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  1. That is an awesome post Paula.

    • Hi Alastair! *waving cautiously* LOl I was so scared I would offend some of my followers. *Phew* I’m glad your not!! 🙂 Hugs Paula x

      • It takes a lot more than talking about sex to offend me. God knows I have a potty mouth and a half (as some Americans call it) and I can talk about sex without any problems – most of the time LOL

        I agree with the paying for sex part. Not that I ever would. As far as I ma concerned, if you are going to have sex/make love then it’s got to be in a relationship. But I understand some men who need to. Whose desires are are so off the clock that they need … well .. The thing with that is though, that they need to talk to their partner before it gets to that stage. He needs to try and romance her, then he needs to try to talk to her and explain that he has his needs and desires.

        But with prostitutes, I wonder how many of them go home and cry after a day at “work”

  2. One can only wonder! I agree totally with the romancing here part. Although, I’m not a romantic…so maybe I’m a hypocrite! The mind boggles!
    Glad your not offended! Night from Oz, Alastair. Hugs Paula x

  3. Paula, I agree with what you said about recognizing a husband’s need for sexual intimacy. Even the good book teaches that in a marriage we are not to withhold physical intimacy from each other. I think married sex is a wonderful “glue” for keeping couples close. My heart goes out to people who have a stingy partner.

    Men can help their wives be more cooperative by doing the dishes etc. so she can conserve her energy for more pleasurable activities that day! 😉 Love is about giving and receiving – not taking or withholding…

    Blessing from your happily married friend in Canada ~ Wendy xo

  4. Great Post Paula! In LOVE you’ll get sex (at its best), MONEY can’t buy love but sex and SEX is an essential part in a couples life. So for me, I’d go for LOVE. 🙂 Love your post!

  5. I loved your post, Paula.
    Love is the one that surely tops them all, especially fateful love, the one that sneaks up to you in your darkest moments.
    Sex, well, when you are with the one you love, with someone you really adore so much that your brain fails to produce the words to explain how much you believe the world existed for the both of you and the only way it can do so is with the help of every other part of your body. Sex is one of the acts that shows love, but it should never be the only one.
    Money however is a complicated matter, I have been blessed with two good things, financial security and a simple taste. I hope to use it for the one I will love, I have always did in my time and I will soon do so once I find that special someone.

    Happy to read your post.

    ~ Amin 🙂

    • Afternoon Amin, I’m really happy you liked it. I so didn’t want to offend anyone,especially about the sex part! The love side…I think everyone can relate to. As for the money… It’s tricky! Hope your having a good weekend! BTW: Have you finished studying? If so, you must be relieved.
      Hugs Paula x

      • unfortunately, no… Thursday is my last day… but I feel like i have finished, I’m in holiday mood, mostly because I have great events to look forward to.


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