Depression Exists


Depression Exists:

As you all know lately I’ve been all over the place. However, Depression hasn’t won this time and I intend for it to never win again!  It’s just me I personally have been all over the place. But now I’m  starting to focus and get my act together once more.

Once you realise that you can’t control everything, life seems to get easier. I thought I had to control everything, but then life did a turn and I no longer had to. Meaning I got married and was in a position that I no longer had to work! My youngest was 5 then and my oldest was 14. The 14 year old had been used to me working all his life, but they both loved me being a stay at home mum.

At first this was a huge novelty to me and I had no idea how to occupy myself. I learnt piano when I was young and so thought what the hell, I’ll learn again. I had a spiritual piano teacher and she taught me how to relax and ground myself. I learnt classical and felt really confident with her by my side. I loved the music but really struggled to read it. So, I played a lot by ear.

Then one day, I hurt my hand learning to  play  Moonlight Sonate. It should have taken a break but I insisted on getting it right using the wrong fingering over and over  and ended up with tendinitis. I took a break but in the process lost my confidence. I had been with her for 3 years but all of a sudden I couldn’t hear the music. No one understood; I had played it and loved it. There I was, confidence shattered. I told myself I could no longer play. Just like that, I closed the lid and have barely opened it since.

My son talked me into it a couple of times and recently I mucked around with my 11 month old niece on it. She couldn’t judge me. Actually I’m my worst critic and, at times, my worst enemy. I thought of going back to it. My husband suggested I learn the guitar. He has more faith in me than I do and misses hearing me play. Confidence can be a real prick. Sorry! But it’s true. You lose it and tell yourself you can no longer do something and suddenly… Guess what? You can’t! So, the piano just looks at me and I feel like a failure.

When I knew my confidence had taken a dive, I needed something to make me feel worthy. Yes, we all need to feel this. and being home is great, but we need to keep ourselves active members of society. I ended up throwing huge Christmas parties at a function centre.  It was the party of the year to come to. It was so much fun and every year I had a different theme with all props matching. I bought gifts for Santa to give all the children. There was Fat Cat, Fairies, D.J.’s, and a number of other entertainers. Boy was it fun. The food was the biggest thing to organise, and of course the alcohol. My brother-in-law is a lawyer so he took responsibility for the bar!! Lol I told myself I would stop when my son graduated year 12 (he was 17 years old). I did stop then; it had become quite expensive.

During this period there was no time for depression – I was too busy! Lol

I renovated a number of homes. Not pulling walls down and doing brick work, but being the project manager. All renovations need one as everything needs to flow, just like music! Lol  I was great at keeping tradies happy… No, not in an ilicit sort of way… But that would have probably made for a better story!
Tradies hate it when other tradesman are in their working space, and rightfully so. I became a great cleaner and negotiator.  I did 7 homes in 14 years and whilst it was fun, it’s also very tiring and stressful! Yet you look at the end result and go, I want to do it again! lol

To do nothing only brings about depression as you have too much time to analyse – and over analyse – everything and anything. You make mountains out of molehills and everything becomes bigger than Ben-Hur!!

Keeping yourself occupied is one f the best things you can do for your mind.

Then last year I decided I wanted to volunteer for an organisation. I responded to an advertisement looking for someone to help at an old peoples home. Right, I can do that…. Well so I thought!  When I started I thought “how on earth am I going to remember all these peoples names and areas they belong in!”. But like everything, in time you learn and it becomes second nature. I stayed for 8 months and in that time I met some beautiful people and heard some really great old stories. But it’s not really the place for anyone with any sort of Depression. Why? On one hand it’s incredibly rewarding… and then the other it’s the most depressing place ever!!

The families that love and respect their elderly are easy to see, their loved one has photos, pretty blankets, ornaments, t.v’s, some even have their own laptops. They are happy cheery people and can’t wait for their families to turn up. The ones abandoned there have nothing but their beds and worn out old clothes. It’s heartbreaking to see and these people are generally quite sad and lost. I spent time in the dementia ward and this was not for the fainthearted. I loved being there yet there were times it was a little scary and you had to take a break. It’s so hard watching the families losing all hope as their parents slowly forget who they are. Dementia is a cruel disease and robs everyone of all dignity in the end.

At the same time I was volunteering I was in the midst of renovating my last home. We had 2 really big storms come through. It caused major flooding to the house and I needed to spend more time getting things sorted out there. Plus I had tradies crossing each other and they weren’t happy. So, I made the decision to leave the old peoples home. They asked if I would come back when the house sold, but I didn’t. I really thought about it and didn’t think it’s the place to be for me personally. I loved these people and unfortunately I’m the type of personality that if you have a problem, then it’s mine too! Crazy I know but I’ve always been like that. I always feel like I can fix the world. When they were sad I was sad… And when they were singing and clapping their hands? So was I.

The house finally got finished and I had free time, which I loved actually. Then we had things we wanted to do at our rural property and so I spent time meeting the council and organising paperwork. We had some great wins and were given approval to install some additional forms of housing. My nephew turned a complete heap of rubbish donga/transportable into a beautifully equipped little home. We still have 2 more to do, but at least all major plumbing and electrical work is nearly completed.

So now it’s time to go and play… Jobs are all done and I’m off on a holiday. Well, two holidays actually! I shall write about them before I leave!

