Hello Everyone!! *waving*  🙂 

Well I’m back at home on my trusty laptop with Sakura by my side. This makes me incredibly happy.  🙂

I’ve hugged my 2 manly sons and most of my immediate family and it feels good to back around those I love. Tomorrow I’m going for a drive to the country to hug my Llamas (Teco-boy & Margie)  and surprise my grandsons that I’m back home. 🙂  You can’t beat that nana hug, it’s priceless!!

I had the best time away and loved every minute of it! But it’s always good to return to your home country. You see, I kind of have a bit of the Irish gypsy blood in me, so next week you never know I could be ready to go anywhere!! Lol

Only joking no more laughing I have to get serious with my life and that’s going to involve quite a few changes. At first my changes were poor choices on my behalf, but thankfully a little time and commonsense  have won this one, and I’m now on a much better train of thinking. So life will be different and maybe a little lonely at times but I’m sure the universe has a way of putting things back together. I liken it to a jigsaw puzzle, if I take my time then I’m sure all the pieces will fit back  in nicely. I have my Sakura (cat/child lol ) so she will make any place my home. If you have a pet you will know exactly what I’m talking about, right?

So now lets get back to the post heading: Dubai!

On the way to the U.K I only had 1 night there so I didn’t do anything except read like a book worm!! lol 🙂 But On my way home, I had 2 nights and boy am I glad I had those 2 nights. My mum had booked us into old Dubai (Bur Dubai) and let me tell you it really was pretty old compared to the city. lol  Strange thing about me though is that I like the old and all the history that goes with it. There’s something about going somewhere where you know so many souls have walked that path.

It was really cheap there compared to the new Dubai. Also, I noticed the population was mostly Indian. I was pretty shocked to see tourists walking around in short shorts and little tops, though I was told that where I was was not as strict as other parts of Dubai.

I went for a tour around the city and it was interesting listening to all about the Muslim customs etc. Plus how they can have 2 wives there, crazy right? Most men can’t handle one wife – imagine two! 🙂 LOL No offence intended, members of the male species.

When the prayer time comes around and they say it over loud speakers, there’s something kind of soothing and comforting in how they sing their prayer. It reminded me of when I was in Egypt,  I heard it so often there that I started humming it.

The Dubai Mall is the largest shopping mall in the world. It has 1200 retail shops and 160 food outlets. Its huge!! Don’t take your credit card, just look!! Lol

The shark filled Aquarium in the mall is just beautiful. You could just sit there and daydream, its so soothing to look at. Or maybe that us the Pisces in me feeling at home!! Lol 🙂

In the city there was 200 buildings right next to each other. Kind of like Lego all stacked up close to one another. The rich are mega rich and the poor seem just that, poor! After travelling around here there and everywhere, we ended up at the 7 star hotel : Bur Al Arab – now, this is an impressive building and brings in a whole new modern Dubai. We had lunch there and even though the courses were small, you felt stuffed by the end of it! 🙂 If you go to Dubai this one is a must and it pays to book so that way you’re assured to get in for lunch/dinner whichever your preference. I’ll make 2 post so you get to see the hotel and the buildings.

Now I’m from Western Australia and should be able to handle the heat there as Perth can have temperatures up to the 40 degrees Celsius and over. But it’s a different heat and its not even their summer and I was hot. Knowing what I know now I could never go their in Summer and was told a lot of the locals leave the country and come back when  summer’s over. I can see why! Their  bus stops are enclosed with air conditioners in them, very impressive!! 🙂

Next time, yes there will be a next time as I loved the place, I’ll stay at least  7 days as there was so much more I wanted to do. The Safari tour is one I’m going back for, you get taken by 4wds out in the middle of know where  and have dinner in a tent pitched and get to ride a camel. Now don’t laugh as I find that terribly romantic – and I’m not even the romantic type! Lol  It certainly is very different from Australia but that’s what I like… Seeing all our world has to offer. Being out of our comfort zone is good for us and opens us up to new and different things, right?

I hope your all well and I did my best to post when I could. I’m way behind on post so please forgive me and I will try keep up from now on.

