I think highly of Ivonne and adore her poem! Hope everyone is well! Hugs to you all….. Paula xxxxx

Sex, Spirit, Soul Mates and Chocolate....Ivonne's Journey


Pandora’s Box

Slowly, cautiously,

I moved towards the box…..

I touched it with fear…..

I touched it with loathing…..

It held my scars

It held my hurts

I did not even know

that it was there…

It took so long to find

buried deep within

my mind….

My hand shook

my hand  trembled

as it reached for the lid…..

about to release what had been hid

I closed my eyes

for fear of what I would find

but I had to find my way out

of the dark abyss …….

or I would lose my mind…….

and as I opened her up

the light pierced my soul

and every hurt,

and every pain,

and every loss,

ripped through my body

yet again……

until all that was left

was my heart and soul…..

made anew

bathed in the light of peace.

~♥ ivonne p montijo ♥~© 2013


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  1. beautiful may friend , thank you for share this word with us

  2. I can see why you like this poem, Paula. It is powerful and beautiful!

    Blessings ~ Wendy xo

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