Riding the Waves

Female Surfer

I have a confession to make.

Admitting this is hard, because I hate showing this side of me.

I’m a little down and am struggling to stay happy. I’m doing all the things I know I should to stay in good spirits, but sometimes life can get really hard.

I’m socialising. I am exercising (god forbid!!).  I’m drinking water and basically keeping myself occupied. I’m not on the computer as long, as when your a little down I find it’s not the best thing to do. It helps a little but in the long run you have to go face the real world!

Feeling like this is normal and I just have to ride the waves… I’ve done it plenty of times before and this is just here to test me! Seeing Teco boy (my llama)  always makes me smile, but I won’t get to see him until Saturday. So, I shall wait to hug my boy.The comfort he brings me is second to none.

Tomorrow is another day and it WILL be a good day!

Have a great weekend everyone and I embrace you all for comfort!

Hugs Paula xxxxx

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15 responses to “Riding the Waves

  1. You are smart not to spend too much time online. Moderation in everything is the healthiest. I need time outside, often, to feel calm and happy! Huge hugs to you, dear Paula!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

  2. Ride the wave sweetie, ’cause when you are done riding we are all here just waiting for you. Do you have dark chocolate? that always helps me to feel better. Can I make you a balloon animal?!!!

    hugs and kisses
    ivonne aka Pinky the Clown

  3. We are riding that wave with you and won’t let you drown xxxx

  4. *just hugs you*

    Exercising is good Paula …and when you start getting back to a better place … you will have more hugs waiting.

    • Thanks Katiekins! On the way to the country… no I’m not driving!! Lol
      Exercising is helping heaps. All will be good.. Cause I want those hugs!! Lol 🙂 enjoy the weekend Katie! Hugs Paula xxx

  5. Sharing with us is good for you:) When I am feeling like this, socializing is bad for me. But except for the socializing, I do exactly the same things as you do, when I am feeling down. Working out is great. Water is great. Also comedy movies help. I also write about why I am feeling down. It helps me getting to the root of it. I hope you feel better soon, you are such an amazing woman! I am sending you lots of positive energy from Romania! XO

    • Lovely beautiful you! Thank you and I feel the positive energy. Being down is a waste of energy and I’m trying really hard to be positive! Today is a good day. Hugs Paula xxxxx

  6. Sweet dreams, xyzzzzz. Paula

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