Today, I think I’ll be me!

I love Penny’s blog and writings. This Reblog is very personal to me and I wanted to share it with everyone. It’s very deep and meaningful…thank you, Penny….Hugs to you all…..Paula xxx

The Why About This

Living your life for or through others is a very unhealthy thing. I wrote this for someone I know. She spent too many years in this mode until she herself realized what she needed to do for herself to be a whole person. It is a reminder to others as well:

Yesterday and the day before,
I was told who I should be and everyone agreed (except me)!
Yesterday and the day before I was the person
everyone wanted me to be (except me)!
 Yesterday and the day before,
I did things the way others had decided I should do things, to please them not myself.
Yesterday and the day before,
I just went along with the others to keep the peace, not because I thought it was right.
Yesterday and the day before,
I was miserable and didn’t like the me I’d become…

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10 responses to “Today, I think I’ll be me!

  1. ((ah hugs)) thoughts and cuddles sweet. Beautifully written Penny.

  2. I used to do Happy Posts, but Mrs Posts told me to stop as her daughter, Happy, was now annoyed. Apparently I shouldn’t insult a dwarf of little intelligence as it’s not big and it’s not clever

    • Hahaha! Okay, you made me laugh, thank you!! 🙂 hugs Paula xxxxx

      • Woohoo I’m glad. Well, I’m Alastair, but you get my meaning. Well you may not get it as you are on the other side of the world from me. Well not exactly the other side of the world, more to the side. Well not exactly the side more a smidge. Well not exa………

      • Thank you for being you!! 🙂 She thanks you and tells you she will wake up feeling much better tomorrow. I’m singing to you, Land Down Under…By Men At Work!! Lol Night night…*waving* hugs xxx

  3. its is ok to feel what we fee. It is absolutely ok. It is what it is. we are who we are. we feel what we feel in any given moment and in another moment : it is fine too …hugs Paula

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