoes the strength and willpower to get through. But you will find it, believe in you!! Remember, time heals everything.

Depression is REAL it’s not in your head. Fight it and never give up on YOU!

You deserve to be happy and to be loved just like every other human being out there. Don’t let anybody tell you any different!!

If I could teleport myself to each and everyone of you as I read your cries for help? I would. But that’s not possible, so all I can say, is I hear you and feel you. Stay connected with people in any way you feel you can. Don’t hide yourself away, you will only feel worse in the long run. I wish I had an answer for you all, but I don’t. All I can do is send you love.

Take care of you.

Hugs to you all, Paula xxxx

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41 responses to “Depression Exists

  1. have an awesome weekend.

  2. Well said, Paula dear. One can live a happy live with any kind of diseases including depression. xox Perpetua.

    • Hey Perpetua,

      It’s true. But, I feel for those that don’t have a support system. Everyone needs to feel and be loved. These lovely people I am referring to? Seem to be lacking all of that. Everyday I am grateful for the family that was given to me. Love and hugs to you. Have a great weekend. Paula xxxx

  3. I don’t know who you were pointing out but you know what ? I felt you are talking to me. Right now in the worse state of depression, I don’t know what to call it to be precise, I felt these words as the best sympathy for me…. you words have just made me cry and I am supposing these words are for me…. I have no courage to say anything right now because of the clouds these tears are making in front of my eyes but I love you for this ! Would sure come again and comment when In a better state 🙂

    • Oh you sweet girl.

      See, I want to be able to hug you right now, but I can’t! 😦
      But feel my arms around you now. I’m there as best I can. Like I said, many seem to suffering right now. I would never mention anyone.

      Be strong and I know you have faith, right? I’m not religious as you know. But I do believe that everything happens for a reason, even the bad! This is the hardest thing to believe when you feel your world is falling apart. But, White Pearl…Remember Issac Newtons Law of Physics? Every action has an Equal and Opposite Reaction!!

      Try to stay grounded amidst chaos, close your eyes and go somewhere that brings beauty into your world. Try meditating and make that a special time, just for you. Think of everything you want in your life… imagine its real and happening. Create it in your mind everyday. I believe the universe does hear us…it just takes time and sometimes a load of heartache. But in the end? This beautiful door opens and it’s up to us whether we take the chance and walk through that door!
      I’m sorry you cried. x
      Love and huge hugs to you. Paula xxxxxoooo

      • I love you….. For all the hugs and all the support…..
        I never thought someone who don’t know me would understand me…It is right I guess the people who know you hurt you the most 🙂
        I know Paula I believe in science but looks like it don’t believe in me 🙂
        I would do the same…. Every advice of your’s is written on my mind now and I am thinking of ways to do it !
        Love you so much for being with me and caring…I love you more than you know 🙂
        Thanks 🙂

      • I love you back! 🙂 You’re stronger than you think. You smile and do everything people ask of you, me too! But I can see through your smile as you see through mine. Hugs to you. Paula xxx

  4. shejustwantedlove

    I agree with white pearl. It’s like you’re right here talking to me…soothing me. Thank you for these beautiful words. You give me so much hope that I will get out of this. xox I hope you have a lovely weekend Pauly

    • I want you to have hope, because there is!
      You are so beautiful …someone amazing is waiting in life for you to grow up just to be with them. It’s your soul mate.What’s happening now can be traumatic, but it’s just a path you have to walk for now. As we get older we can then choose which path we want to go down. This is where the journey begins to finding true happiness. Through great sadness can come beautiful things. You will find your happiness again. But first, like me?…we have to find it in ourselves.
      Make peace with you first. I’m sending you, like White Pearl, a huge hug from Oz. Take care of you! Paula xxxxx

  5. shejustwantedlove

    Reblogged this on shejustwantedlove and commented:
    beautiful words from a beautiful person (:

  6. Wise words, great message and I suspect you have nice shoes on as well, my friend. Anything that we in the WordPress community can do to help anyone and we will because we are ace! x

    • Well, its 4 am and I’m in bed blogging.

