IMG_20130627_161508_458Today I sit here and feel happy and at peace.

Days like this are priceless and I embrace them. Just as I embrace and hug you lovely people!!

We all need to feel love and be loved, so why not share that joy and tell someone today how special they are to you?

Maybe it’s your mum, dad, brother, sister, husband, wife…  Whoever is important to you, tell them! It may sound odd to just randomly come out with this stuff, especially if you’re not one to do so. But imagine how good you will make that person feel! And how good it will feel for you. Ahhh, so lovely!!

As I sit here and write I am surrounded by things I love. Now don’t laugh – a lot of those things are clowns, angels, mannequins, puppets, Disney characters, court jesters, elves… Yip, you get the message! This 45 year old woman still hasn’t grown up! I have my own very special magical room. Lol. Do we have to grow up just because we reach a certain age?? NO WAY!!!  I so can’t stop laughing! I say be happy and free from conforming!! I say rebel have fun and dance like no one is looking!

So, go and hug someone! 

Love to you all… Paula xxxx


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30 responses to “Happy!!

  1. Mumsy is dancing like no one is watching 😀 Now throw your arms up in the air….waaaave em around like you juz don’ care … 🙂

  2. wisejourney

    so happy you are are happy and at peace…heres hoping for a hug today 🙂

  3. You’re so neat! Your room looks like a museum. I love the picture of the girl with the long dark hair between the two masks.

  4. Keep your toys and never ever grow up. Can I come over and play. Love those toys, Paula Dear. xox Perpetua.

    • Sure, I would love that! Lol Darn it though…I got no barbies! Lol Barbies over rated anyway, right?? 🙂 We need our selves a Ken doll. Lol hugs and have a great day…Paula xxxxx

  5. Love your happy place, Paula. Of course you don’t have to grow up. At forty-five, you’re still a baby. 😀 xx

  6. love to you, big sis ❤

  7. So happy to see you happy and enjoying life…there’s no age to really grow up. Love the pics and the toys..oh I wish to have a room full of toys someday too… Love. 🙂

    • You will! Its fun collecting things, especially having a special room for them. I feel at peace with these things around me, especially writing. Have a great weekend…Hugs Paula xxx

  8. lots of hugs to you on that cool computer room

  9. Very nice and colourful.

  10. Conforming is rubbish, hugging is awesome!!! Great post, this pleases me more than cheesy 80’s films and that is something rare.

  11. Rohan 7 Things

    I think your room is awesome Paula! I’d love a room so packed with all the thing I like lol! I have to admit I’ve always found clowns a little creepy though so I definitely wouldn’t be sleeping alone in a room like that haha >.<

    I'm reeeealy easy to creep out too, any little noise or shadow at night will turn me into a little kid ha!

    Thanks for this happy post Paula, savour that feeling and remember it in harder times, those resources can really help when we're facing challenges 🙂



    • Hahaha! So, you don’t want to come and play with my clowns? What’s wrong with you! LMAO No, heaps of people are phobic about them. I just love love love them! Plus all the other crazy things I collect. So, hide and seek is out too? Lol I will try and remember these things when life gets tough. Maybe I write them to trick and convince myself, that I have loads of confidence!! Lol Have a great day, Rohan. Hugs Paula xxx

  12. proportionsinlife

    I love the clowns and the colors!
    Many, many hugs to you, even now that Monday has passed.

    • Hey Danita!

      This house I’m renting is so small compared to where I lived. My poor room is so full I can barely move in there! Lol

      Still, its just for 1 year till I know what direction I want to go! Its only 1 week and I miss my home! I suppose thats natural though. Hugs Paula xxx

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