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Hello everyone! I hope all is well in your world? I’m back from my holiday and I have plenty to say, so stay tuned. Hugs to you all. xxxx

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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Bridge at NIght

Sydney at Night

Sydney at Night 3

Sydney at Night 4

Had to share some of Sydney. Next, off on the Queen Mary 2!

Hugs, Paula


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I’m off on the QM2


Well my fellow bloggers and bloggettes!  I’m off to Sydney this Wednesday morning with my 21 year old son to board the Queen Mary 2 on it’s circumnavigation of New Zealand.

As this is my birth place I’ve been there many times, but never on a ship as beautiful as the QM2. I did a 21 day cruise to Japan with my husband a few years ago. He didn’t enjoy that one as we were at sea for to many days in between ports.And last year I went went on a cruise that circumnavigated Australia.  I loved that.

What makes this one really special to me is that my mum, step dad, sister and her partner are also coming. It’s a 12 day cruise and finishes in Sydney on the 19th March, which is my birthday. We are staying in Sydney for 2 days and then returning to Perth. I sooo don’t like having birthdays anymore! Can you relate?? LMAO

The ship is very glamorous  and if you love to dress up to the nines, this is the ocean liner to go on! On formal nights men have to be in a tuxedo or black suit/white shirt and bow tie. They all look gorgeous, no matter how old they are. You can’t not love a man dressed in such a way. The ladies are in long flowing ball gowns and have all their jewels out. Everyone sparkles! Semi-formal nights: Men still have to be in suit and tie. As for the women, if you think of going to a cocktail party, then that’s what you would be wearing. I love these nights as they are elegant but not too over the top. Semi-casual nights: these are the most relaxed nights; you dress as if your just going out to an elegant restaurant.

To me, the gym is one of the most important parts of the ship! (lol.) You soooo need to go every day to make up for the food extravagance. Over indulging on these ships is very easy!! Tea and scones, anyone?? lol All that cream and all that fat! But boy it taste so damn good! lol

They actually have a low calorie, three course menu each night. Okay, you’re thinking: what the hell for, right? But seriously, after a while it can all get a bit much. I mean who eats a three course meal every night and then goes to the midnight buffet? On the ship, heaps of people do and then I’m sure they get off hating themselves!! lol. So, my advice is to eat whatever you want and just make sure you do the exercise classes to make up for it!

I won’t get a chance to keep up with those of you I follow, so stay happy and I shall see you when I return! If I have a chance I will post some pictures.

Love and hugs to you all……Paula xx

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I love this and think it’s worth re-blogging! Why? Because we all need to remember these basic principals in life! Enjoy your weekend! Hugs Paula xxx

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