This is a really touchy one. I realise that many people have different beliefs.

Is it just faith in a God, whoever you perceive him/her/it to be…. Or is it more about faith in yourself?

Do you think not believing in something puts you behind the 8 ball, so to speak?

Can you not wonder, and think of the God, but not go to church and he/she/it still would love you? Gods are worshiped, right? But why so many Gods?? Who’s the right God and even then… How do we know?

By not really fully believing in a God, does that make us sinners or less worthy of a Gods love? Isn’t God supposed to be forgiving and love all people? If so, why isn’t there one single belief?

Why are there so many wars in the name of God? Do they not all claim to be peaceful gods?

They say in the spiritual world we are never sent any more than we can handle. Wow, boy are we able to handle a lot sometimes! So, is it God that gets us through this or is it ourselves and our own inner strength that prevails?

What if there’s nothing and we die and just go into a hole and rot? Does it matter what happens to us when we die at the point that we are dead? Ahhhh, you’re saying it’s your soul! That’s a deep one and one we all need to protect.

So, by believing in God do you give your heart and soul to him/her/it/them? Does it bring a peace in knowing that someone/some thing is always there guiding you?

Most people that follow my blog know I’m not really a full convert to religion. I only bring this up was because I have many followers that do believe in god; whoever they perceive him/her/it to be.

What you have done to me is made me think and question religion. You have given me peace and comfort when I needed it. Your love of him/her/it rubs off and resonates through your comments. I don’t know this particular kind of love. I need to see something in order to believe! Now I know there are things in life that we have to believe in based on faith alone.

But a God you can not see, I struggle with. Especially with so muchsuffering in the world.

What I do love  and believe in is all of you that have found that peace. I’m glad you follow me and shine your light on me as well.

Thank you all for the love you show me and all the food for thought!

I appreciate every single one of you and find it interesting hearing about all the different religions! I’m glad you are all in my life. Even if it’s a cyber one! I’m so addicted to it that I can’t even go out without checking blogs on my phone! So I would say you are all in my real life in a  way too! Lol

People that don’t blog…just don’t get it!

Love peace and hugs to you all…….Paula xxxxx

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42 responses to “Faith

  1. I have been agnostic for many years. I had a dream once in which God spoke to me and I brought it up with a vicar I was friends with, and he said that the book and verse I was given (Job something or other) said “when you are ready to come back I will accept you” That was about eight years ago. Lately I prayed and asked if he existed then show me proof. I asked four times, and something happened each time. One was the angel in the clouds. Another was my mother’s cancer not being cancer, and yet another was asking for help for a friend who had a call the next day offering her something. So as a result, I do believe there is something there

  2. Hugss back Paula…I feel this article..

  3. It’s all good. We’re all at different stages in our life, Paula, and we do what is best for us and what is right for us. No right or wrong — in fact, everyone is right.

    To me, personally, God is in all of us whether we believe or not. I’m a believer, not only in God but in Santa Claus, angels, fairies, and the Easter Bunny — all of it. I feel blessed that I feel it all around me. To me, saying God is a man in the sky watching over us is comforting, but God is so much more than that, so I feel it’s kind of silly to just think of him in a one-dimensional way. This past Sunday in church our pastor pointed out things in the bible that referred to Jesus Christ as a “mother hen.” I love the idea of God manifesting as both man and woman. I do not like to put limitations on God that he’s just a man in the sky. That is fine for Santa Claus, but not God.

    Hope this makes sense 🙂

  4. tfaswift

    That’s a really nice post. It is a very sensitive topic, but I don’t get worked up about it. I find it quite interesting that some of the most compassionate people I know (the types you would imagine go to heaven, if there is such a thing) are atheist. One of the reasons cited for their reason not to believe in God is precisely due to all the suffering in the world and how much they care about those people/animals that are suffering. That’s one of the reasons that, despite the fact that I do believe in God, I don’t ever judge anyone for being agnostic or atheist. Often they are the nicest people you could ever meet! One of my atheist friends is a dedicated animal rights activist and vegan. She has devoted her life to alleviating the suffering of animals. She doesn’t believe in God because of all the suffering that she witnesses every day.

    I also feel a great deal of anguish about the suffering in the world and have wept about it many times. I have many questions about why God allows it, but I still keep my faith. That’s just my personal choice. And then even tougher are the people who endure direct pain and suffering to themselves. Many of them also stop believing. It just seems to get harder and harder. I don’t know the answers. I do believe in karma, but sometimes even that is difficult to explain some situations. I just tell myself that in the end, justice will be served for the guilty and the innocent. Maybe one day if I go to heaven, I will find out the answers as to why God allows these things. Until then, I tell myself that I am just a human, and maybe to God that’s something like being an ant. I’m probably not going to stop and explain things to an ant. Best I can do is try not to step on it!

    My own views about war (at risk of bringing a hail of insults upon my head) is that religion (or God) is used as an excuse by governments to get the people riled up and ready to fight (and die). I don’t think that God makes war; I think politicians do. But that’s just my view, and I’m not trying to convince anyone of anything.

    I think it’s really sweet that you wrote this post for those among your followers who are believers, even when you yourself are not. That’s really kind and so gracious.

    I don’t presume to know this, but sometimes I can’t help but wonder – if there is a God, and if He is one day faced with one atheist who was a kind, compassionate and gentle person, and 100 religious people who never did anything for anyone but they prayed and went to church, will He really show them preference? I don’t know the answer obviously, but it makes me stop and think.

