Photos of Whitby



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We went for a day trip to a pretty coastal town called Whitby.

Whitby is famous for connections such as Captain Cook living here – it was the port of departure for all of his voyages of discovery and where he became a seaman. It was where Bram Stoker wrote the book Dracula and the town is featured in the first few chapters.  Also, Lewis Caroll (who wrote Alice in Wonderland) was supposedly inspired to write his poems The Walrus And The Carpenter from his walks along Whitby Beach. Additionally, The Lady Of The Ladle was set in Whitby.

It’s also famous for Whitby Jet which is black fossilised wood – similar  to today’s monkey puzzle tree and the Araucaria tree, but it looks like polished gem stone. It was at its height of popularity when Queen Victoria’s husband Albert died and she used it as mourning jewellery.

One of the photos above is of the ruins of Whitby Abbey.

The last photo above is of the Whitby Jet that my mum and step father bought.

I’m off to Dubai in today and will be there for 2 days.

I’ll post more photos when I return to the magical land of Oz!!!!

We’re off to see the wizard!! LMAO

Hugs. Everyone!!!  …..Paula xxx


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17 responses to “Photos of Whitby

  1. Great photos. Enjoy Dubai

  2. Don’t get lost in that yellow brick road, Paula. xox Perpetua.

  3. Paula, i’ve nominated you for the Wonderful Team Member Award.
    If you want to accept this award, plese visit this link.

    • Hi Cristi! I stopped doing the awards at christmas time. But hey! I’m s team player. 🙂 lol Thank you and I’ll sort it out back in Oz! I’m in Dubai and have fallen for the place! :). Hugs Cristi….xxxxxx

  4. Beautiful photos especially the church ruins, so amazing I love the relics of the UK, the history.. I think of the people that would have walked through the doors, their lives and how they lived them. Enjoy Dubai and return home safely darling xxx

    • Hello Mumsy!! The ruins are brilliant to look at. So much history, I just loved every minute of it! Dubai is just awesome!! I’m soooo coming back. Hugs Paula. Xxx

  5. I love little coastal towns *smiles*….and the jewelry….hey…the wine is over half empty! *giggles*

    • Haha! Yes, it is. Lol I had a wee drink. 🙂 I so love those towns too.
      Im home and Sakura is on my lap, Yes!! 🙂 Will post photos of Dubai soon. hugs me lovely Katiekins!! 🙂 xxxxxxx

  6. Paula, I hope you are still having a great holiday. The first photo is my favorite.

    Blessings ~ Wendy

    • Hello lovely, Wendy-Lee!! 🙂
      I’m back in Oz. I got home 2 days ago and have been really busy catching up on everything. Soon I’ll be able to get back into reading all your posts. Hugs Paula xxxx

  7. Wow! Interesting. I’m so much glad to know about this historical important place where Carrol and Stocker did their most prominent works. Thank you so much for sharing this, Paula. 🙂


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