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Holiday Ramblings

Westminster AbbeyWall

Westminster Abbey Circle

Street Theatre

Tudor Style


Castle Wall

Mother Shipton Cave

Mother Shipton Cave Tour

So cute!

Friendly Local

I am having a lovely time. I hope you are all well!


Paula xxx


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Hello from the UK

Mallard Train


Carriage Museum

Inside carriage

Local Attractions


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I’m off to London


It’s strange that I’m leaving again after just getting home from the QM2. But come Friday 3am I’m off to London.

But this will be my last holiday for a while, I need to get home and sort out my life.

This time I will do better at taking pictures and posting them. Well at least I hope so!  If not I promise to post them when I return.  lol

I shall hunt down internet cafe’s and keep as connected as one can on a holiday.

Alastair and Rachel who both live in the U.K have told me it’s freezing. How does this happen in April? I spend New years there in 2011 as I was dying for it to snow. I left the 6th January and it never snowed. I got home and it snowed. Lol I’m really not that great in the cold as I’m use to warmish weather. But, I love wrapping up in mittens, hats and scarves. It’s a novelty for me as Perth is very rarely that cold. Actually down south it can be. 🙂  I shall wrap myself up in bed each night and read books. Every time I go away I read like crazy in the night time. I have no idea why. I just do!  I will be away for 1 month. When I went to Europe and the U.K in 2011 I was gone for 6 weeks and read 6 books. I felt like a book worm. Lol

I have purchased a paperwhite kindle and have downloaded 3 books written by those I follow – and follow me. This is pretty new to me as I really enjoy holding a book whilst I’m reading it. But it seems this is the way of the new world. LMAO So, one has to go with the flow. 🙂

Ramblings From A Mum’s  The Empty NestYes… I’m going to read it again!! So should all mothers. Love you, Mumsy!! x

Ahamin’s Psychs.  I have heard this is a thriller that’s guaranteed to have us on the edge of our seats. So I’m prepared for whatever may come. I don’t bite my nails but maybe I’ll hide under the blankets. lol

Rohan 7 Thing’s The Mice Eat Iron. It’s the first part in the Sci-Fi adventure that is the Gyaros trilogy. Not something I would normally read but after following Rohan well, who wouldn’t read it! lol He’s one funny guy and wise beyond his years.

Take care everyone…. See you on the other side of the world! And what a beautiful side it is!  🙂

 Hugs to you all……Paula xxxx

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An Inspirational Snack

I had to re-blog this as it’s so inspiring. Have a good night. Hugs Paula xx


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Dr Nicholas Jenner is a great psychologist and is looking for anyone prepared to tell their story about Depression. Goodluck Dr Jenner. Night everyone…..Hugs Paula xx

Dr Nicholas Jenner is a great psychologist and is looking for anyone prepared to tell their story about Depression. Goodluck Dr Jenner. Night everyone…..Hugs Paula xx

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Depression Exists



Depression is so cruel and can sneak up on you at any point if you don’t keep your mind active.

Depression is lonely and isolating.

Depression is cutting and deep to your soul.

Depression is not a sign of weakness. Your just lost!

Depression is dark and cold.

Depression is something that robs you of all rational thinking!

Depression is not something that defines you as a person.

Depression is curable!

Depression is something that once you come out the other end, you are stronger than before!

Depression is something that many of us may experience at some point in our lives. Death, breakups, your lost, money problems, jobless, homelessness, rape, abuse, mental illness etc etc We are more than just someone suffering with Depression. We are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, friends, co-workers etc. and this is just a part of us that has come undone. You will get better! It may take time, therapy and medication, but you will prevail! At the time it never feels like it and there are just days you want it all to end and I understand that. But never give up on yourself. You are strong brave and courageous, if you weren’t you would never have made it this far in life. Life throws all kinds of things at us every day… It’s like we are constantly being tested. Fight the urge to give in and if you can’t find the strength for yourself, find it in your heart to get better for those that love you. And there are plenty that love you! Even as you are now, if you’re a mess they are mess and always remember that. You haven’t failed. You’ve done the best job you can so far. Who knows whats around the corner? Try stay positive and focused. Something amazing could be waiting for you. It’s just not the right time now. Where there is darkness there is always light, believe in that and your halfway there! I hope your world is shining and try to not let life get you too down. You are beautiful just the way you are – and never forget that! Some things in life are just hard to understand but at the end of the day, we are all playing our part…. No matter how big or small that part is! You are worthy and you have not failed!!! You are just being tested! So pass the test. It’s not an easy one and there are no easy answers. Deep down there is no right and wrong you just need to find that inner peace again.

Love  light and hugs to you all….Hugs Paula xxxxx


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My Weekend

I went in to feed Daisy, Bushy, Crossy and Piggy this weekend and believe me it’s not an easy thing to do when they want their pellets. lol

They nearly bowled me over at one point. But they are ever so cute.

Sheep 1

Sheep 2

Sheep 3

My beautiful boy Teco once again.

Teco and I

I’m not into harming any kind of animals or humans. This was just target practice with the shotgun. The only time it would be used would be to protect the animals and kill deadly snakes. Other than that, I hate guns, but they are a necessity to protect animals from predators.

This is the most wonderful Easter cupcakes anyone has made for me. My 6yr old niece and sister-in-law made them for me. Ohhhhh!!! I showed great self restraint… I shared with everyone and only ate one! lol


Hope you all had a wonderful Easter! hugs Paula xxxxx


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