Depression Exists



Depression is so cruel and can sneak up on you at any point if you don’t keep your mind active.

Depression is lonely and isolating.

Depression is cutting and deep to your soul.

Depression is not a sign of weakness. Your just lost!

Depression is dark and cold.

Depression is something that robs you of all rational thinking!

Depression is not something that defines you as a person.

Depression is curable!

Depression is something that once you come out the other end, you are stronger than before!

Depression is something that many of us may experience at some point in our lives. Death, breakups, your lost, money problems, jobless, homelessness, rape, abuse, mental illness etc etc We are more than just someone suffering with Depression. We are mothers, fathers, wives, husbands, sisters, brothers, friends, co-workers etc. and this is just a part of us that has come undone. You will get better! It may take time, therapy and medication, but you will prevail! At the time it never feels like it and there are just days you want it all to end and I understand that. But never give up on yourself. You are strong brave and courageous, if you weren’t you would never have made it this far in life. Life throws all kinds of things at us every day… It’s like we are constantly being tested. Fight the urge to give in and if you can’t find the strength for yourself, find it in your heart to get better for those that love you. And there are plenty that love you! Even as you are now, if you’re a mess they are mess and always remember that. You haven’t failed. You’ve done the best job you can so far. Who knows whats around the corner? Try stay positive and focused. Something amazing could be waiting for you. It’s just not the right time now. Where there is darkness there is always light, believe in that and your halfway there! I hope your world is shining and try to not let life get you too down. You are beautiful just the way you are – and never forget that! Some things in life are just hard to understand but at the end of the day, we are all playing our part…. No matter how big or small that part is! You are worthy and you have not failed!!! You are just being tested! So pass the test. It’s not an easy one and there are no easy answers. Deep down there is no right and wrong you just need to find that inner peace again.

Love  light and hugs to you all….Hugs Paula xxxxx


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31 responses to “Depression Exists

  1. such beautiful words of encouragement lovely and as Ivonne said the image is gorgeous. Fight on everyone that suffers for tomorrow is a new day and to be out in the fresh air breathing and consuming life is a far better action than sitting inside in your own darkness. xxxx

    • Oh Mumsy! That is sooo true. Life is everywhere and no where for me right now, but tomorrow is always another day. And life gets clearer with each day. Teco boy brightens my whole world. I loves you……xxxxxxxx

  2. wisejourney

    Your positive attitude and warming words say it all so softly…so kindly. I can feel your spirit in your words……hugs for Paula in Aus.

  3. June

    So spot on!
    I wanted to pick a favorite quote but I might end up quoting the whole post.
    So hard to pick from a lot of true and wonderful words. It’s one heck of a great post. 😉

  4. What a beautiful and inspiring post, Paula!
    I love the image and your last line “Deep down there is no right and wrong you just need to find that inner peace again” – .brilliant 😀

  5. ahh … many of us know ….basically, depression sucks.

    But, as you mentioned … keep trying to work towards getting out of it. It is not easy. You may need help…and that is NOT a shame to ask for it.

    People are worth it … LIFE is worth it.

    And you are worth it ok…never forget that. huuuggssss

    • I so loves you and Mumsy! I am doing everything I possibly can to stay on top of things. Even cut down on the alcohol intake! Are you proud of me?? lol 🙂 hugs xxxxxxxxxxx

  6. U are amazing..thanks for your words..
    I started a blog (just 2 posts so far):if u want take a look 😉
    Good luck

  7. Good words of encouragement, Paula. It’s a great idea to think of moods as a test. They are not permanent!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

    • I agree. It feels like it at the time…but that’s just it, initially everything feels like it’s falling apart. But it’s not. We have to go through all the emotions till we make it out the other end. It’s hard…really hard at times, but once we’re through? Wow, you see all the beauty again and that’s a beautiful thing. Hugs Wendy- Lee xxxxx

  8. Good morning, Paula. You covered all angles and there is nothing I can add. Whew! You said it better than anyone can. xox Perpetua.

  9. Rohan 7 Things

    This is great Paula, really positive uplifting, and most importantly true 🙂

    Thanks for sharing!


  10. Wonderful words Paula- and it’s so great that this is also what you are telling yourself!! You go girl!! ( I really can’t pull that off!! LOL)
    Beautiful picture too.

    • Hey Rachel, I hope all is well with you? I make myself believe this and you can too. I’m challenging myself this year to see the positive in everything. Not easy under my circumstances. But Rachel, we all deserve to be happy. I hug you and send you love. Hugs Paula. Xxxx

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