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Hi Everyone.  *Waving*

Sorry I haven’t been keeping up with all your blogs. I am doing as many as I can in between sightseeing. I’m having such a great time in the U.K   This place is filled with history and I’m in my element. The architecture is so beautiful.

I’ve walked the York city wall and just about been to every attraction here. The viking museum was amazing but no filming allowed.  Shame – it was incredible.  They re-created a working village. OMG, so realistic!   The Castle Museum, Clifford’s Tower and the York Castle Prison were incredible. Went to Mother Shiptons Cave where things hung under the falling water turn to stone within 3 months. Its a natural geological phenomenon.  Mother Shipton was born in the cave and was known as a witch. She apparently predicted the Spanish Armada and the great fire of London, amongst other things.   I previously posted photos of it.

The pubs are amazing and so homely.  Too homely – I could sit there and chat all day long. Especially with my good friend Jack Daniels. Lol Everyone is so friendly.  Staying away from all the fish and chips. My hips will be happy! LMAO

Overdosed on chocolate on the chocolate tour. But June knows that was worth it. 🙂  Haha.

We went to Edinburough for the day. And went through the castle. I was in awe of it. Whilst there the Scottish regiment were on parade as they were being honoured on their return from Afghanistan.  Brilliant to witness.

I want to be spooked so tonight I’m going on the ghost tour.

Hugs to you all…. Paula xxx



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25 responses to “More Photos

  1. Glad you are enjoying it

  2. Waving back
    Ghost Tour – how amazing will that be – you must do a post about it..please!!!
    Have fun angel cakes xxx 🙂

    • Hey Mumsy! *waving* my post is a day late! Lol
      Done the ghost tour and left my phone in the apartment. *Bugger * because it was unreal! 🙂
      The tour guide was dressed like Jack the Ripper. OMG! He stayed in character the whole tour. I was scared of him! LMAO. Hugs Paula. Xxxxx

  3. June

    Wow! Those photos are magnificent!
    and when I read my name in your post, I felt like getting pretty high…
    with dopamine haha.. Thanks!
    Just have a good time there. We’re just here waiting, wanting to hear about your escapade more. 😉

    • Hey June! I can’t stop laughing. 🙂 Well you did share my enthusiasm for chocolate, right? Lol
      Having fun exploring. Next I’ll post Copen Hagen. Got back yesterday and what a beautiful place. Hugs Paula. Xxx

      • June

        Haha right. Funny you still remembered and mentioned that. Now I really can’t spell fun without U.
        Can’t wait for your next spectacles. 😉

  4. No worries, just keep sharing your stories and lovely photos of your trip. Enjoy, Paula dear. xox Perpetua.

  5. I have just promised myself to do that chocolate tour. Twice:)))

  6. Words, emotions, imagination is a beautiful

  7. The chocolate and the castle visit caught my attention the most! I’m so glad that you are enjoying the trip! xo

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  8. Wonderful pictures, and you had my full attention with the chocolate bar.

  9. We have a ghost tour in Norwich- it’s so much fun! Good way of learning some history too. I always think Norwich is very similar to York. I love the Viking Centre & Castle Museum too- I’ve been a few times. Lovely to see all your pics and so glad you’ve been enjoying yourself. xxx

    • Thanks Rachel! I’ve really enjoyed staying in York. As much as I love London, this has been really homely. That sounds strange but its the first thing that comes to my mind! Lol. Your weathers improving and I’m going home to rain. Lol :). Hugs Paula. Xxx

  10. Rohan 7 Things

    Sounds like you really made the best of your time! Aww, looks like heaps of fun 🙂 The castle museum pics looked amazing!

    Thanks for sharing Paula, hugs 🙂


    • I’ve had a great time. 🙂 All good things must come to an end as I leave for Dubai in 2 days. Which I have 2 days to explore then home, James! Lol Who knows what my next chapter in life will be? 🙂 hugs Paula. Xx

  11. Hope that you really did enjoy your time in UK. 🙂


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