The Conversation

Hi Everyone!.*Waving*
We all need to play our part in protecting our planet and this is beautiful. Thank you,.Penny. …hugs Paula xxx

The Why About This

Said the sky to the clouds
“Why do you not rain?”
Said the clouds to the skytree
“It’s just not the same.”


Said the sky to the winds
“why do you not blow?”
said the winds to the sky
“I’m not sure where to go.”


Said the sky to the trees
“Where is your shade?”
Said the trees to the sky
“I fear that I fade”.


Said the sun to the Earth
“what has changed, I can’t see?”
Said the Earth to the sun
“I’m no longer free.”


“I’m caught in between
man’s derision and strife,
From those I provide
I struggle for their lives.”green tree


Said the Sun to the Earth
“Please say it’s not so”,
Said the Earth to the sun
“Yes, I’m afraid so”.


“Very few listen
to that which I say,
They must all work together
There’s no other…

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12 responses to “The Conversation

  1. YEah, I blogged this too

  2. Thank you Paula. Do you know what a gentle and loving heart you have? Well you do, so it’s on record now! 🙂 big hugs, xxx

  3. I like to this post my dear friend
    Penny !Have Best night my dear friend:with love maxima!

  4. I liked that one *smiles*

    By the way … you are home now??

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