Life is Good


Life has been really strange lately. There are so many things happening in my personal life.

I think I’m being thrown all kinds of things just to see what I have learned in life and how well I have learned to cope!

Oddly enough, I think I’ll pass this test with flying colours. Why, you ask? Because with everything I’m going through right now, a year ago I would have just wanted it to all end. In any way that meant! Now I don’t feel like that. I feel Love, hope and inspiration!  Partly due to all you lovely people out there. Yes you and you and you!! Lol  All of you that have commented on my posts or yours, have influenced my life in one way or another. We all have real lives real friends and family, but blogging is full of such a diverse range of people. It opens your mind up to all sorts of things you may never have once thought of or even bothered to look at.

Bloggers are like family… A cyber one!

I mentioned in a previous video message I did some time back about being in a room full of people and feeling lonely. Well, blogging never feels like this; there is always somebody out there and you never feel alone. The room doesn’t feel empty… It feels full!

Anytime you open your computer you are subject to beautiful things –  poemsstories, craft, cooking, therapy/motivation, information on travel destinations, mothers telling stories of raising children, photography (and more photography), philosophy/popular culture/literature, inspirational letters… So much love and hope out there! Help for people suffering a mental illness, people sharing their lives and letting us in, movie reviews, Etc Etc..  But the most important thing?  People just coming together and sharing thoughts and ideas in a non judgmental way. As a rule…  Bloggers support one another and aren’t there to pull anyone down.

The day I chose life is the day I started to live. This is all I need to remember!

Today feels really good!  🙂 

Hugs to you all and thank you!

Paula xxxx 


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34 responses to “Life is Good

  1. sv

    Totally agree with you , I started blogging a few years back , when i was pretty down and my blog was private , and today courtesy all the wonderful bloggers here and at tumblr , I accept myself in whatever phase i am .I’m not on facebook and frankly don’t see the need to- with these two sites – quotes and pics on tumblr and the frankness and creativity on wordpress , I just wish I could be more honest like you .

  2. Since you put it that way, Paula dear, SISTER!, where have you been. You are right. There is so much positive interaction in the blogging word. Have a wonderful first day of summer, yesterday for you, first day for me. xox Perpetua.

    • Haha! Hey Sis. 🙂
      Winter unfortunately for Oz! I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to have met you if it wasn’t for blogging. And you are wonderful. Ciao Sis!! xxxxxx

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  4. Paula, thank you for the reminder that there can be a life beyond depression. I have been struggling lately not to fall into that abyss. I am so happy that you feel so positive right now.

    love and hugs to you,

    Ivonne, missy, maddy & marly…..

    • Hey Ivonne! 🙂
      I hate that you’ve been feeling like that. If I was around the corner, I would come and harass you to make you feel better. Somedays are just hard,right? But, tomorrow really is another day. Stay connected and happy with all your guardian angels around you! I hug you heaps and heaps…Paula xxxxxxxx

  5. wisejourney

    What a lovely post Paul. Thank you

  6. Great post.

    I also think the interaction of blogging is incredible – as I mainly blog photographs I noticed that you get a lot more constructive feedback than at – let’s say – a photography forum.
    This was something I never really expected.

    Have a fantastic weekend!


    • Thank you! I can honestly say I love and appreciate every single person I follow, and that follow me! Now naturally, this is in a non stalker kind of way! LMAO Bloggers give their time along with their thoughts, passions and love in life! How incredible is that? I thank all of you! Have a great weekend. Hugs Paula xxxxx

  7. hey you are in a super duper happy mood.. !! happiness is contagious, and so is a happy blogger!!

  8. June

    Aaw Paula, this is such a feel-good post. I can sense the glee and sincerity.

    Those are beautiful cupcakes! For a while I thought they were nice home ornaments but at a closer look, they look really yummy. I wonder though how one could have the heart to devour them and deform their beauty. 🙂
    A great day to you Paula!

  9. What a positively happy post, Paula. I so agree with you about our blogging friendships. This is such a great place, and I’m happy you found it too. Have a wonderful week. Hugs xx
    PS: If there’s one of those delicious looking cupcakes going begging, you can send it my way. 😆

    • Haha! Don’t they look amazing! 🙂 I love the blog world only my real world is getting a little busy and harder to keep up! Lol But I’m not walking away…I’ll just be a little late to posts. Hugs Paula xxxx

  10. Thank you, Paula, for brightening up my rainy Monday morning! 🙂

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

  11. You nail that feeling of wonder that exploring blogs engenders. You give a timely reminder to those of us that sometime become complacent about the quality of what we read. it is truly a gift to read others’ words and get support and have a great time. I spend more time with you guys than people in the so called ‘real’ world.

    • Haha! That’s just it, free will and choice! Isn’t it great? 🙂 writers such as yourself probably need the peace and quiet to help your creativeness flow. Am I right or wrong? Lol 🙂
      Shame we can’t share cyber drinks and food. I’m about to make a cup of tea, want one?? Lol Have a great day. Hugs Paula xxx

      • It would be awesome to share such stuff I agree, a veritable Roman feast, minus the throwing up between courses to make room for more.

        I do enjoy the quiet as far as it goes but find that with a pen and paper and a decent thought, I can block out all sound and go into my own little world. Anything to get down a good blog post. Even sleep doesn’t deter that lol.

      • Haha! I would love a Roman feast. Lets start with the chicken and red wine! LMAO Hugs to you…xxxx

  12. How nice to know that there is someone like YOU THERE… Thank you, love, nia

  13. Fantastic Post!!! 🙂 lots and lots of love and hugs to you Paula! xoxoxo

  14. proportionsinlife

    “People just coming together and sharing thoughts and ideas in a non judgmental way. ”
    Yep! The reason I blog!!
    Plus, I love the title of this blog post! Life *is* good!!

    • Haha! This is your moto, right?
      Its a great affirmation to say everyday that’s for sure! 🙂

      Blogging has pulled me out of some dark places my mind wants to take me. I’m so grateful for that. My husband hated me blogging!

      I no longer have to feel guilty for doing something that saved me on so many levels.

      Hugs to you, Danita! Xxxx

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