  5. Hello Paula! Hugs. I know what you mean about ‘People that don’t blog…just don’t get it.’ My step-dad rolled his eyes when I mentioned that I blog. So I switched the topic to books which is something we both love…

    Before I believed in Jesus I thought that Christians were kinda nerdy but nice, and I didn’t get why they were the way they were. I recognized right away that just because someone says they are one does not mean it is always sincere. Sadly every church has fakers in the them. And since only Christ was perfect it means Christians often mess up regularly. As they mature through the power of the Holy Spirit they mess up less. It was the love shown me by sincere believers that drew me to faith.

    Even after over 30 years of believing I still have moments when I can’t comprehend how God can allow really bad stuff to happen on earth. It is only in remembering that He has promised that ‘our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.’ Romans 8:18 In believing that this life of about 80 yrs or so is brief compared to an eternity in a loving, perfect, and safe heaven, I am able to let go of my anger towards his gift of freewill to even the ‘bad guys’. The truth is that we’ve all done bad stuff – but it’s the atrocities that are really hard to swallow… like torture etc.

    Paula, you are not alone in those questions. 🙂 Thank you for such a thoughtful and from the heart post!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

    • Your one of the people I’m referring too! You always bless me and some how it’s comforting to me, yet I’m not religious! Go figure!
      My time will one day come when I suppose I shall meet whoever is on the other side. Maybe they,them it….will forgive me. Hope your having a great day, Wendy-Lee!! Hugs Paula xxxx

  6. I’m with you on being happy for others who are able to find comfort in god even if I do not. When people say they are praying for me, I appreciate it because I know that to them, they are appealing to someone they believe can help me to please do so. I don’t have to believe it for it to be meaningful. The point is, they take time out of their day to wish me well. 😊

  7. That’s a very nice post. I think I will answer this with a post of my own soon. I will be sure to tag you when I do. For the record, I am agnostic.

  8. An interesting topic….and one that you are brave to take on. However, you did it well … with understanding and without judgement. Well done. I have debated on doing a post on the issue of relgion and faith myself … but have not had the courage yet.

    The responses you recieved were every bit as well thought out as your blog by the way. I am impressed.

    It warms my heart to see that people can have differing views … perhaps ever disagree, but still discuss things calmly and with respect.

    In actuallity, those responding here so far are more than respectful, but are also accepting of others. *smiles*

    Perhaps one day I too will share my feelings on the subject.

    • This I would love to read! And I totally agree. Everyone of my responses have been wonderful. This is why I admire those that have peace within themselves that they don’t feel the need to knock anyone else. Anyway if he is real, he sent you all to me and each other, right? I hope you having a wonderful day my Katiekins!! Hugs xxxxxx

  9. wisejourney

    Belief is the key word for me. That is what brings us inner peace and strength when needed. A belief in A God or not but ultimately a belief in yourself that you deserve peace and love and happiness and that inside yiu there is all you need to take your through everything life throws your way.

  10. Ahh my darling, as you have probably gathered I do not hold religious believes, I do clasp my hand and pray when I feel the need to do so, perhaps because I went to Sunday School, other than that I know not why. I think if you wish to believe in anything…believe in yourself first 🙂 xxx Huggssss

  11. June

    The fact that you’ve tackled faith, which is a sensitive topic, with grace is adorable. Faith is a very complex thing. When talking about Faith, I always make sure that I have prepared to bring a lot of Respect with me.

    Personally, I think everyone needs to believe in something in order to find purpose or goals in life. It’s hard to believe in something without personifying it that is why Religions were put up for those who need the convenience of choosing a personified something.

    For me though, life become complicated with so many beliefs and rules to follow and so I choose to be simplistic and rather believe in goodness. Goodness can be at times subjective but I can never go wrong if I try to seek for it rather than use ancient rules that could become devastating if taken out of context.

    Whatever makes life wonderful and good and worthwhile, I’m for it and so I respect whatever Faith people around me have as long as we get along well.

    Have a great day Paula!

    • I so love your comment and agree wholeheartedly with you! As long as no one forces their belief on someone else, I’m all for it! I’m glad for whatever makes the person happy. You have a great day too! Hugs Paula xxxxx

  12. The typographic quotes or shall i say the image above is really nice.. My first time here, but i can say that I love reading your posts.

  13. if you get a chance check out my post “I am not religious” I said that religion is man made and not of god. god is to big for a religion and that religion is like a box, and how jesus challenged the idea of organized religion

    • Myself personally I would have to say is more spiritual, but I wouldn’t judge anyone on their beliefs. We all have free will and choice, it’s as simple as that. I must say though that I like your take on it and this is why I wrote it! Everyone is so gracious and respectful to each others beliefs and that’s how it should be. I shall check you blog out! Have a great day!! Hugs Paula xxxxx

  14. A great post. I always like to distingush that there is a difference between religions which have been constructed by men by socio-political reasons and spirituality which is about having a connection to nature and the universe around us. I consider myself to be very spiritual but not religious as I can not follow the constraints of anyone else’s thought systems. But that is not to say that I do not find great truth in the many sages that have appeared on the planet. Many great truths in all forms in all faiths. I pick and and chose that which appeals to me–ecletecness–a little bit of this and a little bit of that. I find that my spiritual life is a rich buffet of many gods and goddess all of which guide through the different energies.



  15. Thank you for your ever gracious words and generous heart!Have nice day

  16. proportionsinlife

    “But a God you can not see, I struggle with. Especially with so much suffering in the world.” ….that my problem area too.
    Thank you for a wonderful and thought provoking post.
    Life is good.

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