Have a great weekend everyone and I shall see you all in Blogland!!  🙂

Hugs to you all…..Paula xxxx


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26 responses to “Dubai

  1. June

    Pretty pictures, pretty you. 😉 *waving back*
    Good to know you’re back home, safe and sound.
    It seemed you had a good time in Dubai, I felt it just by reading your words.
    You had me giggling sporadically, too many of them to mention though.
    Thanks for sharing!

    • Haha! Glad to make you laugh, June baby!! 🙂 I’m really happy to be back. Hey Sakura just jumped on my lap! Lol Hope your having a great weekend! I’m off to a birthday party….Hugs Paula xxxxx

  2. You look great , eh if I knew you were going …he he … I could have with you,on this most beautiful ,and truly magnificent journey and Dubai really wonderful post my dear friend , with love maxima

  3. You have had an incredible time, we have seen from all your wonderful pictures and now you are back home ready to commence your new life – so proud of you *hugs* The food looks delicious as for the largest shopping Mall how nuts could one go with a credit card! Bus stops with enclosed air-cons…who would have thought and the safari sounds totally awesome. Take your time settling back in, don’t fret about not reading posts or commenting for you have more important matters on your mind. *Hugs* xxx

  4. Really interesting post Paula- the shark tank in the mall sounds amazing!!
    Wishing you much love & luck with the changes you make. You are never alone!!!

    Rachel xxx

    • Hi Rachel. 🙂
      It really was beautiful. I’ll post a photo next post.
      Thank you for what you have said. It means a lot. Hope your having a great weekend! Hugs Paula xxx

  5. Thanks for all the useful info you wrote here. I don’t know if I’m likely to go to Dubai, but if I do, now i know here to go for lunch. I didn’t know there was such a thing as a seven star hotel. 😀 Glad you had a wonderful holiday. Thanks for sharing your lovely photos. Hugs to you too.

    • Hey hello!! *waving* I didn’t know there was a 7 star hotel either, until I watch the making of it on Foxtel/Cable. 🙂
      The tour guide said they made up the 7 star rating themselves, as no other hotel could compare to it. So funny!! 🙂 It really is a work of art though and well worth seeing. Hope your having a great day. Hugs Paula xxx


    The photos were lovely … I like the one with that young feller serving and the one after because the blue in them is so beautiful.

    As for catching up … agree’s with Mumsy …other life things will take your time. For now, hug your Teco, hug your family more … and hug yourself.

    Things will be okay Paula. In the long run, it will be okay.

    *sends a hug your way*

    • That’s a lot of hugs and I love you for it!! 🙂 Most things you said I can tick off that list. Hmmm hugging myself…okay, done! Lol Now that felt weird. 🙂 Now remember you will owe me 1 U.S Dollar if I take the Mustard and oreo challenge, right? Now I want that U.S dollar!! LMAO Tell me we have a deal and I’ll give it a go? Lol I hugs you back Katiekins xxxxxoo

  7. Paula, a house is not a home without a cat. 🙂 I loved the pictures, and I noticed that you look lovely in a dress! Looking forward to more pictures of your holiday.

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

    • Hey Wendy-Lee! *waving* You get the cat thing, I love that! 🙂
      I love dresses, yet jeans and boots are way more comfortable. Lol . I hope your enjoying your long weekend! I hug you back..xxxxxx

  8. Rohan 7 Things

    Great photos! Feel like I’m there, and boy is that place opulent! You look great too 🙂

    I like what you said about trusting the universe to put things back together. I’ve been at that point, and you’re right, you just have to take a little leap of faith and trust that things will work out for the best. They always seem to in the end 🙂

    Have fun settling back, hope the jet lag isn’t too bad! Hugs 🙂


  9. Hi Paula, Gorgeous photos (loved the buildings, the ambience, the food, and of course lovely you), excellent narrative, informing, interesting and entertaining, the “Paula” of it all! I’m ready to head over to Dubai right this second, can’t wait to read the second part of your adventures in Dubai. Heading there next! much affection, xx

    • Hahaha. 🙂 My brother inlaw has a friend that lives there. My sister asked me to go with them last year, but I thought it would be boring. I was so wrong and foolish. Now I’m dying to return. Ill post a few photos of old Dubai, very different and run down. Hugs, Penny. 🙂 ….Paula xxx

  10. I could sense the comfortable cum very cool moments you had there in Dubai! Nice photography as well, Paula. 🙂


  11. Really interesting! Thanks for sharing your experience in Dubai.

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