Holiday Ramblings

Westminster AbbeyWall

Westminster Abbey Circle

Street Theatre

Tudor Style


Castle Wall

Mother Shipton Cave

Mother Shipton Cave Tour

So cute!

Friendly Local

I am having a lovely time. I hope you are all well!


Paula xxx


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26 responses to “Holiday Ramblings

  1. What was the Mother Shipton Cave like? Looks like you are having a great time

  2. Lovely to see your pics and hear you’re enjoying yourself. I love the horses!! xxx

  3. if you visit Birmingham then you can meet many relatives and villagers of mine. Have fun.

    • Hello darling little brother. 🙂

      I’m not going to Birmingham this time, but I have been there before. Thank you for offering your family to me. 🙂 You are so sweet little brother. Your Big Sis hugs you and hopes your happy. Hugs xxxx

  4. Hi Rachel. He was so adorable. He nudged me so hard I nearly fell over. Then he tried to give me a tonguey! LMAO hugs Paula 🙂 xxxx

  5. Fabulous pics, Paula. You look so happy. I have to ask what that muscular guy is doing up the ladder? 😀

  6. Yahhh….this one lets us comment. (The previous blog did not. Ack! lol)

    I am glad you are having a grand time. By the way, who is taking the photos of you? And what are those things on the string lines?????


    • They are teddy bears, hats, shoes etc. They hang there for 3 months and then they turn to stone. Its incredible. My mum took the photo. 🙂 I nearly ate the fish and chips for lunch. Lol. Its so tempting!! Haha, but I refrained. 🙂 hugs xxxxx

  7. Paula dear, You are truly having the time of your life. Beautiful pics. Love it. Hey, give my regards to the Queen, eh. Also, thanks for your support in my post. Enjoy. xox Perpetua

  8. wisejourney

    I see you re in Yorkshire….the county of my birth. What took you there I wonder ….

  9. June

    Now I really could say I’m envious. 🙂

  10. Rohan 7 Things

    Aww, the horse pictures are adorable. Good to see you smiling and enjoying yourself 🙂


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