I realize I’ve just re-blogged Davids last post…but this is worth reading as well. I think sometimes we get scared to go on that quest!
But imagine how brave we would be to check it out! 🙂
Night from Oz everyone!! Hugs Paula xx


By David Joel Miller.

Have you found your life’s purpose?

QuestIt is my view that each and every person has a reason for being – beyond that night their parents spent together. Some of us find our purpose easily and the rest of our life leads in that direction. For others of us, we can’t see that purpose till late in life after we have accumulated a vast collection of experiences.

We are all the heroes of our own lives.

Every great epic story involves a hero and a quest. In the heroic drama, there is a customary sequence of events that sets up the required quest. Good fiction writers know this and give you plenty of quest elements to make their stories interesting. When I write fiction I try to incorporate those elements. In my counseling practice I find that clients have been on personal quests, searches for life’s meaning…

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  1. I was just formulating something like this in my mind. I’m going to put it together when I have finished going through posts

  2. Great post he did! I think that it makes perfect sense that when we focus less on ourselves, and in a balanced way help others, we feel better and live healthier for it. Good stuff.

    Blessings Paula ~ Wendy xo

    • Hello dearest Wendy-Lee!! Thanks for your thoughts…I love getting your take on things. 🙂 This world needs plenty more Wendy-Lee’s in it!! Hope your enjoying your weekend! Hugs to you from me! 🙂 xxxx

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