The view from the window of my soul

Hello lovely fellow bloggers. 🙂
Penny is brilliant, if you don’t already follow, you should!
🙂 Our souls are protected and only very few we allow in, this is brilliant! Off to Dubai in the morning for 2 days. :). Can’t wait to explore! Hugs to you all!! ….Paula xxxxx

The Why About This




The window of my soul

 I gaze upon life’s mysteries
from this window called my soul,
 the mesmerizing vagaries,
 transfiguring transparencies,
manipulation be thy role?


 And I, a chosen player,
embedded in this life,
a transplanted elemental
insubstantial consequential,
must I flourish midst this strife?


In confusing contemplation
I confound contextualization,
scouring edges
purging prisms
never-ending consummation.


Or in truth, just exploration
while refining redefining
what is known, to what will be
 enlightened being who can see,
– through the window of my soul!

~ Penny L Howe, 2013


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17 responses to “The view from the window of my soul

  1. Penny is brilliant. Enjoy Dubai

  2. Thank you for the reblog Paula, take care of you and, let me know when you arrive! much affection to you (and hugs) Penny xxxx

  3. Gosh! What a beautiful thought provoking piece of share from ya, Penny? I really did enjoy this. 🙂


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