Children/Grandchildren part 1

Children at beach

My son made me a grandmother at 38. I know I know what you’re thinking – crazy, right?

It wasn’t all his fault. I was a teenage mum,  so it was a possibility.  He married at 21 and has 2 beautiful boys. Yes, I am biased …I’m the nana!! Lol

As a grandparent you get the privilege of seeing life differently. You get to love them play with them, and then hand them back to their parents. The love and bond of a grandparent is so special. Your relationship is almost outside the realms of parenting, so you are able to connect differently. Letting the parent do all the parenting can be hard at times, but it’s not our job to interfere (with obvious exceptions). Even I have learnt this one!

What you did as a parent you may no longer think  your children should do to their children. Like smack or yell, or make them eat all their food. Which is okay, but I think parenting has kind of gone a little off the tracks a little.  Meaning, a small smack on the hand instantly when they where wrong. Not 20 minutes later. never hurt our kids at all, or even us when we were little. You knew you were in the wrong and just accepted it and made sure not to do it again. Now this one doesn’t always work! Lol    Sometimes I think we liked the smacks!! lol Maybe some even grew up liking bondage? Lol

Being bought up strict can have its advantage and disadvantages. But we knew right from wrong, got smacked when we didn’t and learnt to respect our elders.

Life changes though and I think that to a certain degree we have to go with that change and new knowledge that parents have today. In a way I think ignorance was bliss. You didn’t have to think every five minutes if you were doing the wrong thing. You just got on with things.

Being a parent is not an easy job and it’s a thankless one at that. I think even the best parents in the world end up with one or more of their kids saying, they hated this or that about their life. Your kind of damned if you do and damned if you don’t. You see those adoring faces looking up at you and think they will stay that way forever. But no, there comes the day you are no longer everything to them and it’s your fault for not letting them go out and have underage fun! God we are killjoys!! Lol

Tomorrow I will discuss what else I have learnt as a parent.

Hugs to you all….Paula xxx

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13 responses to “Children/Grandchildren part 1

  1. Being a great parent is a tough job…but grand parenting is just pure JOY! Love the photo…

  2. I thought I’d accidentally got a different blog when I saw that photo lol. Love the post, a perspective that I haven’t had the chance – and am happy with that – to have ‘the pleasure’ of children. I like looking through your eyes. I promise to never live in your head.

    • Haha!!

      And boy will you be grateful for that! Lol
      Even I don’t living with my head! Well, there’s never a dull moment…so thats a plus!! LMAO
      Its 4.30am and here I am struggling to go back to sleep. I’ll make tea, want one? 🙂

      Hugs Paula xxx

  3. Yes please, just one sugar though, I’m trying to keep off to much sugar. I’m not sure if grateful is the word but I think you should plumb the murky depths of fetishes for an upcoming post lol. x

  4. It does happen when children makes children. Mothers are still the best when you ask children. 😛

    • Hello Perpetua! 🙂

      This is true. My oldest son who’s turning 29 is so incredible close to me. Even though I’m mum….he looks at me as a best friend. 🙂

      Not a day goes by without him calling me and telling me he loves me. I’m really lucky and grateful for this. Have a great day. Paula xxx

  5. Children are so different. My son has always been an absolute joy, and we are very close. My daughter has become much more affectionate now that she is grown up with teenagers of her own. I think that now, she understands that parenting is not an easy thing, and appreciates us a lot more than she once did. 🙂

    • I absolutely agree.

      I think when my 21 year old has children that’s when he will realise also. He loves me but has been very spoilt his whole life.
      Now I’m separated he’s moved in with a friend. Already I see a maturity and change in him. Makes me so happy. 🙂

      Your holiday looks awesome!!! Hugs Paula xxx

  6. Rohan 7 Things

    My folks will become grandparents this year when my older brother’s baby arrives! I definitely think some discipline is better than none. Kids with no bed times or structure at all don’t develop the boundaries they need as adults as well as those who have some (fair) structure and discipline.

    But who am I to talk, parenting as you say is a mammoth task and no one gets it perfect.

    Hugs for nana Paula 🙂


    • Haha!

      Nana thanks you!! Lol

      Hey, you’re about to be Uncle Rohan!
      Now that is cool. My oldest nephews are 32 and 35. My sister made me an aunt at 10 years old. 🙂

      We are so close. They spent many a nights partying with their aunt whilst growing up! lol

      I’m the cool Aunty! 🙂 And I’m sure you’ll be the cool Uncle!
      Hope you, Alex and your girlfriend have settled in nicely. Hugs Paula xxxx

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