The Week Will Get Better

Hello Everyone! 🙂
I love these so much I had to reblog them.
Hope you all had a great day. Hugs and love…Paula xxx

A Mixed Bag

Just because things look down right now, does not mean that they will stay that way. Nothing bad will last forever, good comes of everything. So keep your chin up, poke a finger in the eye of the bad stuff walk on. Winston Churchill said “If you are going through hell, keep going and you will come out the other side.” The last two I nabbed from Ajay Tao.


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13 responses to “The Week Will Get Better

  1. Thank you for this Paula. Hope it helps people

  2. That’s the spirit, Paula. Take care. Perpetua.

  3. Thank you, lovely lady. 🙂 . Enjoy your day, Perpetua! Hugs Paula xxx

  4. Thanks for posting, Paula. I want you to know that I always appreciate when you visit my blog and leave a comment.

  5. melanietoulouse

    Hi Paula! 🙂 Lots of people mix up “love” and “sex” which are 2 completely different “things”… as far as I’m concerned I’ve never used the expression “to have sex”(which implies possession!), but “to make love”… 🙂 O.K. we are supposed to be superior mammals=homo sapiens, so let’s prove we really are! 😉
    – – –
    Thanx a bunch of lavender from my frontyard for your constant stop-over(s) at our playground, my very best and see you soon, on the Moon! 🙂 Friendly hugs & xoxoxo, Mélanie

    • Haha! Your comments always make me smile. You are full of love and life, I love it!! And I agree about the love and sex thing!! Hugs Paula xx

      • melanietoulouse

        Thanx, Paula! 🙂 I’m exactly the same direct person in real life, too! I’m not “hiding” my personality in the virtual space… it seems that my sense of humor is “cynical”, in fact a kind of self-deprecating, I make fun and I laugh at myself first… 🙂 xoxoxo back…

  6. This is definitely worth a reblog, Paula. Hope your week is going well. Hugs xx

  7. Just wonderful Paula, passing along positive thoughts always a good thing! 🙂 xx

    • Thank you, Penny! I agree and think it’s important for someone that has a blog like mine. A lot of people that read it need inspiring and hope! Hugs and have a great weekend. Hugs Paula xxxx

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