Sydney Opera House

Sydney Bridge at NIght

Sydney at Night

Sydney at Night 3

Sydney at Night 4

Had to share some of Sydney. Next, off on the Queen Mary 2!

Hugs, Paula


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28 responses to “Sydney

  1. Have a great time Paula.

  2. wow, have fun, big sis 🙂 hugs from lil bro

  3. I wish you a happy 8th March Women’s Day!

  4. Bon Voyage Paula *wavies* …. You have a wonderful trip….and take more photos when you can … but mostly … enjoy the time away.


    • Hello my dearest Katiekins!! *waving* I had a grand time as you would say! lol
      Got back yesterday and there is no way I can keep up with all the blogs I follow, forgive me? I shall keep up from now on. I hug you and will see you on the flip side! lol xxxxxxx

  5. Gorgeous! It’s on my list of places to get to one day. Have fun!!!

  6. These are beautiful, Paula! Have fun sweet friend!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

    • Hey dear Wendy-Lee! I’m back and had a great time. I can’t possibly keep up with the posts I’ve missed but will from now on. Hope all is well in your world and the sun god has come to visit you! Hugs Paula xxxx

  7. Happy holiday, Paula. Enjoy every minute of it!:)

  8. d.

    I’m traveling vicariously with you! Great pictures.

  9. I have nominated you for the Hug Award. For more details, please visit this link

    • That is sooo sweet!! I love giving you all a hug and think that’s the best award ever!! I’ll try and get onto it this week as I’ve just returned home. Hugs to you and see you on your blog very soon. hugs Paula xxxx

  10. I realize I don’t know how long your cruise trip is! Hopes you are having a grand time.

  11. Dear Paula, I wish you very happy hours on QM2 🙂 Big hugs !!!

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