My Sister

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This photo was taken the other day when I was out with my sister.

When I first started blogging I kind of felt a bit strange about talking to the world I didn’t know. So, I thought if my sister allowed me to use the photo of us both at the top of my blog she would make me always feel at ease. It worked and still does. I see that photo and remember the day it was taken and it makes me smile.

When I had the breakdown and attempted suicide my sister sat by my side waiting for me to open my eyes. When I did I honestly thought she was an angel. Then she explained where I was and that I had survived and how glad she was. We both cried.  She couldn’t believe I would leave her and not tell her how I was really feeling.

Whilst in hospital a nurse came and saw me as I couldn’t stop crying. I explained to her that my whole life I had relied on my sister to always be there with me. When I was younger she looked out for me and as adults we had lived together numerous times and shared everything, even the same boyfirend at one stage! Lol NO! Not at the same time. When she broke up with him I ended up dating him for a while. He was a cop, and a gorgeous looking one at that… So who could blame me!! Lol

She wasn’t a drinker. I was. We would go out and no matter what she would wait until I was ready to go as she knew I was one of those people happy to stay in a crowd of strangers and just sit around laughing drinking.  At times  I begged her to leave me and would reassure her I would be fine. But, no matter what, she would wait up for me and want to know all about my night.  I suppose in the back of my mind I always knew she was just a phone call away.  If I was scared of driving in the city, she would take me. Don’t laugh – I so hate driving in the city!! Lol   She would tell me off when she thought I was being irresponsible or careless. Yet we always hugged, and that was that. She loved me and looked after me unconditionally and felt that it was her responsibility to do so.

After telling the nurse my life story and about my sister, she recommended I read Codependent No More by Melody Beattie

When I finished it I cried and rang my sister to apologies for making her feel that she had to feel responsible for me. I never really had thought about it as she was just there for me, like a mother. Even though we have a mother! She was totally my security blanket and even today I find I have to let go at times. She told me it was her job and she didn’t care what some book said and she will always be there for me no matter what!

That love is so hard to describe and to find, that I’m just so happy that god/universe or whoever sent me to be her sister.  She said she asked god to give her a baby sister and he did and she will love me and protect me forever. (She’s 7 years older than me).

Not everyone has this kind of relationship with a sibling but if you are lucky to (like me) then you know exactly what I’m talking about! I have 4 brothers that I adore, but I only have 1 sister and she is priceless.

So to my sister – I love you and thank you for always loving me. For never judging me and just being there for me to hug and love. You are me as I am you!!

Do you feel this love from a family member?

Hugs to you all……Paula xxxx


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40 responses to “My Sister

  1. You’re one lucky lady Paula to have a sister like that!

  2. This is such a beautiful sisterly love post, Paula! I have three girlfriends that I feel this love for and from. We are all so different but we share the same faith and the same age group. When I was giving birth to my daughter I stopped suddenly in the middle of it all to say a prayer for all three of these friends, as they were on my mind. Then I went on to give birth to my only daughter who is now the # 1 girl in my heart! You are so blessed to have such a lovely sister!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

  3. oh Paula…I have tears in my eyes…such a moving post…such strong feelings…I can totally relate as I have a sister I adore too!! She means the world to me and I really don’t know what I would have done without her. Thank you for this beautiful post and thank you for reminding me of the precious gift I have, my sister…Love, T

  4. That is so lovely and beautiful. I have a sister but we are like night and day and are not really in each other’s lives so much. I think that is why I have longed to be in a relationship, to give me that sense of love and family that I don’t have in my life. Good for you to have that relationship.



    • Oh Ivonne…I want to hug you right now!! Okay, did you feel that because it was pretty tight!! Lol When we were young we didn’t always see eye to eye…but that never stopped us needing each other. I’m sorry you don’t have this. Hey! I can be your cyber sister!! 🙂 xxxxxxoooooo

  5. What a wonderful post for your sister.

  6. It was great to read about such a profound love between siblings. I have three older brothers, but I’ve been blessed to have two best friends who are close to me much like you are with your sister. Keep cherishing that relationship!

  7. What a beautiful dedication to your sister, I felt the love in your words. You are blessed to have the relationship you do, my brother and I don’t have anything like this. Am I sad because I don’t? Not really we are completely different. That is where the sibling love plays a part if you are similar I think the bond is stronger. I also hate driving in the City btw! 🙂 Hugs to you both you are lucky …the pair of you to have each other it seems. 🙂 xxxooxxx

  8. Waw… I also have 4 brothers and 1 sister too. lol

    We sometimes get blinded by our problems that we forget who matters in our lives. You matter to many, always remember that 😉

  9. am so pleased to know that you sisters met again. Yeah, I can feel that love and its so great. Wish you more love from your family members. best wishes from lil bro

  10. It is amazing how an older sister can care for you so much isn’t it? Orla was 12 years older than me … and in a very real way she raised me … and taught me the things I needed to know.

    The closeness you have with your sister sound very much like the closeness I had with mine. While our circumstances differred with regards to the specific presonalities and situations … the love and closeness … I recognize it … it makes me think of those things again. Thank you.

  11. Your perception of seeing the world is soo different and so original and innovative
    i am not sure that i am worthy to give you this award because you are a special blogger and i am just a starter so i am giving you a nomination of i would rather give you award of an Illuminating blogger.

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  13. Thank you! I greatly appreciate your kind visit to my site, likewise, your generous comments! More power to your blog! Happy Valentine’s Day!

  14. June

    Aw, this is so sweet. Your sister is a gem and you to her.
    I have sisters who only care for me enough to let me stand on my own, and pick me up when I’m down. Thank god for caring siblings!

  15. You are both very beautiful and happy to have each other. I have a little sister, we get along great, we are both used to solving our own problems but knowing she is one phone call away, no matter what, is indeed incredibly comforting.

  16. Rohan 7 Things

    What a beautiful post Paula 🙂 It’s great that you have that kind of person in your life, your friend and guardian angel.

    Thanks for sharing, keep well Paula 🙂


  17. proportionsinlife

    Beautiful post. I have a sister too. She is my rock. Thank god for sisters!
    Life is good.

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