The Empty Nest

When I first started out writing, I wasn’t as happy or content with myself as I am now.

Like all bloggers, we have few followers in the beginning and as time goes by, slowly that number starts to rise and rise. The people that comment frequently are those you generally start to build closer friendships with. Mumsy was one of these people. The love and friendship this lady showed me was second to none! My happiness is partly due to this lovely person. 🙂

When I was down she was always there to brighten my day and give me words of encouragement and wisdom – without judgement.

So, when I found out Mumsy had written a book, I was eager to download it and start reading. Unfortunately, I got busy and put it to the side (sorry, Mumsy!). 🙂

 This weekend I dedicated my time to reading her book.

Musmsy (Jenny’s) book is called The Empty Nest.

It’s a true story about Mumsy’s account of  her two daughters Lauren and Jade, from the moment they were born until now.

You go through Jenny’s life as if you were there and a part of it. You feel the  joy of her births as if you were right there, and panting along with her. You ache with sadness and emptiness at the realization that her marriage of 19 years was over, and your heart soars at the courage she showed to start life over again.  She then begins her journey as a single mother with teenage children. From the beginning to the end, you feel this woman’s love and admiration for her  daughters. There are no pretences and her beautiful and authentic style enables you to share in the love, joy, pain, anger and sorrow that she endures on this personal journey to self discovery.  The ending is lovely…  But I wont spoil it for you, buy the book and check it out for yourself!

Now, this synopsis is not Mumsy’s take, it’s my interpretation as the reader. As a mum of two adult boys and my experience as a single parent for many years, I related to so many of Mumsy’s issues. Whether you have teenage children, babies or no offspring at all, this is a wonderful story of courage and love.

Do yourself  a favour and fall in love with Mumsy as I did!

Thank you Mumsy for always being there for me, for all the nicknames you have given me and especially the love that you have shown. Well done on living your truth!!

Your Paulama, honey-pie and too many to mention! May you live a long happy life Miss Jenny!! xxxxxoooo



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39 responses to “Mumsy

  1. O – M – G I am completely gob-smacked! You are amazing!!!! To do this for me, to write such beautiful words about me, let alone the write up on my book??!! You are such a gorgeous human being Ms Paulama, honey-pie, sweet-cheeks 🙂 I THANK YOU from the bottom and top of my beaty thing.. I am truly taken back by what you have done, honestly. Your review of the book is amazing! Please put in on the website where you bought it from, if you want, that would be WONDERFUL! My reviews are sadly lacking I’m afraid 😦
    I have never nor will I judge you, I will always be here to support you – whenever I can. I’m getting teary as I read what you have written again… thank you so very, very much for the kindness that you have shown me and to many other of your followers. You are indeed one very special lady who has so much love and helpful advice to give to so many in need.
    Long may you reign Ms Paula long may you reign 🙂 xxxxxxxxx HUGS & MORE HUGS (I’m stretching my arms out wide) AS BIG AS THE WORLD Darling. xxxx

  2. Awesome review. I will have to check it out 🙂

  3. Awesome review. I will have to check it out! with lovemaxima

  4. With all the love expressed in this post & comments my curiosity has definitely been stirred. 🙂 Sounds like a must read!

    Blessings to you Paula ~ Wendy xo

    • Morning from Oz, Wendy-Lee!
      You should… It’s a mother letting us into her world of parenting, good and the bad! It was the honesty in how it was written…that hooked me! Have a great day and hugs for the day!! …… Paula xxx

  5. I just found your blog through Jen’s post! This is so great!!

  6. What a beautiful review and tribute to Mumsy. The sweetest take away for me is that I have been following Mumsy for a while and I did not know that she had written a book. I may have overlooked this somewhere….but I also know that Mumsy isn’t one to constantly self promote and that makes me respect her even more. To those that do promote…I’m not poo pooing it; I just think it is really neat that Mumsy doesn’t use her blog for that platform day in and day out.

  7. Aww…you guys just choke me up. How lovely.



  8. I have visited again now that my emotions are back in place and for ALL of you who have said such beautiful words – I truly am so very grateful you feel this way. Going off to pour a drink and shed a little tear of happiness and gratitude .. thank you… all of you. xx

  9. I only hope it lives up to your review and expectations my lovely. xxx

  10. Reblogged this on Ramblings From A Mum and commented:
    From the delightful Paula depressionexists – with gradtitude

  11. What a wonderful tribute – you deserve it!

  12. Awww what a beautiful post. I’m in tears. So well deserved. I love my Mumsy. Always supportive, always joyful and full of humor. A book I need to read and review, So glad to have found you through mumsy.

  13. proportionsinlife

    Beautiful. No doubt, the greatest therapy we get through blogging is from others’ validation of our feelings and thoughts. It’s wonderful you two have forged a sincere bond.
    Life is good.

  14. Speaking of Mom, in your header who is the mon? Short or long hair? Which one are you?

    • Evening, Perpetua! That’s pretty funny but I my friend have the long hair. I cut it all off 2 years ago after my breakdown. I somehow thought I would become someone else! Don’t laugh… It’s true! So my hair is at shoulders right now, thank goodness. Off to sleep. Chow xxxx

    • I see your comment blooper! Lol Stress less…all forgiven! x

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