Lovely Scenery


Bridge Arch

Architecture 4

Architecture 3

Architecture 2




Cold – but very beautiful. Loving it.


Paula xxx


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24 responses to “Lovely Scenery

  1. Lovely scenery, lovely Paula! xox

  2. beautiful photo story ! have nice day

  3. wisejourney

    Enjoy your trip Paula…..have a super spring time 🙂

  4. love the Gothic feel of these photos 🙂

  5. June

    Wow, those images are like the ones I often see in a travel magazine!
    and yeah, you got some style!

    • You made me smile again. Twice in 1 day. Lol
      If you love history, you would love this place! Rowntree and Cadburys started their factories here. Went on the tour yesterday and left feeling sick after devouring/ taste testing LMAO chocolates. Mmmm
      But boy was it worth it. Happy endorphines everywhere. Lol 🙂 hugs Paula. Xxxx

  6. so beautiful, I loved them all… Where is this place? Cadburys is a chocolate isn’t it? Thank you, have a nice journey dear Paula, love, nia

  7. Great scenery.


  8. i like the bicycle trail under the bridge

  9. I like the last one…because you are in it *smiles*

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