Depression Exists


Depression Exists:

I think in life we sometimes put too much pressure on ourselves to succeed. We have a tendency to judge success by what we own and not always by what we have achieved.

The fancy Car/Home, Money, Boat, Great Job, Designer Clothes etc etc.

But I don’t think we should judge success by this alone. Success is about becoming  the best person we can be.
Being true to ourselves and our fellow human beings.
Having  family and friends that love and respect you.
Success is being able to look in the mirror and love what you see.
It’s about loving and appreciating the simple things in life.
Okay, this is not to say people shouldn’t be proud of what they have  achieved. Not at all! It’s brilliant if you have dedicated your life to getting to where you are now and have come out the other end with  everything that matters to you. It’s just so many people get there, turn around and  realise everything they loved is now gone. They forgot about the simple things in life that truly make us happy and bring us peace. That family and friends count for so much.

We all need something to aspire to. But not to the point that everything that truly matters flies out the window. Depression holds no prejudice and has no boundaries. No one is safe from its grip, once you fall down, it’s anyone’s game. It’s doing your best to not fall in the first place. Monetary etc is not worth your health. You can never buy back your health!

Just because you have Depression doesn’t mean you can’t be cured, or get some kind of  reprieve from it. Re-evaluate if you have to, change course if need be!  Go the other way, do a U- Turn; whatever it takes to bring you back to good health. A happy, more positive person, free of guilt or failure.

Success is being able to look around you and see the smiles and happiness that you have brought to those you love and especially to yourself. You, you are the most important one, when you fall everything else around you does too. You are the key to your kingdom. Those around you just want you to be happy. If you’re happy? They are too!

Be happy and stay the course, it may take a while to get back there, but once you have? Boy, how beautiful will life be!

Being able to share everything you have achieved in life with someone may be considered a success. Don’t measure your success and failures against anyone. There will always be greater and less fortunate people out there.  What makes you happy? What makes you feel like you’ve succeeded? That’s all that matters and staying healthy in the process!

I wish you all love and good health. Be at peace with you and don’t put too much undue pressure on yourself to succeed. Look around you – maybe you will see that you’re already there!!  Everything that truly matters may be staring at you now! For You May Have Already Succeeded!!

Hugs to you all…..Paula xxxx

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13 responses to “Depression Exists

  1. yeah success is name of happiness. You’re successful if you’re happy with something or anything. Best wishes from lil bro

  2. I think perhaps, you have learnt lessons the last month.. $ are not everything – they can help, but inner happiness is so much more. Keep being strong missy-moo (ooh that’s another new name) forge on and you shall find yourself and tranquility. xxx

  3. Very beautifully said! So true 🙂

  4. This is true.Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. 🙂

    • So true!

      I’m realising the only person that can truly make me happy… is me. Its something deep inside that needs to be healed. I’m working on it. It helps having Sakura around me.

      Now she makes me incredibly happy. Ohhhh and your lemon cup cakes! Lol
      Have a great day. Paula xxx

  5. My sweet Paula. I think depression puts everything in perspective. Good one. xox Perpetua.

    • Thanks Perpetua.

      I think so too. Have a great day. If you have some sunshine to spare? Can you send it over to Western Australia?
      Much appreciated, thank you! Lol

      Super hugs from me and Sakura! Xxxx

  6. shejustwantedlove

    Reblogged this on shejustwantedlove.

  7. June

    This post feels like you are telling it to me face to face and I do nothing but listen and nod. 🙂
    Thanks for this very moving post Paula!

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