So for me, reading, exercising and eating, keeping myself healthy is a part of the bigger picture we call life… They are what are keeping me sane. People think it’s great to not have to work and to some degree, I agree. But overall for our own self esteem we need to stay connected to the world and not lose our own self worth. Because this is what nearly happened to me. I frustrate myself because I can do more than I realise or give myself credit for. Being negative is easy… It’s staying positive that’s the challenge!

What do you do to stay sane?

Hugs to you all….Paula xxx


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27 responses to “Depression Exists

  1. What do I do to stay sane? I flibberyabberjib jobjabbernikker. So much easier to do.

  2. Hi Paula! I agree with you that people who feel others pain may not want to spend too much time in an extended care home. Good on you for finding projects to do. I’m glad to hear that you are going to go on a holiday. Enjoy! Hugs!

    I keep sane as an at home mom by keeping my creative side busy. Gardening, writing, photography, sewing, and crafts are part of that. I love to draw and have been doing more of that too!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

    • That’s great! I so wish I was arty..even in a small way! lol As for gardening…I only do that when I feel I need to be close to mother nature. She’s great at healing you and makes you calm. Hugs Wendy-Lee. xxxxxxxxxx

      • Paula, you sound like you have no lack of creative skills since you are able to decorate, design, and direct huge reno-projects! That is no small feat – especially keeping contractors happy. We’ve redone two homes and it is not for the fainthearted. 🙂

      • I’ve never really looked at it like that, but maybe your right! Thanks Wendy-Lee. xxxxxxxx

  3. How I remain sane? BLOGGING – my release from the REAL world…oh my lovely – keep grounded – unto yourself BE TRUE. xxxx

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  5. Rohan 7 Things

    I definitely agree about keeping active and busy with a project that you love! Even if it’s challenging, when we are accountable to other people it’s sometimes enough to snap us out of our own little head space 🙂

    Great post Paula, those are some great projects, very worthy and I hope that one day that piano will no longer fill you with a feeling of shame. It’s there for you when your ready, or not. Either way don’t judge yourself harshly 😉

    By the way I’m playing blog tag and your IT! Play along if you like, no pressure though:

    Take care, and enjoy those holidays! Sounds like you’ve earned them 🙂


    • Hi Rohan! I think in a way it’s why I don’t get rid of the piano…in a weird way it’s a comfort! Talk about contradicting myself! LMAO See, I don’t know if I’m Arthur or Marther? lol. Hmmm tag…I’ll give this some thought. Clearly I’m a slow runner and you caught up with me! lol Hugs Paula xx

  6. Nods….and gives you a hug.

    Staying busy is definately part of the solution. Not just for the depression … but to keep it at bay as well. Doing things … it helps our mental state yes? It helps to define us and give us purpose. So long as we do not overly obsess, or get lost in something (or someone) too deep … then finding a cause or a calling is integral to our health I think.

    And as for keeping sane … *smiles gently* … who says I am sane?

    • Hahaha! This is true and maybe sane is over rated!! LMAO
      As for the obsessing side of things…totally agree! Although I am obsessed with fitness right now! lol I’m heading for size 8 now…not sure what that is the U.S? Huge hug back! xxxxxx

  7. I this mind stays in the “sane” world, I get depressed. Boy, you are way too busy. Kudos to you, Paula dear. Good Morning. Perpetua

  8. June

    Wow, a lot of activity you had there. I wonder why you still had time to worry too much. I kid. 🙂
    I also worry too much. Keeping my self healthy is a huge factor in keeping a happy disposition for me. I also keep my self busy to keep my mind worrying on things that matter instead of those that don’t.
    This post is so jam-packed, I learned so much about you in just a moment. It gives me that feeling that there’s really so much we can do that the word boredom should be in oblivion. 🙂

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  10. Dear Paula, I think you should go to the piano and just pluck at any old keys that sound pretty to you. That’s what I do since I can only play simple things on the piano, but I love to just play around and sometimes I hit 5 keys that sound pretty. My doggie likes to hear it–she comes into the room when I play at the piano. You don’t have to be perfect at piano just have fun with her. So for me learning new things and having some kind of goal is what keeps me sane. If I don’t actively pursue my goals that is when depression can take a nasty hold of me. And the furbabies. I take fur baby breaks throughout the day.

    love and hugs to you


    • I totally agree! i need to be active also otherwise I go stir crazy!
      LMAO I really should do what you said about the piano and maybe soon I will. Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you next week! hugs xxxxxxxx

  11. People mostly suppose that I was always happy and peaceful one… But no. I didn’t come to this day easily, there is a tragic story behind me. But always I say this, what kept me alive, just art, and creative world and of course love…. So, I agree with you dear by saying this “To do nothing only brings about depression as you have too much time to analyse – and over analyse – everything and anything. You make mountains out of molehills and everything becomes bigger than Ben-Hur!!” There is so many things make our mind busy and take us into the depressive thoughts… But when we make our minds busy with different things and also what we enjoy, depression leaves us… Thank you for this beautiful post and sharing. But let me add this too, try once again piano… Sounds so exciting and so enjoyable… I wish to start it too. Have a nice week, love, nia

    • Thanks for your beautiful comment, Nia! As for the piano…I sat there on the weekend and just hit a few keys here and there. I’ve lost so much of my confidence that I slowly have to tell myself, I’m okay!! At least I didn’t get rid of it, that’s a good thing! I love your blog and your photos. See you when I return. hugs Paula xxx

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