Where’s your Ancestry?

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This is always interesting to me:

Who are you and were do you come from?

For me on my dads side, my dad was 1st generation Kiwi  (New Zealand).

My Grandad, his father was born in Bangalore, India.

My Great Grandad, was born Madras, India.

Great Great Grandad, born also Madras, India.

Great Great Great Grandad was born in Mauritius.

Then back to where it all began was with my Great Great Great Great Grandad who was born in Limmerick Eire (Ireland).

He bought his commission and was promoted to Brevet Major in 1819. He spent 35 years in service in the East Indies.

This is how we ended up with the Anglo Indian bloodline for many years.

I don’t know much about my mum’s heritage, other than her great grandmother was born in Sweden. My mum was also born in New Zealand.

My mum had 4 boys, all with brown eyes but 2 boys with blonde hair and 2 with dark hair. One of my brothers is so dark you would think he’s Middle Eastern or from somewhere like that.

Both of us girls are blonde with blue eyes.

My sister is the oldest and I’m the 5th.

We migrated to Australia when I was 4, as I had severe asthma and they thought the warmer climate would help me. It did to a certain degree, but  I had asthma until I was 29 or maybe 30 and then low and behold, it went away like magic! *Poof*

My dad has fairly dark skin and in the summer we all go incredibly brown.

So, where do you come from?

hugs Paula xxxx

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32 responses to “Where’s your Ancestry?

  1. Paula I really appreciate the pains you have taken to track your generations. I am happy to know some of your forefathers were Asian (India)…..That’s a good research which I never could complete,as there were no sources left to inform ! 😦

  2. nice to know, big sis. I dunno but I know this that my forefathers came from Arab as I belong to an Arab caste. I hope you enjoying your life. Huge hugs from lil bro.

  3. I’ve been tracing my family tree, and yet no one on my dad’s side knows the names of anyone past his father. He doesn’t know the name of his grandfather or grandmother and Ancestry hasn’t got any hints

    • What a shame Ancestry.Com can’t help! I really enjoyed doing it and my family likes it as they get emails sent through reminding them of everyone’s birthdays, from My Heritage. My family is large so trust me it’s helpful!! I wish you luck that someone maybe able to help you! Hugs Paula xxxxx

  4. Hi Paula! My dad’s side is Russian and Polish while my mom’s side is English, Irish, and Scottish. I’ve never really researched beyond that basic information. I was born in Canada and so were my parents. Your family history sure is interesting!

    Blessings ~ Wendy

  5. Let me see: ancestors are Negritoes from the mountains, Aetas and Malays. mixed that with Spanish, Chinese, American. Boring nothing in comparison to yours.

  6. Ohhh …that was interesting. I knew you had Irish in you …from Limmerick….a bit south nod nods.

    Me … both my mum and da were born in Ireland. My da is from Galway. Mum was from Donegal.

    On da’s side, if you go back far enough, we have Spanish blood I believe. I have no records … but the history of the place goes back there…tis why we have the darker hair and a bit darker skin too.

    From mum’s side … it’s harder to trace … but there was sooooo many invasions….viking, ohh…maybe I come from Viking blood! lol.

    Good family tree research Paullama *smiles*

    • Haha! got to love those vikings! Spanish blood would be cool too! I’m off to Copenhagen soon and shall hunt down info about your possible relatives! (Vikings) lol Huge hug and have a great weekend! Hugs Paula xxxxx

  7. I would LOVE to do a family tree but sadly never got around to it. Such an interesting pist and learning more about you each day 🙂 My mother is English. My father is Czecholslavakian. He was adopted out but returned to his mother and stepfather before escaping during the war. I would love to actually find out more about where they both ‘originated’ from..I just have to get off my bum and do it! I have olive skin and dark hair like my European dad, my brothers both had/have fair skin and blonde like mum. Mr. S has Viking background so I laughed and Katies response! xxxxx

  8. June

    The Philippines has a very diverse culture and origin that even within the country we have so many labels for our regional origin which at some point I find ridiculously tedious to trace (oh my ancestors are so going to find me ungrateful).
    We have so many natives with so many names but the first notable settlers were ‘Malay’ (which could be my ancestors) they must have come from Indonesia, Thailand or countries mostly from Southeast Asia. Some Chinese also settled in the Philippines but I have no Chinese origin, as far as I know.
    Spain colonized Philippines for roughly 300 years, so I have some Spanish roots.
    My great great grandfather in my ma’s side is Spanish. Father side must be purely Filipino from the Visayan Region which again has a lot of mini-labels which is quite hard to explain to someone not from my place. 🙂

  9. wisejourney

    I have researched my family history as far as I can on line which is pretty much 200 years and I am British through and through it seems with a sprinkling of scots and possible line back to Eastern Europe … For me the interesting part was seeing migration across a country and in all cases driven by economic needs…
    I must say you have the Scandinavian look 🙂


    • That’s really cool. Many families were driven by the economy, I agree! So funny you say I look Scandinavian, being told this a lot. 🙂
      My youngest son (20) also looks very Scandinavian. The girls love him! Lol Hugs Paula xxxx

  10. You’ve been tagged, my friend….:)
    You saw the post,but we have some rules…so please visit this link :

  11. The older I get, the more I want to get on ancestry.com and dig around!

  12. proportionsinlife

    I know so little about where I come from…. entire generations wiped out by nazis. I know who I am and where I come from only by virtue of what I uncover and discover, and the little bits I get from my parents.
    Life is good!

  13. How nice to find the track of our ancestry… My mother’s father, was coming from The Rhodes Island in Greece, at that time there was Ottoman Empire… My grandfather’s father was the battalion imam in the military castle of the island and my mother’s mother was a tailor of Ottoman Palace (for ladies in Harem). My father’s father was imam and hafız of a village in an Aegean region of my country. And I don’t know about my grandmother so much… There is not any information about the time before them… It always makes me sad not to find anything… Thank you, love, nia

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