      So, I”m actually bare foot right now! LMAO
      What you said is beautiful and I hope my followers that are struggling get to read your comment. 🙂

      They are so hurt and lonely it kills me not been able to do more. Thank you again.
      Have a great weekend. Hugs to you. Paula xxx

      • I hope they do read it too, they should know that the power of the WP community means that no one is ever alone, even strangers from thousands of miles away can become friends and help. It is an awesome thing we have here. xx

      • I agree and a few of them have seen. I’m really happy about that! Hugs Paula xxx

  7. I love you, Paula. You are so eloquent, thank you!!!! Will reblog.

    • I really care about you and when you hit rock bottom, I cried too.
      No one has a right to make us feel like nothing and useless. Remember Lisa, What people think of us…is none of our business!

      I’m so proud that you took that breath.
      Love and hugs to you. Paula xxx

  8. Reblogged this on Ocdbloggergirl's Blog: OCD, Life, and Other Misunderstandings and commented:
    My dear friend and fellow blogger, Paula, over at, wrote this beautiful post in part to me, and I am reblogging it here. Thank you so much, Paula!

  9. Paula, once again you have shown your followers what a generous and loving heart you have. You brought up some very wise and helpful points for those in the depths of depression to ponder. I remember having those thoughts of hopelessness and death years ago. It is so critical for people to hear that those feelings and thoughts won’t stay forever. Depression is deceptive in making us believe we will not get better or that life is not worth it. I am so glad to be alive!

    Hugs ~ Wendy xo

    • And I am so glad your alive too!
      Along with all the people in your world that love you. 🙂
      Your comment is beautiful and I thank you for that. You and I know how painful memories can be. Once we learn to let go and trust again life gets that little bit easier, right? Your such a beautiful spirit, Wendy- Lee. Hugs from Oz.Paula xxx

  10. manwithaego

    After learning about your blog, as tired as I was, I spent the day reading your blogs, sincerely you truly are a remarkable and kind hearted human being xoxo

  11. Beautiful and thoughtful post, Paula. Lots of hugs coming your way. 🙂

  12. I noticed you on Nia’s blog, so here I am.

  13. Hi Paula! I do agree with you in general si with these statements in particular:”Find a reason. Just one reason. Find the reason that makes you get up every morning, and slowly the rest will fall into place.” – it’s one of the “keys” that will always open the doors of our life…
    – – –
    Stay healthy and optimistic, please… you already know that everything is temorary, all of us included… 🙂 So live in the present, in the REAL life, try to think positive and to have real friends! My very best, Mélanie

    • Hello my dear, Melanie!!

      It’s true and this is what I’m learning to do. My friends and family in the real world are incredible. But, those here on WordPress are just as inspiring and I care for all of them. You my friend are full of life and when you write? I can feel the joy and enthusiasm you have for life, art etc etc
      Let’s not forget the chocolate, cheese and red wine, right?? Lol

      Your a really inspiring woman. A French one at that! 🙂
      Super hugs to you. Paula xxxx

      • Thanx, Paula! btw, I’m Romanian, but I’ve lived in France longer than in my native country… yes, I’m full of life whenever I write, too, I don’t “hide” in the virtual web, the blog is just a fun spot, a playground, far-away from the madding real world… 🙂 Yep: dark chocolate, cheese and red Bordeaux wine, of course! Cheers, young lady! 🙂

      • Hey, Romanian.
        I love even the idea of your blog being like a playground. Have a great day. Its 1.20am Monday morning. I best turn off the light and try to sleep! Lol hugs xxxxx


  15. June

    Oh this is really sweet and thoughtful. It brings good feelings. This post is far-reaching than teleportation because your words pierce not only into our senses but also into our souls. Your a blessing Paula!

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